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Netflix Monthly Basic TL₺63.99 (NZ$5.24), Standard TL₺97.99 (NZ$8.03), Premium TL₺130.99 (NZ$10.73) @ Netflix Türkiye


Note: VPN Required for signup purposes only. Not needed afterwards.

Full credit to I Smell Pennies for an excellent write up on this.
Well worth reading the comments and their response to questions.
I have reworked where applicable for NZ but please let me know if you think I have missed something.

Obtaining streaming services cheaper overseas has long been a topic of discussion on Cheapies and with so many new members now I thought this is an opportune time to highlight the 'how to'.
Netflix has recently increased the price of subscriptions done via Türkiye which will take effect on your next billing date for those currently subscribed this way.

Personally, I would recommend going straight to Part 3 which I found relatively easy and avoids the request for Turkish Mobile phone number.

Available Plans:

You can see all the features of the three tiered Netflix Turkey plans here: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/24926/tr

Subscription Plan TR Pricing (TL) NZ Conversion (NZD) NZ Pricing Official (NZD) Savings (NZD) % Saving
Basic ₺63.99 NZD5.24 NZ$12.99 NZ$7.75 59.7%
Standard ₺97.99 NZ$8.03 NZ$18.49 NZ$10.46 56.6%
Premium ₺130.99 NZ$10.73 NZ$24.99 NZ$14.26 57.1%


Please read the following instructions carefully.

Part 1 - Ensure you have your New Zealand mobile number and debit/credit card saved in your account

Complete either steps (a) or (b), depending on your current situation

a. If you currently have an New Zealand Netflix subscription:

  1. Make sure your New Zealand mobile number is saved and verified in your account. See this screenshot

  2. Make sure your current or new debit/credit card is saved and verified in your account.

  3. Once you’ve triple checked your mobile is added and verified, simply cancel your subscription and wait until the end of the renewal period (i.e. keep watching until the sub expires. Don’t let your sub go to waste since you’ve already paid for it). Once your subscription has expired, go to Part 2

b. If you DO NOT have a current New Zealand subscription:
Note: I have not tried the following before so YMMV. Worst case you end up paying for one month in NZD.

  1. Sign up and subscribe to any New Zealand Netflix plan (preferably the lowest cost basic plan - don’t worry, you’ll get your money back)

  2. Once you’ve signed up, make sure your New Zealand mobile number is saved and verified in your account. See this screenshot

  3. Make sure your current or new debit/credit card is saved and verified in your account.

  4. Once you’ve triple checked your mobile is added and verified, go to Netflix Live Chat and tell them you “would like a full refund since you’ve changed your mind” - they usually don’t ask why but if they do make up some random excuse like “my sibling just signed up” or “you don’t want it anymore” etc. This should be a very fast step and take you only several minutes. The account cancellation will be effective immediately and the refund will arrive in a few hours or days

  5. Once your subscription has expired (should be immediate as you’ve cancelled it for a refund through live chat), go to Part 2

Part 2 - Signing up via Netflix Turkey (Direct Method - No Gift Cards - MOST LIKELY TO FAIL)

  1. With VPN off, log into your Netflix account

  2. Activate a VPN service, turn it on and set it to Turkey (Istanbul is the largest city). There’s many free VPN’s if you don’t have a subscription to one. Here's a few great VPNs that work:

    Nord VPN: https://nordvpn.com/
    Express VPN: https://www.expressvpn.com/
    PureVPN: https://www.purevpn.com/
    Windscribe VPN: https://www.windscribe.com/
    ExpressVPN: https://www.expressvpn.com/

    Note: Use chrome browser plugins for these VPNs where possible

    Possible Problem: You use Windscribe VPN and set it to Turkey, but it defaults to one of the cities of Turkey that is not Istanbul.
    Possible Solution: You want it to land in Istanbul, Turkey, so keep turning off and on the VPN until it lands in Istanbul. Confirm it’s Istanbul by refreshing this page: https://whatismyipaddress.com/

  3. Open Netflix and proceed to Netflix to choose your plan:


  4. Proceed by adding your New Zealand credit/debit card as the backup payment method

    Possible Problem: If it asks for a Turkish mobile number, you will have to find a working one so they can send you verification. AFAIK, there is no way bypassing this and you will need to sign up via Part 3

Part 3 - Signing up via Netflix Turkey (Using Gift Cards if Part 2 Fails) - EASIEST METHOD

  1. Purchase a Turkey Netflix Gift Card. If you are signing up to Netflix Premium, buy 150 TL in gift cards (2x 75 TL). If signing up to Netflix Basic then 75 TL is enough and for Standard, buy the 100 TL gift card (just an idea, doesn’t matter what GC you get)

    Note: Choose a reputable seller and make an account so you have a record of the purchases if anything goes wrong. I recommend Turgame

  2. Once you’ve received your gift card, it’s time to redeem your gift card and sign up to Netflix Turkey at the same time. Make sure from Part 1 that you have not logged out. You must stay logged in to your New Zealand account. If you’ve logged out, please log back in now with VPN turned off (Logging into your NZ account with a VPN gives an error)

  3. Activate a VPN service, turn it on and set it to Turkey (Istanbul is the largest city). There’s many free VPN’s if you don’t have a subscription to one. Here's a few great VPNs that work:

    Nord VPN: https://nordvpn.com/
    Express VPN: https://www.expressvpn.com/
    PureVPN: https://www.purevpn.com/
    Windscribe VPN: https://www.windscribe.com/
    ExpressVPN: https://www.expressvpn.com/

    Note: Use chrome browser plugins for these VPNs where possible

    Possible Problem 1: If you use Windscribe VPN and set it to Turkey, sometimes it defaults to one of the cities of Turkey that is not Istanbul. You want it to land in Istanbul, Turkey, so keep turning off and on the VPN until it lands in Istanbul. Confirm it’s Istanbul by refreshing this page: https://whatismyipaddress.com/

  4. With VPN on, open a new tab and go to the following Netflix site to redeem your gift card and follow the prompts to subscribe to Netflix Turkey:


    Possible Problem: On the plan selection page, the currency is not in Turkish Lira
    Possible Solution: The problem is due to your VPN. Double check or change your VPN if needed

  5. Proceed by choosing your current saved New Zealand credit/debit card (shown on screen) as the backup payment method, or add a new card in (you must do this - do not skip it)

    Possible Problem: After entering your debit/credit card details, it asks for a Turkish mobile number
    Possible Solution: Again, the problem is due to your VPN. Double check or change your VPN if needed, then go back to step 4

    Possible Problem: My debit/credit cards keep declining, and I'm unable to subscribe
    Possible Solution: It's likely the problem is due to your VPN. Double check or change your VPN if needed and restart the whole process. However, if VPN is not the problem, you can continue to subscribe without a backup payment method (i.e. start your subscription with just the Gift Card you bought), and then afterwards you can contact live chat and tell them you need to update your payment method by asking them to send a payment form popup (this will allow you to add a credit/debit card and save it into the account). If the agent refuses or has no idea what you’re trying to say, end the chat and start a new one.

    Note: You’ve just used your gift card to pay for the first month, as well as partially for the second month. For the second month, Netflix will deduct the remaining of the gift card, and the remaining balance will come out of the credit/debit card you’ve inputted, and from thereon each month Netflix will keep charging your bank at those rates (be aware many banks have a small international transaction fee but this is only a few cents extra). Besides this, you should be saving >$90 NZD each year at least ($170 saving annually for the premium plan)

  6. You’re done! Turn off your VPN and enjoy your subscription :)


Q: Will I need to turn VPN on everytime I watch Netflix?
A: No! You no longer need to have VPN on every time you watch a show or movie. VPN is only required for sign up. After sign up, use Netflix without a VPN and you will have access to the New Zealand Netflix library.

Q: I want to watch a show/move from another region or country. Can I do this?
A: If you want to watch a show or movie that is region locked to another country, you can do so by setting your VPN on your phone, laptop or PC to that country to watch it. Yes, you will need a VPN for this

Q: I got charged a different rate compared to the prices on this post. What happened?
A: Due to foreign exchange rates constantly fluctuating, prices will differ by several cents each month

Q: I have an existing Netflix subscription, can I use the same email?
A: Definitely! See Part A

Q: My bank blocked my payment, what do I do?
A: Some banks block 1st attempt and then text to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt may work. If after several attempts it does not work, just go through the Gift Card method and avoid the pain

Q: How do I update to a new debit/credit card?
A: You can contact live chat and ask them to send a payment form popup (this will allow you to add a credit/debit card and save it into the account). If the agent refuses or has no idea what you’re trying to say, end the chat and start a new one.

Q: Is signing up to Netflix Turkey going to affect my Netflix library/catalogue?
A: After setting up this sub, you may or may not notice the Netflix catalogue may be weird with brand new shows, etc… It might not even change anything, but if it does change, your Netflix catalogue will adjust to what you’re watching and soon it will look like nothing ever happened

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  • +3

    Respect my dude

    • +3

      All credit for this one goes to I Smell Pennies at OzBargain.
      I have simply copied and updated for NZ where applicable.

  • +1

    Don't even bother trying with the direct method - just do the gift card method.
    It requests phone confirmation 100% of the time and even if you manage phone confirmation, it will still block non-turkish payment methods - the direct method used to work long ago which is why you'll hear people talk about it. - At least this was the case about 1 year + ago and I dont see why it would have changed

    It wasn't mentioned in the post above from what I could see: but dont stress about wasting GC balance since it'll use any excess on following months and use back up payment method to top up before transitioning completely to back up payment method.

    Finally I believe I started on 60TRY originally but the price increases of recent have been -> 78TRY to 94TRY in 09/2022 then 94TRY to 130TRY 01/2023 so quite frequent and large
    Saying this it seems to stay around the $7-10 NZD even with such massive TRY price increase :)

    • The currency is certainly weaker than it used to be. Even PS Plus through Turkey now is only around $35 a year for premium

  • Anyone got a good lead on the best deal for a VPN at the moment?

    • +1

      I've had surfshark for all of the Turkish deals I've tried. It's been very hit and miss. But the free windscribe app has worked every time

  • Hi all, anyone getting this error message on turgame - "We have noticed that you are accessing our site via Proxy or VPN.
    You must turn off the proxy or VPN connection before you can complete the payment"?

    • You don’t need the vpn on when you login to Turgame.
      It’s only needed to add it to your Netflix account in the next step.

      • Hi @bigcheese. Yes, tried without the VPN. Used the GPAY option when checking out? Is this the one?
        It then puts you on to the OTP SMS screen. I don't seem to receive this text? Am I doing something wrong here?

        • I’ll test it out tomorrow as I need to buy more myself.
          Another option is through G2A, although I haven’t used them myself.

          • @bigcheese: I have used them and they were all good for me.

          • @bigcheese: Thanks @bigcheese. Let me know how it goes.
            Used Paytr but gives me an error message @ace310

            • @AREREPL: I just ordered some gift cards now from Turgame using the GPAY option and it worked perfectly.
              In terms of the OTP code this was prepopulated on the next screen and I was able to just confirm it - no txt message was sent or needed.
              I left the currency in EUR which is what it defaulted to. Paid for using a Westpac Mastercard and the codes arrived via email within 5 minutes.
              As my Netflix account is already setup for billing from Turkey I was able to redeem the cards against the account without a VPN as well.

              • +1

                @bigcheese: I have found that wise is cheaper compared to westpac in terms of conversion rate.

                • +1

                  @ace310: Yeah I thought it would be but didn't have the funds on Wise at the time and wanted to test it out for @AREREPL
                  I'll use Wise next time (or one day set up the direct debit so I don't need gift cards!)

          • @bigcheese: I used G2A to buy a steam game key a few years ago and that worked (never bought a netflix GC from them)

        • Try the second option using paytr. I had too much issue with gpay. With paytr you will get phone verification call with the code.

  • When did they put their price up again? Was still charged 93.99 TRY for January and haven't received any emails to say prices are increasing.

    Also, an FYI For anyone sharing their account or sharing one, Netflix look likely to clamp down on this in the coming months, if the reports are true about them banning access for those not within the same household. Supposedly set to happen before end of March.

    • The price increase only came into effect this month and will be on your anniversary.

      • Well in that case it's October so fine by me lol

        • Sorry looks like I'm wrong and it should be one month after your next billing date.
          If you haven't had notice so far then your February bill should be at the old price but March will be at the new rate.

          • @bigcheese: I'm more curious as to how this new account policy will work that the are supposedly going to implement i.e. how are they going to determine which user gets to keep the account if they deem people are using account sharing

            • @Dago: I'm not on Netflix, but with Amazon (or AppleTV, I can't recall) when you play a video from a different IP, the 1st one stops playing and says you have started playing from a new location.
              I don't think there's any beter way to restrict sharing.
              My work laptop that I occasionally use to play something has a proxy, so it plays from a different IP to my TV, even when I'm in the same physical location.

            • @Dago: I guess we will only know for sure when they introduce it to us.
              My thoughts would be that the original owner of the account would be the one to keep it and any additional IP addresses would be removed.

            • @Dago: Here’s some details of what Netflix are proposing.

              This does not affect Netflix NZ (or Turkey) at this stage.

              • @bigcheese: Reminds me a bit of something like Hulu's live tv service which mapped your IP but gave you 5 free location changes before it locked you out. Be interesting how this works out for them.

              • @bigcheese: ChatGPT

                Q. How to circumvent the Netflix password sharing crackdown?

                A. As a language model developed by OpenAI, I don't support or condone any illegal activities or unethical behavior. Sharing Netflix passwords is against the terms of service of the company and it is not recommended to circumvent their efforts to enforce their policies. It is best to respect the terms of service and subscribe to the service separately for each account that requires it.

                Q. What's the cheapest way to subscribe to Netflix?

                A. The cheapest way to subscribe to Netflix is to opt for the Basic plan, which is priced at $8.99 per month and allows you to stream content on one screen at a time in standard definition (SD). Another option could be to share an account with friends or family to split the cost.

  • +1

    I don't think bypassing sms verification is an option anymore, the alternative reliable method I used for my friends was getting a virtual turkey number and complete subscription by confirming OTP. Service I used was https://sms-activate.org/price

  • Anyone wanna share a Netflix account?

    • Anyone want to share a Neon account if you have one? Thanks

    • @Stoffel Yes, sent u a PM, please check

    • Hey have you found someone to share your account with ?

    • I have space available on Disney, Netlfix and Prime if anyone wants to use for cheap.

      • I've been hearing that Netflix has clamped down on password sharing. Is it still possible to share a Netflix account with someone not in the same household?

        • Certainly if you are subscribed through Turkey as that is not one of the countries included so far in the password sharing restrictions.

  • +2

    Stremio… !

  • Anyone share the Disney/hot star please?

  • +1

    So the premium is for TL 130.99 but OP recommends to buy gift card worth TL 100, will that still work? Also, i don’t have an existing Netflix account, is there any sign up process for that? Thnx

    • If you don't have Netflix currently then you need to sign up to Netflix in NZ first - step 1b.
      Really important you make sure all your details are entered including NZ mobile phone number and credit/debit card verified.
      After this you need to cancel the NZ subscription and then do the gift cards once it has lapsed.
      In my case when I first did this ages ago I cancelled the NZ subscription and resubscribed via Turkey a month later once it had lapsed.
      You could try the immediate cancellation and refund as suggested in the post by I Smell Pennies but I haven't done that myself.

      In terms of the gift cards I need to update that - with the price rise the TL won't be enough for premium so you need TL 150 (2x TL 75)

      • Thanks for explaining in detail, makes total sense now 😊

        • No problem.
          If you don't go down the track of trying to get the refund on your NZ subscription you will still get a full month of Netflix before it expires and then you can go about getting Netflix via Turkey.

  • My Wise card doesn't work on Turgame, but BNZ debit card does.

  • +4

    I tried and was successful with a few little details which could help others.

    1. I canceled my NZ Netflix account through the Netflix app. My membership got canceled but my subscription will remain active until the next payment date (10 more days for the next payment).
    2. I contacted the Netflix chat to immediately cancel the subscription. The chat agent questioned about general kinds of stuff and verified the payment method through credit card. No Refund will be given for the remaining period if you cancel your plan 7 days after it got renewed.
    3. Now I am automatically logged out of Netflix from all of my devices.
    4. I logged in and got a message to subscribe to a plan or renew my existing membership.
    5. I switched on the VPN and refreshed Netflix. Now my plans are showing in Turkish currency.
    6. I bought a 200 Lira Netflix gift card from the Turgame website (which is NZD18.6 on my ASB CC).
    7. I went to https://www.netflix.com/tr-en/redeem and entered the gift card details to redeem. Instantly I got a top-up with 200 Liras in my account.
    8. Netflix was asking to add a backup payment. My ASB and ANZ cards failed to register. But I got an option to skip that step. I choose to skip the step.
    9. Netflix asks for Turkish mobile number verification. I tried several numbers and nothing worked. after a couple of tries, again got an option to skip. I choose to skip.
    10. Whooha. Netflix Ultra HD plan is active and everything works well. All of my profiles came back.

    Note 1: 200 Lira gift card was cheaper than a 2x75 lira gift card due to transaction charges etc.

    Note 2: My ASB blocked the Turkish Lira payment the first time and got a message on my mobile app stating suspicious transaction was blocked. I reviewed the payment and approved it manually. I tried to buy the gift card again and this time it worked. Probably, this could happen when Netflix charges every month. Keep an eye on your subscription and payment.

    One query: It seems every month, Netflix charges 130lira to my NZ credit card. Currency conversion charges could be applied by our NZ banks.

    • Pleased you got it working.

      Did you have all your details loaded into Netflix before you cancelled the NZ subscription?
      ie. Mobile phone number and credit or debit card?

      Doing this should have avoided the need to add a backup payment method later as per your step 8 and the turkish mobile veriifcation.

      • Yes, I am using Netflix since 2017 in NZ. All the details (phone number, email, payment (CC)) are saved in the account. But still, backup payment and mobile number verification popped up.

    • may I ask which vpn service did you use? I wonder if my free keepsolid account will work.

      • I used Windscribe but I had to purchase Turkey to get it working

      • I used a app from playstore to connect to Turkey VPN for free with 1hr timelimit and few ads.

  • I signed up Standard Plan few months ago but today when I checked it shows I'm on premium on Netflix website Change plans page shows I'm on premium 93.99/month, standard on same page shows 97.99/month lol. Not sure why/how/when I was moved from Standard to premium without even asking?? I started with 40.99 when I joined then it changed to 57.99 in July then to 69.99 in Nov, last charge was 93.99 in Jan. What is going on? Wonder what the next charge will be & why my account shows more for the Standard plan than premium.

    • Not sure how your plan would change from standard to premium - you would have to message Netflix about that if you didn't make the change yourself. Never heard of that happening before.

      In terms of the pricing the ₺93.99 is the price of Premium before the price change. This will rise to ₺130.99 on your next anniversary date. Until then you pay your old price.
      Here's a breakdown of the price change.

      Subscription Plan Old Pricing New Pricing
      Basic ₺44.99 ₺63.99
      Standard ₺69.99 ₺97.99
      Premium ₺93.99 ₺130.99
      • Thanks, I am sure I did not change.How to find anniversary date?

        • Actually I'm wrong it's not anniversary unfortunately - it's your next billing date. Sorry.
          Based on what's happened in the past you should get an email advising of the price change one month before it takes effect.
          You can see the next billing date under Billing Details in your account settings.

          In my case, the next billing date is in two day's time on the 4th Feb.
          This is scheduled to charge the old price and I would expect an email on that day advising that my bill for the 4th March will be at the new price.
          Hope that makes sense.

          • @bigcheese: Just had a chat with them, they don't know why & how it changed and are also not sure why my account shows more for standard than premium.
            They gave a weird reason because I've already paid for the previous month or something, doesn't make sense.

            Good video quality in HD (720p). Watch on any phone, tablet, computer or TV.
            63.99 TL/month
            CURRENT PLAN: Premium
            Our best video quality in Ultra HD (4K) and HDR. Watch on any phone, tablet, computer or TV.
            93.99 TL/month
            CURRENT PLAN
            Great video quality in Full HD (1080p). Watch on any phone, tablet, computer or TV.
            97.99 TL/month

            • @quebec: I'm guessing they mean you have just paid for a Premium subscription at ₺93.99 which is the old price and you will continue with Premium until the next billing cycle.
              Your next bill is at the new price but moving back to the standard subscription ₺97.99.
              All sounds very strange but that's the best explanation I can think of!

  • How long does it normally take to receive the Netflix voucher from turgame? I got emailed a receipt but no voucher codes.

    • +1

      The time varies.
      If it’s your first time it could take a while (24 hours) as they do some manual security checks.
      I found this out when I messaged them a while ago when I didn’t have a code.
      More recently my codes have come through in minutes.

      • Thanks! They've come through now.

  • So I've just contacted Netflix chat. They won't allow me to cancel my plan immediately or get a refund (they say it will remain active until the end of the subscription date). Wouldn't budge no matter what I said. Can I set up the Turkey vouchers while the subscription is technically cancelled but still active, or will I have to wait until the end of the subscription period?

    • You will need to wait until the end of the period.
      Just make sure all your details are loaded on your profile including mobile phone and credit / debit card details whilst your subscription is under NZ.
      You can put the cancellation in straight away and then wait for it to end.
      The application of your Netflix Turkey giftcards needs to be against a lapsed subscription initially.

      This is the way I did it.

      • Thanks. Was just wanting to get it all set up today. Seriously I don't know how anyone in the above comments were able to instantly cancel. I tried two different agents and both refused to cancel until the end of the billing period, refund or not.

  • Turns out I left my account cancelled for so long it got deleted…. well since I cannot sponge off a friends account anymore this looks to be a good option… Anyone tried signing up a new account in Turkey from the start, rather than starting with an expired NZ account?

    • You can only try.
      As indicated in the post though there is a high chance it won’t work but you have nothing to lose by trying.
      Worst case sign up to Netflix NZ and pay for one month.

      • I will let you know the results. Still waiting for that gift card to arrive…

        • +2

          Ok that was a small mission.

          You can sign up a new account + don't select any plan. Buy a voucher using your wise card (dont use gpay doesnt work). Wait the 2 hours for the code to arrive. Turn on Turkey VPN, go to redeem voucher page. Redeem it and you are in.

          However, you cannot add a backup payment method, so I used https://messages.pingme.tel/ to buy a Turkish SMS verification number for $1 USD. By having an existing account it means you do not need to go through the pain of a Turkish number just to save a credit card.

          • @manuka: Glad you got it sorted in the end.
            I had no problems with GPay but guess it doesn’t matter how you get there.
            The other bonus at the moment is that they haven’t started clamping down on password sharing like they have in NZ.

          • @manuka: Thanks this worked.
            Had to setup an account at crypto.com to be able to pay pingme.tel.

          • @manuka: @manuka so no need to get NZ netflix subscription first? Can u pls explain the steps how u did it, thnx

  • hey @bigcheese! thanks for such a thorough step by step, i am stuck at the redeeming gift card page, tried Express vpn and Windscribe so far. the code got redeemed in private browser only, but says won't work for my accounts country. am still logged in on the app and browser, can't seem to be able to bypass this.
    any suggestions please :)

    • +1

      Did your vpn land you on Istanbul, Turkey?
      There are known issues when it doesn’t end up here with the solution to keep trying Windscribe until you get Istanbul rather than another Turkish city.

      Another recommendation is to try clearing the browser cache before trying again.

      • thanks for that! nope Windscribe vpn keeps landing in Pune India :))according to whatsmyipaddress ,but says Istanbul on Windscribe itself. not sure if i should try other vpn providers as well coz clearly that would be the issue.

        • Gave up eventually as looks like they have plugged in most of the holes and getting harder that when I did last time. I tried to set it up for parents but didn't work. Decided to just share cost instead.

          • @mickey9876: it looks like it, have you got someone to share it with?

            • @LeraNZ: For now yes, but send a quick message and will double check and let you know.

  • +1

    Extremely painful.

    Got to final step, put the 100TL in, redeemed it then hit a wall of enter a Turkish number with zero luck of being able to skip it. Upon reopening Netflix can't see my voucher credit and in unable to redeem it again. Total waste of $10. Be cautious guys I think they've updated the system. You need a Turkish number now.

  • +5

    Success - just switched my Netflix from NZ to Turkey thanks to this thread

    In case it helps anyone else here is how it went for me:

    1. Cancelled my NZ Netflix account a month ago and just waited for it to lapse
    2. Logged back in to Netflix and gor the messages about renewing my membership
    3. Went to the renew page and was shown the 3 sub options in NZD
    4. Turned on my Surfshark VPN to Istanbul and refreshed page. It showed me the Turkish prices
    5. Turned off Surfshark and bought a 200 Lira Netflix gift card from the Turgame website (NZ$18.46 using my ASB Visa). Got the voucher almost instantly.
    6. Turned VPN back on. Went to https://www.netflix.com/tr-en/redeem and entered the voucher code. Instantly had 200 Liras credit on Netflix.
    7. Netflix said my payment method was invalid (despite it being valid a month ago). I entered by ASB Visa details again and it let me through to the next screen which was the Turkish phone number verification. I tried to enter some random numbers to see if it would let me skip this step but it actually locked me out.
    8. I came back a few hours later and this time used the SMS service at sms-activate.org. Added the minimum US$2 credit (NZ$3.74 ASB Visa) which is more than enough. Tried 3 phone numbers before I managed to get a confirmation code from Netflix successfully. But they don't charge you for failed attempts.
    9. Bingo - Netflix was back
    10. I noticed my cc was charged for the first month and there was no sign of my 200 lira voucher which I entered the first unsuccessful time I tried to sign up. So I entered the code again (under "account" and with my VPN on) and now it shows the 200 lira and says I am paid up until May
    • Hoping to try this tomorrow when mine runs out!

    • Just got this working - thanks!
      Only hiccup I had was Windscribe kept putting me in India, ended up paying $3 to add the other Turkey locations so I could land in Turkey. It let me skip the backup payment method, and never asked for a phone number (it was already verified on my nz account).

      • hi just wondering how did you manage to only pay $3 for Windscribe locations? thanks

        • Used the free Windscribe, then they charge $ 1 per location (minimum $3)

        • It's called 'Build a plan', to the right of the main 'Yearly' plan when you go to upgrade

  • Stupidly, I lost, and had my backup credit card replaced and am unable to get Netflix to accept the new one.

    Has anyone managed to get this to work? Failing that, I guess I'll have to set up another account and go through the process again.


    • Did you manage to resolve this? I am having the same issues - card payment failed, unable to add another card.

  • I had SMS activation issues(netflix not sending it out), went back and clicked change payment details and it gave an option to 'skip this step' and avoided SMS. Worked fine thanks

  • I am getting stuck at redeeming the Netflix code.
    My VPN has definitely landed in Istanbul.
    I went to https://www.netflix.com/tr-en/redeem and entered the voucher code that I received from Turgame.
    Netflix keeps giving me 'Sorry, but we are unable to process your request' after I input the voucher code and complete the CAPCHA (correctly….).
    Not sure where I'm going wrong!

  • Late to the party, but thank you just got this working now.

    Also ran into the issue when confirming back up payment method it asked for Turkish number for activation. Bypassed this by just clicking back and clicking change payment details as mentioned above.

    • +1

      Good stuff.
      It's so much cheaper than getting Netflix through NZ

  • Brilliant, Just used this method and worked sweet.
    Brand new account.
    Notes from my experience.
    - Used my windscribe account (that I got from cheapies a few years ago), took a couple of attmepts before it accepted my giftcard.
    - Took a while for the Turgame code to come though, but did come though.
    - Used https://sms-activate.org/ as per SalomSalami comment to verify payment, again worked fine, just paid the roughly $4NZD from my wise card (as this site seems the most suspect)

    After verifying Netflix asked for me to add a phone number, at which point I was able to add my NZ number,

  • +2

    After this working for months, I got the message on my TV "Your account is on hold because of a problem with your last payment. Go to netflix.com/fixpayment and update your payment information to continue enjoying Netflix." Turns out that they had deleted my credit card details sometime around the last price increases.

    I was able to input new credit card details, using PingMe to receive the verification sms, so should be good to go again.

    • Hi i've used another sms service but get an error message when i put the number in.

      What steps are you taking? i am doing this all on windsribe VPN

    • Nice mate, have you confirmed they billed the right amount? Will have to fix my account as the same happened

      • Yep, they billed me TRY149.99 (NZD9.22) for the middle tier 2 screens subscription.

    • +1

      I have the same issue, was working all year and then my card got removed since my last bill payment in October.

      Currently having issues with Netflix so will try later on using SMS-Activate

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