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Free Trial Pack of Contact Lenses (10pk Truemoist Dailies or 2pk Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel) @ Freedom Lenses


At Freedom Lenses you can trial either a 10pk (5 lenses for each eye) of our Truemoist Dailies contact lenses, or a 2pk (1 lens for each eye) of our Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel monthly contact lenses that allow up to 7x more oxygen to the eye than conventional contact lenses.
We're sure you'll love either of these products so much you'll want to go on using our brands - and that's exactly why we offer you a free trial to start with - so you can find out for yourself how amazing these contact lenses are!
And the best part? All our contact lens brands are incredibly good value! A 30pk of Truemoist Dailies are just $18.00 and a 6pk of Airsoft monthlies just $25.95. Compare that to what you're currently paying for the lenses you wear and you'll find you'll be saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year by switching to our brands. Get your free trial today!

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  • Got a pair of monthlies, thanks OP!

  • You're welcome - enjoy :)

  • Oof I have noticed my eyes get significantly worse in the last year and know I'll need to get something. This would've been a great way to trial contacts if I knew my strength to get for each eye. Hopefully this doesn't end soon or run out too fast?

  • Hadn't heard of them before.

    From their FAQ's:

    we encourage you to check out our sister website www.ezyvision.co.nz where you can get your lenses much quicker & still great prices.

    https://www.google.com/search?q=ezyvision.co.nz - quite a few reviews.

    Similar deal on sister AU site at https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/743508 .

    • Trial ordered, thanks OP.

      • Can confirm I received these on the 8th - lightning fast shipping. Will try and report back - looking forward to it.

        • Thanks for the feedback :)

        • +1

          Very good comfort fit for around 5 hours of wearing it - didn't feel it to be overly "intrusive" on the eyes, and definitely pack more moisture as compared to some other budget lenses - probably contributing to the comfort.

          Having worn only glasses for a wee while now (due to chronic dry eye), this was like seeing life in "4k", as compared to "2k" with glasses, in terms of clarity, if that makes sense.

          TLDR; Comfortable, brilliant clarity, no frills "does what it says" lenses - these are worth giving it a trial if apprehensive.

  • Hi @freedomlenses, we have two lens wearers in our family. I would love to try some and so would my son. When I add two pairs in different prescriptions with the code, it still comes out to $0 - is this acceptable, or will my order get cancelled? If you only accept one free pair of boxes per delivery address I understand, but one pair per prescription would be really helpful :)

    • +5

      Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. Yes I know exactly what you mean and totally happy to accommodate. The best way would be to send us a message directly from the website and explain it. That will ensure you get both trial sets. Hope this helps :)

  • Hi. Do you also offer trials for Toric lenses?

  • Hello!
    No I'm sorry we don't. We'd love to though and are trying to think of a way to offer some sort of a deal on them in the future but its quite complex because there are literally thousands of different prescription options. But the HiToric lenses really are incredible and as they're a 2pk they still represent very cost effective, low risk alternate lenses.

  • Thanks for the trial. I was just wondering whether the Airsoft was monthly or daily contacts? They have a “Daily Wear” label on the packet

    • +1

      Hello there! They are monthlies. The daily wear means they are not recommended to be worn 'day and night' - in other words, wear them during the day then remove, clean & store them at night then reinsert the next day

  • Any suggestions for a replacement for Acuvue Oasys? They don't seem to last me the recommended 14 days anymore :/

  • Hello there! Seriously you should at least give these Airsoft contact lenses a try :) We have a huge number of wearers using Airsoft regularly now that previously used to wear Acuvue Oasys.

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