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Olympus 8x42 EXPS I Binoculars $77 + Shipping @ JB Hi-Fi


Olympus 8x42 EXPS I Binoculars on clearance. Cheapest local price elsewhere seems to be $299.

Designed for powerful performance in the great outdoors, the EXPS I series feature fully multi-coated lenses and BaK-4 prisms so whether you're watching a bird in flight or simply checking out the surrounding terrain, you'll be provided with outstanding light gathering power for bright, clear images and viewing at any time.

  • High index prisms ensure bright crisp edge-to-edge images
  • Ideal for hiking, birdwatching & sports
  • Adjustable eye pieces & UV filter

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    No idea what the numbers meant so found this to share for similar dummies :)

    Binocular Magnification
    Of the two numbers in my “8x42” example, the first number is its magnification.

    Binocular magnification is sometimes referred to as power, I will just use the term magnification. You will notice the “x” alongside the “8” in my example, this belongs with the number. Meaning “8x” or eight times magnification.

    Objective lens size
    Of the two numbers on my “8x42”, the second indicates the diameter of the main objective lenses, in millimeters.

    Objective Lenses on the Opticron Traveller BGA ED 10x32 Binoculars

    Using the same examples, an 8x42 binocular has 42mm diameter objective lenses.

    Whereas 8x21 has 21mm objective lenses, although with the same 8x magnification.

    Comparing 6x21, 8x21, 8x40, and 10x42. These have objective lenses with diameters of 21mm, 21mm, 40mm, 42mm.

    Why is this Important?
    The surface area of the objective lens captures light from the scene and transmits it to the ocular lens (which then transmits that light to your eye).

    A larger objective lens captures more light and so the image seen is potentially brighter than on a smaller one.

    • Thanks for posting! This is good to know :)

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        And thanks for posting, I just bought a pair. For bird watching. Yes bird watching.

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    Thanks bought a pair

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      Damn, JB cancelled my order

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    Thanks bought a pair as I have never owned a pair of binoculars myself, used to borrow my dad's binoculars when I was a kid ;)

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    Thanks for sharing!

    Size is W x H x D (mm): 187x 130x 57, with Weight: 780g.

    I suppose a bit heavy for hiking but at this price, it's a decent deal. :)

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    Binocular Type Porro Prism type
    Magnification 8x
    Effective diameter of objective lens 42mm
    Diameter of exit pupil 5.3mm
    Actual Field of View 6.5-degree
    Apparent field of view 52.0-degree
    Field of View at 1000 m 114 m
    Relative Brightness 28
    Eye Relief 18mm
    Diopter Adjustment Range Over ± 2m-1
    Eye Interval Adjustment Range 60 - 70mm
    Closest Focusing Distance 4m
    Weight 780 g
    Dimensions 189mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 55mm (D)
    Lens Composition 7 elements in 5 groups
    Coating Fully multi-coated; UV coating

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    Good price, just keep in mind it's not weather sealed and a hit bulky, not a great choice for hiking but might work well for other scenarios

  • Order has been cancelled :(

    Ordered yesterday at 12:23pm

    • Same :(

  • Order canceled. WTF.

  • Thanks for ordering from JB Hi-Fi Online.
    Unfortunately, we have exhausted our available stock for the OLYMPUS 8X42 EXPS I BINOCULARS

  • I never buy from JB Hi-Fi.
    A few years ago I bought something online, what arrived was a different model.
    Customer service replied but when I asked how to send it back and get the model I had bought, they didn't reply to any messages. When I called the response was always 'we are looking into it'. It really felt like a scam and they just wanted me to go away.
    After a month I had to do a credit card refund, only after this they sent details for the item return.

    • I didn't buy because JB HiFi.
      But this got me interested in getting some, for what was it….bird watching?

  • Same here. Order confirmed yesterday around lunch, then got email just now saying it's cancelled.

  • Anyone got their order fulfilled? Would be interesting to see if they actually honored the order for someone.

  • ordered cancelled

  • Cancelled

  • cancelled

  • So disappointing, sorry all. This seems to happen time and time again with JB-HiFi. It's not like there was a price error either, they were advertised as being on clearance. Why a company the size of JB-HiFi can't sort out their inventory management is beyond me. I did a bunch of research on these and on binoculars in general, as I'm sure others did too. What a waste of time - thanks again JB….

  • Cancelled.

  • Cancelled today, after yesterday's automated email confirming the order and stock availability (at 14:31). Drongos

  • Order confirmed yesterday 12:47PM

    got cancelled today.

  • Utter A-holes cancelled too. JB can shove it I bet NO ONE will get this.

  • Interested to know what makes this such a good deal. I have a pair of 10x42 Kathmandu ones and I feel like I got them for not a lot. What justifies the $300 price tag?

  • My order was cancelled as well.

  • I suppose there was only 1 left instock in reality.

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