This was posted 3 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Spin & Win Free Fuel Credit ($2, $5, $10, $20) @ Waitomo Fuel


This is back again, free fuel, hopefully somebody wins $50

When you login for the first time now you will be sent a One Time Code to your mobile number for verification. You do not need to verify the number again unless you log out of the app or login on a different device.

  • Go to Waitomo.
  • Pick a lane and open the app. Make sure data and location services are on.
  • Click ‘pay from your vehicle’.
  • Select pump no. & fuel type.
  • Choose amount you'd like to spend - either preset amount, 'Fill', or 'Set' to choose your own amount (between $10 and $300)
  • Add a payment card or choose 'Just use my Moolah' if you already have some on the account
  • Fill your vehicle.

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  • +1

    Been a while. Does the moolah expire now? I remember receiving some emails about my credit

    • +2

      Yea would like to know this too. Just won another $2 and total sitting in my wallet is now $47.
      $47 and no car.

      • You can gift your moolah to others with an account. wink wink

        • +1

          Can't gift won moolah.

    • My one doesn't expire but my friend just recently signed up, his Moolah expired.

  • -2

    The text that comes through says this moolah expires on 12th Jan 2023.

    Here's a $2 Moolah top-up from Waitomo. Sweet as! Redeem in the Waitomo app. Valid until 12 Jan 2023

    also i got 37 x $2 and 2 x $5
    yes i bought more sims lol

    • At least every time I get $2 this reassures me the odds are stingy to begin with.

      How do you go about redeeming btw, just lots of separate small purchases?

      • before when there was no expiry, i would save up and then log into the accounts with the most money (would be around $10-$20), then use 2 or 3 accounts moolah to fill up.

        now since theyve introduced the expiry, im not entirely sure what ill do to redeem my moolah.
        I did get 20 2degrees sims which I believe you can bring to a 2deg branch and get them changed into E-Sims, which will make it easier to log into accounts at the pump.

        I also make sure that I dont go to the pump at peak times just so I dont hold anyone up

        • +2

          Waitomo Fuel is considered expensive now so the forecourt is always empty. Compared to Z Roscommon on a Wednesday, frickin hell dude lol

        • Curious about the e-sims. How many can you have linked to a phone?

          • @Bill: i believe it is just like you log in when you scan the qr code, then when you get a second one, it logs you out of the first. one active at a time but can easily swap between sims

  • Even though I'm in the South Island I still spin for my visits to Auckland.
    Oh for the good ol' days though.
    Thanks @nachos

    • We use ours in Dunedin and Christchurch Waitomo’s

      • I'm in Nelson… We have NPD. No Waitomo here.

  • When does this spinning wheel expire? Tonight at midnight would you think ta?

    • I don't think there's a fixed time but rather once the pool of funds run out. I would be surprised if it didn't at least last until the evening. They wouldn't be able to advertise this and the only ones who know will be from here.

      • Other times i think it run to midnight so full 24 hours, or do you know from memory?

        • Yes previously it has gone until midnight.
          Usually for 24 hours but they have extended this to a couple of days on occasion - wouldn’t bank on that though.

          • @bigcheese: Shoot thats good mate here i was region travelling to get my spins haha, sucks that most seem to just be $2. I dont know how to get better luck to get e.g $5 and $10s e.g turn data on off, incognito browser. Sometimes e.g friends new numbers who have never done it before get the jackpot. Had other times wasnt able to login errors and had a $20

            • @Cheapooo: I don't think there is much you can do short of crossing your fingers tighter!
              In the past it certainly seemed to be weighted towards new numbers but I don't think that's the case anymore.
              Just spin and take whatever comes up as a bonus.

  • How does this actually get added to your account? I’ve won and nothing gets added to the app? Is it only for new sign ups?

    • Usually have to enter your phone number, spin, win, claim, log in / register account with same number.

      Did you claim the prize and get a text?

  • Thanks OP

  • So, a new SIM signed up today will likely get $2 or $5. Would it be better to wait on the chance they do the new signup get $10 promo again?

    • Why not try both?
      You don’t need to be registered to spin the wheel; only to claim the Moolah.
      I would spin now and then register if they do the promo in the next month before the credit expires.

      • 😁 thank you!

      • when we had done our first spin round, my brother got $20 moolah, however he hadnt signed up an account. Be careful when signing up an account after, because he never got the $20 after he signed up.

        • That shouldn't have happened as the credit is linked to the mobile number.

  • $2 again yay

  • First time spinning for this, got $5

  • did 5 different numbers, lol all $2

  • Family of 4. All $2

  • 3x existing numbers got $2 each

  • $5 First time spin

  • Got $5

  • Spun and won 5$, I think if you keep refreshing and spinning again you keep getting the same amount, so they must now know your number and give you the same result. Used to be that you could keep spinning until you won bigger, then claim.

    Oh well, free money is always appreciated!

  • Wow this is cool! But how do you guys manage to have so many numbers?

  • Looks like most are getting $2…

  • And it’s all over…

  • +1

    They are doing 12 days of Christmas with this being the first day. Will be looking forward to seeing what deals are coming for the next 11 days.

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