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Hello folks, we are currently on a electricity, gas and broadban bundled contract with Contact and are looking to switch suppliers as their electricity rates pkw has gone up to 28.7 cents pkw. Am wondering if any of you know of better deals out there that we can consider, please?


  • I was on EK for power, mobile and broadband with vodafone but recently swapped over the trust bundle deal as they were cheaper for power.

    12 month contract for fibre, power, mobile
    6 months fibre free
    3 months mobile free
    $50 credit for online sign up
    $15 discount/month after the first 6 free months for fibre
    $5 discount/month for mobile

    • Thanks for sharing

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    Always ask for a better deal. On renewal with genesis this month they dropped my prev negotiated discount from 14 % to 6%. I now have a $200 credit,an 11% discount and some free power hrs thrown in.

    • how much per kwh and where in the country are you?
      for comparison with octopus energy,
      0.375245 peak
      0.308545 off peak
      0.18768 night (11pm-7am), low user plan, no daily charge. Price fixed for 1 year

      12 months contract?

      • Did you check flick energy? I found octopus a bit higher rate compared to flick. I am in West Auckland.

        • Was on flicks. I think its to do with how much kwh you use for me as s low user. The more, the cheaper flick becomes due to lower per kwh rate but with daily rate

          • @justaddwater: I agree. For me I have high usage during off peak hours which is same rate as night rate with flick.

  • Christchurch 13.7600 unit night rate & 31.8200 unit day rate daily fixed charge @30.0000 daily fixed Genesis Energy

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    By far the best short term deal is the Z electric sign up offer of 75L of free fuel after 2 weeks of joining without contract (so can leave anytime). Straight forward to join. I can confirm that on my last invoice on 10th Jan, that the offer is still valid.

    Also a few other options (short term deals), are also listed, but some may have expired.

    • I just checked my referral link, and it's still working. I've left Z electric for nearly a month now so I'm not sure if they close the links after people are no longer with them.

      • Your link definitely won't be working for you since you left, i. E. You won't get your referral bonus. May or may not work out for the referee as you are no longer a z customer so suggest you take you referral link out.

        • I don't expect it to work for me but seems to work fine for the referee as it advertises the 75 litres the same. If you sign up using the link and see the 75 litres, it doesn't seem likely they will then deny you the bonus litres after you sign up.

          Makes me think a lot of the links might be people no longer with Z electric but they haven't taken their link out and it still works fine.

          • @Bill: Nevertheless, this may be a risk for the referee. For many companies e.g. Contact this is explicitly stated that the referrer had the remain with Contact. I guess if you tried to rejoin Z with your own referral link it won't work.

            I guess people can figure out who are still remain with Z or not in some way if one wants to be sure the link would definitely work.

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    Be aware when comparing a lot of retailers will not include GST in their pricing and can be misleading.

    I’m with flick at the moment. We use around 75% off peak power.

    18.385c/kWh x 1.15 = 21.143c off peak inc GST
    29.163c/kWh x 1.15 = 33.537c peak inc GST
    60c/day x 1.15 = 69c/day daily charge inc GST

  • Flick are currently charging me more than their advertised rates. I checked by doing a quote on my own property which is currently with them. Called them and asked why, "to attract new customers…". No apology, no offer to match. Bye bye Flick….
    Mercury appears to have better rates than I am paying with Flick. They will also give me a $100 credit if I sign up for 12 months or $250 for 24 months.

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      Mercury also has a points system now, which you can earn by paying your bill for example. 1 point for every $1.

      An entire free power day costs 1500 points and 15% off every weekend for a month is 2000

      • Wow, that's terrible.

        • You also get a dividend payout each year, we essentially got 1 month free from last years.

          • @Moodkiller: Do you mean the one from entrust? If so, that's not exclusive to mercury. All entrust customers received that dividend. Mercury only pays dividends to its shareholders.

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      Ironically, it may be better off to switch to someone else in the short term and get the sign up perks and then rejoin Flick as they are also offering $100 off via switchme sign up in additional the lower rates a month or so later! then you are not on a contract and get $300 worth of perks (e.g. $200 from 75L of Z fuel), and $100 from Flick, before considering Mercury option at a locked rate.

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