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[Backorder] Apple HomePod Mini (Space Grey) $99 + Free Shipping @ 2degrees


My first deal post, so hopefully it's okay!

Apple HomePod Mini $99 (RRP $159) with free delivery online. Doesn't seem to have an expiry date for the $99 price so not sure when it ends.

Available in Space Grey only.

Apple HomePod Mini Description:

A closer look at HomePod mini: Room-filling, 360-degree sound. Place HomePod mini speakers around the house for rich multiroom audio¹ and features like Intercom. Siri is your intelligent assistant on HomePod mini. Just use your voice to check your calendar or the weather, set alarms and complete everyday tasks. Control your smart home accessories with just your voice using HomePod mini.² Privacy at home is essential. HomePod mini helps you keep your data private and secure.

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  • I had it and it has good sound base, a few down side for this device:
    1. Everyone knows this, it only work with apply devices
    2. It doesn't work with Spotify and Youtube music on voice command - you can't do say siri play music on spotify/youtube music because it's not supported (you can do that if you have apple music though)

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    Wow, that's a spectacular price! I'm tempted to buy one to make a stereo pair with my current one.

    • +1

      Stereo pair sounds really good. Noticeable difference to just one.

    • Why the negative vote?

      That's a great price for this product. I bought one last year for $99 but only after $20 off $100 with Zip at Noel Leeming.

      Thank you OP for posting this deal. I just ordered one to stereo pair.

      • No worries! I stumbled across it while searching for one as a Christmas gift.

  • White is out of stock online (est. 3 week delivery), but still may be available in store

    • I ordered knowing of the 3-week lead time yesterday, but mine was shipped out this morning. Just saw they've removed the out-of-stock status… So I bought a second one, a really great price. Thanks OP!

  • Also, could probably price match at Noel Leeming and then sign up to get $10 off over $100 spend (need to add something extra, but makes it $90 if you were going to buy something from NL anyway).

    • I did try Noel Leeming (as I have a voucher with them) but their online chat stated they don't price match 2degrees.

      • +1

        Interesting, yeah just asked them and they consider 2 degrees a supplier so don’t see them as a retailer to price match.

        • Wouldn't apple be the supplier of apple products? Seems a pretty lame excuse

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    These are great devices if you have Apple iPhones etc and use Apply Music. We have a couple along with a Google Nest Mini.

    The HomePod sounds much better, it can pickup your voice every time even when playing loud music and it works great with AirPlay for Spotify. Downsides like everyone says, no native Spotify Integration and Siri isn't the best at answering questions.

    The Google Nest Mini is better at answering questions due to Google Assistant, but it struggles to hear our voice if you are not nearer too it or playing music, but it does do native Spotify.

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      If you are not aware, Google nest mini can connect to external bluetooth speaker… it's not ideal but you have the options…

    • +1

      That's an Apple and Orange comparison.

      A fairer comparison is Apple HomePod mini with Amazon Echo 4th Generation and Google Nest Audio.

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    In store they declined to sell for this price. Claimed it’s online only.

    • That's odd, when I first saw the deal this morning, I phoned our local 2degrees store (Palmerston North) and they confirmed it was $99 so popped into the store and purchased one. Which store did you try?

      • Paraparaumu. And the staff were most unhelpful

        • Thanks, I'll update the post to online only and suggest people phone their local store to confirm.

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            @Baby Groot: It rung up at $159. Then they talked about online do their own thing etc etc the whole tone of the conversation was pretty annoying

            • +1

              @Benmurhy66: My wife happened to be in Taupo, they werent overly excited about doing it but found a way to do it. She said they were really helpful. Thanks for the post.

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      Interesting because the white one says “ Out of stock. You can still order this item (arrival within 3 weeks) or call a 2degrees store.”

    • I checked at Queens Gate Lower Hutt store, they declined as well.

  • I could be wrong, does this mean new version is coming haha

    • Not always but possible. Airpod pros got discounted and the replacements took a good year to come out

    • More likely a HomePod smart display before new version of HomePod mini.

  • Noel Leeming in-store refused to match the price claiming it's online only.
    I was able to get a price match from Smith City online because I have a Smith City gift card with me.
    Only to find out that Smith City gift cards can not be used online.
    Smith City is useless!

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    Just went to the glenfield store and they said they couldnt do it for $99 because its a franchise store - same with Takapuna. Said Albany is corporate store. Just rang Albany and they said its all sold out in store both white and black

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    Only Space Grey is available now.

  • Those who ordered online, did anyone got any sort of email from 2D saying they are going to ship the item?

    • Shipping confirmation (including tracking) email on Monday. Package delivered on Tuesday.

      • Cool, ta. My order status is still "pending".
        I guess they will ship this eventually.

  • I ordered white online, but it was canceled today. They said they were unable to fulfill the order because Apple had advised them that the product was end of line.

  • Just got a call from 2degree saying my order for the white apple homdpod "Apple has told us the white colour is end of life"

  • Get your orders in! This ends in two days, and Apple just raised the NZ price of the HomePod mini by $20.

    • Thanks for posting. Wow, they certainly did, RRP is now $179. How do you know it ends in 2 days?

      • Consumer Terms and Conditions section of the page says:
        Available until 22.01.23 with an active 2degrees plan.
        Scratch that, that's for the data piñata promo!

  • Are these worth it if you have 2 nest minis already?
    We have iphones and macbook pros at home and an ATV in the spare room.

    Main lounge/media room already has:
    -Nvidia Shield on 4k oled tv
    -Nest mini
    -"app" on Nvidia Shield that enables airplay just like ATV.
    -Portable UE x 2

    At this stage no other smart devices/home automation that is apple exclusive - not yet.

  • I ordered some of these in early December under this offer. They took the money sent a confirmation, and I heard nothing since. After trying to figure out how to contact them (no support channels for the online store, only for mobile or broadband customers)… I managed to get a hold of business support and they said my orders had been cancelled at their end. No communication, no notes or reasoning given. They also have no record of my payment so asked for a screenshot of the transactions which I provided.

    All in all - feels like 2 degrees is a bit of a scam operation? I wonder how many other people they have effectively stolen money from?

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