This was posted 1 year 6 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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AMD Radeon RX550 Graphics Card (2GB, OEM Pack, Low Profile, DVI / HDMI) $59 @ PB Tech


Only active 6-9PM.
A good option for a media PC, basic graphics adapter with warranty, or upgrade to an old slimline PC for esports titles.
Similar in performance to the GDDR5 1030 which is much more expensive at the moment.
Note that I'm not sure you can combine the PBVIP code with FREESHIP to also get free shipping.

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    decent deal should be good for light gaming at 1360x768 60fps on games like fortnite csgo mincraft Valorant apex legends gta v and similar games depending on setting

    • how does it compare VS igpu for 3200g and 5600g? if its better i might grab it for the kids

      • I wouldn't even consider something like this. Released more than 5 years ago at ~$125nzd. It is close to e-waste.

        Get a 6600 if you don't want to pay a lot. 5x the bench for around $400

        Ryzen vega on 5xxx is very powerful for igpus.

        • here i am still using my 1060 from 2015 lol

          • @F armer: No, here I am using a gtx650 given to me to upgrade from my 550ti.
            Very due for an upgrade, looking to get a rx7600 (xt) for my next build. I prefer to start from scratch rather than upgrade from an existing build. My desktops are very well rounded so everything is in the same need of upgrade.

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        if you have an old second gen i5 or 3rd gen you can get cheap sometime free then add duel channel 2x 8gb ram sticks iit would make for an ok dirt cheap 720p gaming system great for a kid

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          I'm still sporting that processor with an rx570 that was $200 new on here a couple of years back. Works ok at 1080p on lower settings and I can't justify buying an upgrade the amount of use it's actually getting.

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    Code doesn't appear to work for me "Promo code PBVIP is not valid".

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      Down to $63 delivered with the free shipping code and educational pricing membership key.

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      Starts at 6pm tonight as per title

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        Opps clearly didnt read it.

  • Don't know much about PC building. I was going to wait another 2-3 years maybe then upgrade to a top of the line card (plus other parts), but this might tide me over in the meantime

    Does anyone know how this would compare to a GTX 660? That's whats been in my PC when I bought it from a mate who built it

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      From the link James posted it looks like it'd be a downgrade. If you want an upgrade to tide you over have a look on trade me for a rx570 or gtx1060. More like $150 but a substantial upgrade over a 660 and a better value than the low end of new cards.

  • Thanks OP!Just ordered one.

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      If you want to use the promo code I think it's only active 6-9pm, you could always cancel and order then if you'd like.

  • Is it fast enough for 4k playback?

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    Awesome buy!

    This would make an ideal media box GPU or Plex transcoder, HDMI 2.0b means 4k60p output to your TV, pair it with something like an Atom for super low power consumption.

    Only a few scenarios where it would be good for gaming, and would primarily be "If you bought a short form factor EliteDesk for like $50 from TradeMe, then this would be a great low end gaming computer for kids"

    EG, mix it with one of these, and put another $50 into a cheap SSD, if a media box, then add 4TB or more HDD on top.…

    My girlfriends 11 year old nephew was stoked when he got an AIO Ivy Bridge i3 HP with integrated graphics from his grandparents for playing Roblox, it would be a dirt cheap large upgrade from that to get an older SFF Elitedesk and dump one of these in.

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      Also a good intermediary card if you have a CPU without an IGP and want to keep your computer running between GPUs.

      Edit: Just ordered one, I don't have a use yet, but I know I'll find one.

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    If anyone is curious my card was delivered today, and it looks like it's this one -> Model number on the card matches.

  • Anyone else having problems with their card? Mine seems to work fine but when left idle for a bit the screen won't turn back on, fans are spinning but the PC has crashed and have to physically switch off & back on to get it working again.
    Only thing I've changed in the PC is the GPU and was fine before.

    • Haven't checked them yet, will let you know, did you uninstall the old drivers?

      • Tried all sorts of different drivers, in the end I changed from using HDMI to DVI and it's solved the problem.

  • This card is part of the latest Boxing Day promotion with Pb Tech at $61. Not quite as good as the $59 of the original promotion, still it's $8 off RRP and worth a look if you didn't get it first time around.

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