This was posted 7 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB + Free Wireless Charger Duo $2299 with $250 evoucher @ Samsung


Galaxy S23 Ultra preorder deals
$2299 base price for 256GB model

Samsung - Save up to $900
Free storage upgrade (512GB for 256GB price), $250 evoucher, save $100 on products with NEXTGALAXY, free Wireless Charger Duo, $100 trade-in boost

Samsung Education - $1724.25
25% off ($1724.25) and $150 evoucher (marketing says $200 though)

PBTech Hyperboom - Save RRP $668
Free UE Hyperboom and Galaxy SmartTag+

PBTech Watch - Save RRP $1068
Free Suunto 9 Peak Premium Sport Watch and Galaxy SmartTag+

PBTech Scooter - Save RRP $918
Free Segway Ninebot F Series F25 Kick Scooter and Galaxy SmartTag+

PBTech Headphones - Save RRP $737
Free Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Premium Headphones, Momax Headphone Stand & Galaxy SmartTag+

Harvey Norman - Save RRP $449
Free Galaxy Watch 5 40mm Graphite

Noel Leeming - Save RRP $828
Free Galaxy Watch 5 40mm Graphite and Galaxy Buds2 Pro Graphite

Free Xbox Series S White with Xbox All Access on $65+ per month plan

Vodafone - Save $400
Save $400 on 24/36 month plan on $60+ per month plan

2degrees - Save $952?
$600 trade in boost for S21 or newer on a $60+ per month plan

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  • Samsung EPP showing same price as education (25% off RRP) - you get a $150 evoucher with the 256GB version and a $200 evoucher with the 512GB version (maybe that's where the confusion lies?)

    • How much is the 1tb on the education store and EPP?

      • $2,324.25 on my EPP but don't know if it's the same rate for all companies. Also comes with a $200 evoucher

        • If I purchased 2 phones, do you think I would be able to redeem both vouchers (2x $200) on one item?

          • @Arsonist: Didn't seem that way. The voucher needs to be used as soon as you add a pre order to your cart.

  • Anyone tried ordering the Ultra from the Student EPP? Every time I try my cart is $100 more than it should be =[

    • They fixed it now - was on the phone for ages and email support lol.
      Also voucher is now $200 not $150

  • whats a $100 Handriser?

    • +1

      NEXTGALAXY code is called handriser, for ones who signed up for galaxy unpacked event.

      • oh I see, thanks

      • I assume that voucher code is not valid when using Samsung EPP. Or is it only those who signed for the event?

  • Anyone try to pay with Laybuy on Samsung EEP?
    It's not allowing me to complete the transaction.

    • Not working for me either!

  • Thanks, got it through the Samsung EEP through AIA vitality from my life insurance!

    • what model & how much .. i am curious

      • S23u 256 is 1724.25, 512 is 1986.75, 1tb is 2324.25. All with 200 dollar evoucher.
        S23 128 is 1199.25, 256 is 1274.25. All with 100 dollar evoucher.
        S23+ 256 is 1461.75, 512 is 1611.75. All with 100 dollar evoucher.

        With the 200 dollar evoucher I could get 3 cases, a screen protector and a tag, since they are discounted as well in the epp.

        • Don’t suppose you know if you can still do a trade in if you go this route? I’m with AIA but not a vitality member. Might be worth signing up for 30% off.

  • +1

    Thought I'd check what they're offering as trade in on my S22 for a S23 and it say's ineligible for trade-in? Anyone else getting that?

    • I checked my s21 ultra and it is also saying ineligible at this time :(

    • It's absolutely useless.
      I spent over 2 weeks trying to buy an S22 Ultra from the deal that finished a few weeks back due to the same error.. I was going back and forth via email with the trade in company while they requested this info and that info about my phone (S21 Ultra) to be told that it should work fine. It didn't, so they told me they'll look into it further and come back. 2 unanswered follow up emails after that, the promotion finished and I have no new phone. Even complaining to Samsung went no where. Just brushed off with they can't do anything about the trade in as it is the different place that manages it.
      Of course, I tried it now and it works.. but I get $500 less than I would have got with the offer that I wanted.

      • That seems pretty consistent with all the 1 Star app ratings…

      • For this exact reason, I dumped them after so many years.

    • Not sure why'd you'd bother upgrading from an S22, the S23 is basically the same phone, just with a slightly faster processor and slightly (5%) bigger battery. Camera performance is equivalent, same display, almost exactly the same size…

  • is there a way to get access to EPP? :)

    • Student or Work for a company who has a an agreement.
      They are very strict with the EPP but not so much the Student one.

  • Im gonna get the S23 Ultra through student portal with $200 voucher… but I only really want a case ($50)…. does anyone want $150 voucher for $100 cash?

    E.g. I can buy for you Galaxy Buds2 Pro for around $215 or Galaxy Watch5 Bluetooth (44mm) for $300…. let me know…


  • As a note some deals such as 2D one can be bundled onto a retailer who sells 2D contracts. Ask sometimes you get their bundle+ the account credit.

    • I think Harvey Norman used to do this with Spark but it is specifically excluded this time.

      • Ah yeah have to check and the rules are sometimes very confusing for the staff

  • How to know whether they are dual nano sim or 1 nano sim + 1 esim?

  • +5

    Am I turning into a grump old man when I say that $2299 is way to much to spend on a phone? One that you'll likely only use for a two/three years before wanting a newer model?

    • +3

      For just a phone, yes. But if you are looking for the best possible, no-compromises approach right now on Android, then you have to pay for it.

      For me, the thing that separates this from the $1k phones is the PDA style, screen size, and top tier chipset brings this more into a work laptop replacement range, which is perfect for me since I do quite a bit of work on the go that would be awkward to have to take a laptop for; and the top tier camera for personal use.

      If you are buying every year, absolutely you are wasting money. If you buy a device like this and sit on it for 3-4 years like I do, it makes a little bit more sense and the upgrades are also a lot more meaningful. Plus all the preorder bonuses etc that eat into the price.

    • +1

      For a lot of people I'd agree, I'd say most people pretty much use their phone for basic apps, video, music, camera, social media and the web browser. Those people don't need the latest and greatest chip or 12gb of ram inside. This is where something like the pixel A line is great as the cameras are some of the best out there and the rest of the de ice is good enough for your average user.

      Those that use their phone extensively for work or are on their device 3+ hours a day though the balance shifts. All those niggle slowly downs you can get in cheaper phones and the overall slight reduction in the use experience compared to a flagship start to add up and eat in to productivity. When you crunch the numbers the cost per hour used isn't that high when using a device this amount.

      Then again mkbhd did a video on this and their conclusion is that good phones are getting expensive, but mid range phones are getting good, like really good and significantly closing the gap that used to exist. Gone are the days if a mid range phone crashing due to lack of memory, or taking awful photos. It makes you wonder if we're approaching the peak performance levels so the high end is reaching diminishing returns for the money and the gap will continue to close up.

    • I also think some smartphones are overpriced, for $2K you can buy a really nice and powerful laptop that will last more years and will do more things. However, if you have an intensive use or your mobile, love to take/post photos, play games, watch movies, do some work, etc. then it could be a good investment, because you will have good performance, quality photos and more accessories compatible with your phone. Also, when you go on holidays, a good camera is very important (if you love photos).
      My last 2 phones are OnePlus, half of the price of Samsung, good performance and battery, fast charger, etc. Camera is not in the top 5 though. Accessories are not easy to find in shops, so you need to find them online.

    • 100% agree, phones are barely getting any better any more, just bigger, which I dislike. Personally I wouldn't spend over $1000 on a phone.

      Samsung's version of Android is also annoying, they duplicate a bunch of the core apps (who wants Samsung's calendar or email app) and break other features like notifications in some apps.

  • At face value, the PB tech deal with the free Suunto Watch looks good. Anyone know what the resell value is of the watch (brand new and unopened) in a private sale?
    I really just want the phone.

    • +1

      Torpedo list it for $809, so maybe $650 for a quick sale?

      I'm going down the scooter route, as I've got a buyer for the scooter for $650

      • Hey where did you find your buyer for the scooter? Facebook marketplace?

    • +1

      Good watch some of their models are made in Finland if that matters to you

  • +2

    Use - CRP2023 at for $50 Off Smartphones.

    Doesn't work with EPP

  • +1

    Education voucher is now $200, not $150 (was yesterday). Voucher also wasn't working yesterday which was annoying, but they fixed it now.

    Also to note, the student EPP is a really good deal because you can use the voucher on discounted accessories, so it goes a lot further.

    Lastly, I was on the phone with samsung for ages yesterday sorting the voucher issues out and they offered me a 10% off coupon on the main store that would work on the s23 range (this is better than the $100 coupon). They said they'd text me the discount code and that I could share it with friends and family but I still haven't got it, but I'm sure if you call up and say you want to buy the phone and want the discount they'll provide it.

    • +1

      Keen to get the code if you receive one.

    • +1

      I'm literally waiting for your update on the 10% discount before I pull the trigger on this sale haha. The suspense is killing me

      • Lol sorry guys still nothing through. Just give them a call and I'm sure they'll give it to you on the phone.

        • +1

          I don't like calling people :D

    • Let us know if it stacks with the education discount

      • If it stacks, i'll make the call .. I am yet to pull the trigger myself - or feel free to share the code

        • No it doesn’t stack with EPP. They said on the phone it was for the general store in case I wanted to order from there since the student store was having issues.

    • Got a discount code yet? I'm thinking they'll release it once sale is over :P

      • Nah nothing. But not actively chasing it, already bought my two phones.

        • Found out I still have access to Edu store so ordered from there.

          • +1

            @Nythic: Auckland uni emails never expire so it's very easy to get student discounts if you went UoA

      • I chased them today on their service live chat. They just asked if I have a current Samsung phone then issued a unique code for 10% off straight away. It doesn't stack with NEXTGALAXY but it does stack with CRP2023 and THANKYOU30. Plus new login's get a further $20 off. Just sealed the deal!

  • A reminder that int he past by calling Samsung and asking they have given out 10% codes to anyone who owns anything Samsung already. I've done it a couple of times but know some people haven't been as lucky when asking.

  • Damn I just pulled the trigger on 1TB Ultra with a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for 2,648.55. Should have waited for that 10%.

  • Had a phonecall from Samsung yesterday too, they said they were waiting on approval to release a better code and it should be within the next week, so I'm holding fire pending a return call from them.

  • Any new codes for ten percent off , or better discount available from samsung ?

  • I can't seem to get the trade in app to work. Emailed Samsung, no reply. Called them to asked about the 10% off code and they said they're still waiting on getting it? How can it be that hard to make a discount code.. Anyways they said they'd put me on the list for the 10% off code and call me when they get the code. Fingers crossed.

    • +1

      They said exactly the same thing to me.

      In regards to the trade in. I seem to have figure out a way. Let me know if it work for you.
      Uninstall the trade in app first, when buying from the website, click on the link that say trade in app link. Go to

      Get your trade-in value now (Samsung NZ)
      by Blancco Technology Group

      Click install there n then follow the instruction.

      Did work for me after 100 rejection for not being eligible device( s21 here) from the normal installed app . Not sure if it will work for you. Good luck. Let me know if you need anything. Cheers

      • Thanks for your reply.
        I did what you did but unfortunately I wasn't as lucky to get it work.
        Hopefully we hear about the 10% off soon :)

  • Already got my 1TB S23 Ultra and Watch 5 Pro

  • Can anyone who has purchased confirm the lead times? I'm going to be in various locations this week so wanting to line up the delivery to where I'm going to be on that expected day. When I pre-ordered the S10 on the very last day of presales back in 2019 it was dispatched that same day so I received it on release day. Unsure if that's the case now that release day has passed.

  • Just got 128gb S23 with Clear Case, Smart View Case and Single Pad Wireless Charger for $1019 using student EPP and Laybuy 15% discount.

    • Hi there, do you have a link or code for the 15% off for laybuy? I assume it would also work for the normal store too?

      • +1

        It applies automatically in cart when using laybuy, but only if you have a non-preorder product in your cart too. It only appears to work with certain combinations of the evoucher bonus products however, as it wont allow you to check out depending what's in your cart.

        • Yeah i was quite surprise to see that discount, ordered s23 ultra (512) + bud pro for about $1700. Which is great. Will try to sell bud pro.

        • Thanks will give that a shot, is it a temporary deal? Trying to get samsung to sort out this stupid trade in issue but might skip trading in if deal is temporary…

  • +1

    For those who bought it from Samsung EPP store: have you all received the items bought using eVoucher?
    Received the phone last week, but none of the items I purchased from them using the eVoucher has not even shipped yet. I contacted Samsung couple of times and they are parroting the same stuff all the time, saying "the items will be send soon, blah blah". Not a very good shopping experience. :(

    • +1

      Everything i bought was shipped at once. I've never had any issues with them shipping

    • Also bought from EPP and none of the accessories bought using the evoucher (smart view case, single wireless charger, 65W trio adapter) arrived. Phone arrived on 9th. Which accessories did you buy? I'm guessing they're out of stock and prioritised the full paying customers? Pretty annoyed as I'm using the new phone only indoors atm.

      • Thats exactly how it is for me. I bought a wireless charger, black leather case, screen protector etc. It is hopeless to deal with the Samsung customer support, promised me they will email \ call me with feed back on the unshipped items. And I never received anything.

        • After roasting them on phone, i eventually got an answer back. They ran out of the samsung tile thingy, and no more stocks expected as the production stopped for that item. They are (still) figuring out what to do with this situation.

          • @Banto: Ahah yea thanks for the update. What's the tile thing you're talking about? The single wireless charger?

            Edit: Looks like you're talking about the smart tags? I didn't even buy them..maybe it's the same situation for the trio adapter. I can see they're out of stock

            • @zestymince: Ah yes, the smart tags. The situation is a bit tough one for them. They cannot do a refund as the payment for the item came from the eVoucher.

              • +1

                @Banto: I see, thanks. I'm hoping it'll be shipped by Friday…I'll continue waiting it out with my crappy secondary phone 😐

  • Finally got a 10% single use code from Samsung yesterday..

    Wish it were more though :( really jealous of you people who have 15% or 25% :'( can anyone help me get more somehow?

  • Anyone want my 10% off coupon? I managed to get student pricing which to be honest isn't hugely better than the 10% but was good enough to go that route

    • Hi! I want the code if is possible. I will really appreciate it :).

      • Hey, will msg you now, apologies I didn't check back sooner!

  • If anybody has a 10% off coupon that they no longer need / won’t use pm me

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