This was posted 1 year 5 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Philips OLED804 65" 4K OLED Android Smart TV $1,999 + Shipping / $0 CC @ PB Tech


This is an old model but a cracking price for a 65" OLED TV from a reputable brand in NZ.
PBs trademe account is still advertising it for $3,148.
I'm guessing this is last remaining stock of it so clearing out.
Compare this price to this ozbargain thread and not far from matching it considering exchange rate and GST difference. And consider this was a one off deal that other branches could not match.
Also see the comments re image quality and various flaws.

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  • I bought this a few months ago at their $2499 special, knowing full well at the time that it could come down for BF, but didn’t expect it to be by this much!

    I absolutely LOVE mine - Ambilight is so effing cool and genuinely serves to enhance the viewing/immersive experience IMHO.

    Is it the best, most modern and fully-featured goggle-box on the market? No it isn’t, but at $2K flat for a brand new, 65” OLED from a reliable retailer and a trusted brand, you won’t even get anywhere close elsewhere.

    Buy one.

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      Philips by name only as it sold the Philips TV name to a Chinese manufacturer who designed theTV.Philips Holland after nearly going bankrupt does not manufacture TV‘s anymore.

      • i see so i guess its a LG sourced display.

        • Philips' OLED TVs are based on LG Display's WOLED panel type.

          Philips is currently evaluating Samsung Display's QD-OLED panel and the TV maker could become the third brand after Samsung and Sony to offer QD-OLED TVs.

    • If you (not me) think Ambilight is not cool, gimmicky and matches your dislike for Marmite then consider bias lighting.

      What is bias lighting and how can it improve TV performance?…

      • I've had bias lighting in one form or another for years and can't say I ever feel any strain watching tv. It really doesn't have to be expensive at all as any light beats no light, a USB powered led strip from Kmart would work good enough and come on with the tv if you plug it in to the TV's USB port.

        We've got a yeelight strip wrapped around the tv bracket now and a Google routine that turns on the strip and a couple of uplighters at sunset at half brightness and just don't even have to think about it anymore. Height of lazyness not even bothering to use a light switch but we find most night just as you start thinking it's getting dark the lights turn themselves on.

  • Note that it doesn't have HDMI 2.1, so if your intent is to connect a PS5 or XB Series X, you're leaving a lot on the table. The Panny JZ1000 (2 ports) and LG C1 (all ports) - if you can find them, are your 2021 models that do have HDMI 2.1 .

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      it's only a 60hz screen so hdmi 2.1 or not it doesn't make a lot of difference.

  • Re HDMI 2.1.
    Yes this is what everyone seem to say but just grabbed this from Philips NZ site: Supports HDMI ALLM (HDMI2.1).

    No idea if there's contradiction in there as I don't really care for ps5.

    • Any HDMI connection can now be labelled as HDMI 2.1, and that's not okay…


      Until now, the main problem for consumers trying to figure out exactly what features a particular TV can or can’t support has been that while a true HDMI 2.1 port capable of supporting bit-rates of 40 or 48Gbps per second is needed to enjoy all of the latest gaming features (along with the ability to pass Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks via eARC technology), much lower bandwidth HDMI 2.0 ports could claim HDMI 2.1 support even if they supported just one or two of the HDMI 2.1-associated features – typically eARC and ALLM. For instance, many TVs with HDMI 2.0 ports have in the past supported eARC, even though eARC was introduced with the HDMI 2.1 spec.

    • I think what they're saying there is that the HDMI 2.0 ports support ALLM (auto low latency mode) when a 2.1 source that also supports ALLM, like the PS5 & Series X, are plugged into them. ALLM is a 2.1 feature but only the source has to be 2.1 for it to work, if the tv supports it it will work just fine with HDMI 2.0 inputs.

  • Both units at head office are gone now.
    Only 5 units remain and 3 ex demo.
    One is sitting in someone's basket as at right now

    Also try "Cyber" coupon for free delivery. Curtsey of dealshunter post.

    • There were 12 new units when I checked the other day. I didn't count the demo units.

  • $1,955 at PB Tech during VIP Shopping Night (6-9pm today).

    Two in stock with one in Auckland and one in Christchurch.

  • Took 2.5 weeks to get it delivered in Auckland.
    Will hang it over the weekend and report my impressions.

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