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Up to 40% off Your Next 4 Boxes (40%, 40%, 20%, 20%) @ Hello Fresh (Deactivated Accounts)

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Saw this in my Facebook feed.

Multiple friends have used it no problem, so doesn’t seem to be targeted.

One of the best codes I’ve seen in a while.

If you currently have an active account, just cancel it, and use this code when you reactivate.

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Referee gets $128 off their first box. Referrer gets $60-$90 credit.

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  • The ad link:

    BURFR228, BURAN228, BDIDI228, TDBAN228

  • It's not 40% off your next four boxes OP. It's up to 40% off (40%, 40%, 20%, 20%). That's what it shows when reactivating.

  • No idea if it gives more of a discount than this but I got a flyer in my latest Rebel Sport order. Says you can get up to $140 off your next four boxes with HELLOREBEL140 (up to $75 first box including delivery, $45 off your second box and $10 off third and 4th boxes respectively). It looks a pretty generic code.

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      Probably depends how much you order. This code is for % off, so if you're ordering lots then this will give you the better deal.

      Speaking of ordering lots, here's the CheapAzChips hack of the week, where you can double (or more) the discount!

      The discount above also applies to additional servings and meals you add to your order, and you can have up to 10 meals per week, all shipped for the same price. They don't have to be all different, so if you've got some faves then just add multiple, and even if you usually only feed 2-3 it's more economical to buy for 4 people. You can skip a week and the remaining discount gets carried over to the next order. So double order this week, skip a week, double order next week, etc.

      For the additional meals, get ones that will store well: eg. root veg, pumpkin, rice, meat, etc. Freeze the meat as soon as it arrives and avoid buying too many with fresh salad greens as they won't last much more than a week. Fish can be frozen but you're better off eating within a day or two.

      In summary: You can get 20 meals x4 people in the first two weeks at 40% off = $440 shipped ($5.50 per serving, total savings $280), then 20 more at 20% off (saving another $140) in the next two weeks. Enough to last most households a few months!

      • You should be able to find multiple valid 40% off codes online with a bit of searching, if that does not work create a new account(for the other person in your household ;)) and claim the code on that.

  • If you cancle your account after about 1 month you get a 50% of email to return.. Rinse rpt 50% off is good value. You might be able to stagger the codes coming in.

    • If you cancel your account they come after you harder than a debt collector…

      • You're right, except the debt collector doesn't entice you with discounts and freebies!

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    Another 40/40/20/20 code for deactivated accounts.

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