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10% off (Minimum $0.10 Spend) @ The Market (Requires MarketClub, Exclusions Apply)


It's been a while since we had a Market coupon.
First new one for 2023 and not too bad - 10% off with only $0.10 minimum spend.

  • All standard TheMarket coupon exclusions and T&Cs apply.
  • Code is Valid from 00:00:00, 01 February 2023 and expires 23:59:59, 07 February 2023.
  • Codes are available to be used by new and existing customers.
  • 10% discount applied when code WKND10 claimed at checkout on TheMarket.com. Minimum spend $0.10.
  • Excludes purchases of alcohol, Apple products supplied by Noel Leeming store, R18 games, PlayStation 5 consoles, e-Gift Cards, donations, and shipping costs (if applicable).
  • Any discounts on retail prices on TheMarket.com are offered as a fair use policy to registered users of TheMarket.com for the purchase of goods for personal use only.   
  • Discount codes and vouchers cannot be used for the purchase of goods intended for wholesale or resale.
  • Discount limits per customer and maximum savings per customer will be monitored for any suspected abuse of policy.
  • TheMarket.com reserves the right to cancel any orders deemed to be in conflict with these policies.
  • TheMarket.com reserves the right to amend or cancel promotional coupons and to update the terms and conditions without notice.

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  • Nice work - any idea on how to get around or reduce the pain of the bulk shipping costs?

    • +1

      Not really.
      There isn't anyway around a single bulky item surcharge as far as I know.
      For smaller items bought in bulk I try reducing the quantity a little bit at a time until I find a lower shipping cost.
      Sometimes the price drops dramatically just by taking a few items out the cart.

    • +1

      If its noel leaming and you have the ability to collect, your local store will price match the 10% off at market.

      • Never had my local NL price match the 10 percent off. Asked multiple times and different staff. They all say nope, stating it's a membership or some such so they can't price match.

        • +2

          YMMV but I have done it online at my local (Dunedin) and parents local (Kerikeri) many times. Chat to a NL staff member on their website chat and provide the link to the product on the market, they will email you a code matching that. And then you place the order as click and collect - they matched the 15% off last time that was on.

          • +1

            @Jaqqour: Hey that's great to know thank you, will give that a shot next time!

      • +2

        Yesterday online at Noel Leeming said they wouldn't match, but Silverdale Noel Leeming did instore, just had to show the tablet sitting in The markets cart and the end price, Yay.

  • I purchased a new pool pump a couple of weeks ago direct from the seller. They sell through the market, but with bulky shipping it was cheaper to buy direct rather than through The Market. Always check both options.

  • +1


    If this sticks round till tomorrow… would not be a bad buy!

    • Yep - hence my comment here

      • 25 in stock in its there.

        • Don't be surprised if they pull the stock from The Market or jack the price right up.
          Happens a lot when they have a coupon running.

          • @bigcheese: Normally you get till lunchtime before NL changes prices so get in early! I got a S95b round Boxing Day otherwise would be jumping on this!

    • +3

      It’s working.
      $2786.30 delivered right now.

    • Still there !

  • Agreed with the tv. I’ll
    Be buying that tomorrow if it sticks around

  • Nice! havent had a 10% discount from themarket in a little while, thank you!

  • +1

    No Xbox series x at the moment. That's what I'd want

  • +1

    This deal will be available again

    • ur too quick bro. when do u sleep 🤣

      • +3

        Feeding baby with one hand, scrolling deals on the other 😅

        • hahahha. fair fair

  • +1

    Extra virgin olive oil is now $12 from the warehouse. Time to buy some from the market.

    • Still got 6 bottles from that last The Warehouse extra virgin olive oil offer 🫒

      Might have to start giving em away.

  • +1

    TV discount working all..

  • AMD Ryzen 7 7700X - $557.10 (OOS before I completed checkout :'( )
    COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 4080 16GB Advanced OC-V Graphics Card $1,965.46 (I think only 1yr warranty) other 4080 brands are there for more $

    Few MSI b650 motherboards at good prices too, but msi only has 1yr NZ warranty so -_- would rather spend the extra for Gigabyte.

    Considering how stagnant PC parts pricing has been these are good prices + NZ Warranty

    TCL 55 inch C835 $1,790.1 which matches its black Friday price

    • +1

      Update MSI motherboards have a 3yr NZ Warranty with Extreme PC (12 month at PB Tech -_- )

      So after lots of checking back and refreshing the page I picked up this from The Market

      AMD Ryzen 7 7700X - $551.11
      MSI B650 Tomahawk ATX - $415.79
      +$5.99 for a month of market club shipping

      Pretty happy with the savings there, and got a 32GB certified compatible Gskill Trident RGB 6000mhz CL30 ram kit for just shy of NZD $350 shipped on Amazon US.

  • Dumb question is there no more free click and collect through the market from places like The warehouse anymore? Is that what a previous commentor means by "bulk shipping costs?"

    • Bulk shipping is a surcharge for oversized or overweight orders, charged on top of the standard shipping fee.

      If you order something large or heavy, you pay an extra fee for delivery and are not allowed to do click and collect

  • They removed Warehouse Stationary from TheMarket. Very annoying

    • Probably got sick of people ordering single/low value items(pens etc) because they already qualified for free shipping.

  • Last day for this coupon today.
    The 10% is usually about as good as it gets.

  • +1

    $10 discount applied when CLUB10A claimed at checkout on TheMarket.com. Minimum spend $100

    Today only.

    • Tomorrow only according to the T's & C's

      • Buzzy. Thought today was the 15th.

        • Don't forget your Valentine!

          • @bigcheese: Hah. Forgot it was that too. Thankfully I have some flowers growing on the front deck.

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