X90K or LG CS for 65inch


I've been contemplating hard which TV to get for a 65inch.

X90k - Sony can do a price match with TheMarket to put the price at around $2,340 delivered
CS65 - TheMarket has it at $3,288 less 10% + $89 bulky charge, puts the price around $3,049 delivered

So about $700 difference. All the reviews are saying that the OLED tv would be the obvious choice, but is it $700 worth more?
I never had an OLED tv before so I think I'd be happy with the Sony TV, plus I don't have to worry about burn-ins… on the other hand, I don't see myself buying another TV in the next 5 years so I was thinking I should just go all out and get the OLED.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    Would recommend going OLED, even with the low risk of burn in you can claim a replacement under CGA.

    Worth checking out the Samsung 65’’ S95 OLED 4K 2022

    But it is a little more expensive ($3,210.20 delivered), but better than the CS (as the S95b beats the C2 head to head and the CS is less brighter than the C2)

    I have the GX (which is the evo version of the CX and it is an amazing TV), so can't go wrong going with OLED.

    • re ' a replacement under CGA.'

      You can ask for a remedy that could be a refund, partial refund (agreed by you), repair or replacement. Even then I wouldn't be surprised if a little burn in could be fairly considered normal depending on hours / content.

      • Thanks for pointing that out, I just jumped the gun, as the cost effective way to remedy a burnt in screen is a full replacement (other than partial refund).

        Don't think a TV with burn in would be considered normal, specially if a customer paid for a high end TV.

    • Risk of burn-in is fairly similar between plasma and OLED
      Ive had my plasma for 15 years. No burn in what so ever.

    • Sorry, I'm not originally from NZ and so not very familiar with CGA. Where does burn-in fall under in the CGA? and for how long would I be covered for?

  • I got a S95 from Harvey Norman yesterday 55inch
    2.5k with extended 4 year warranty (in case of pixel burn in and other QA issue)

    • I wonder if there's any other piece of legislation that might cover pixel burn or other QA issues.

  • I don't know about the Sony tv but I have an LG CX oled and Samsung QN90 qled, and to be perfectly honest the only time I notice any difference in picture quality between the led and oled screens is when there's a white logo on a black background I notice some blooming around it on the Samsung, other than that the only noticeable differences between the two are the operating systems and software features each have.

    If you're happy to pay the money then grab the oled because they are the best, but quite honestly I think you'll be happy with either.

  • That Harvey Norman deal for the LG CS has a $300 gift voucher bonus PLUS if you combine with Finance using GEM (24m no interest or payments) you can obtain another $300 off because it is over $3k. Brings the total to around $2700 if you were otherwise going to spend $600 of HN gift cards on something.

  • I bought the x85 Sony 65 inch..but you absolutely must must go into a noel leeming and eyeball them yourself. All the different screen technologies side by side, listen to all the advice you want but nothing beats seeing them. And I'm thrilled with the x85. Noel leeming $1900 - 10% from the market plus $89 delivery =$1800 about. Go see yourself

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    And forgot to add, most of the reviews and reveiw ratings on LG tv's aren't great. I researched for weeks while saving up for the sony

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      What are you talking about? LG oled's are pretty much the pinnacle of home televisions, they have some of the best reviews you'll ever read. The new CS is essentially just an updated C1 and the C1 was one of the best reviewed tv's of 2021. Your X85 doesn't even have local dimming does it?

  • highly recommend the oled as it has by far the best picture quality possible. there's also a panasonic Lz980Z model with a similar price

  • I'm taking about the reviews and review ratings I've read just as stated. Sorry if that touches a nerve

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      LG Oled
      https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c1-oled 8.8/10
      https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c2-oled 9.0/10

      Sony X85
      https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x85j 7.6/10

      OP was asking about LG OLED tv's and upper range Sony LEDs, not the lower/mid range tv's that you were looking to buy. And your comment didn't "touch a nerve", I just don't like people making stupid comments that may mislead others, and your comment was both of those things, stupid and misleading. If you're prepared to make stupid misleading comments then you should also be prepared to be called out on them.

      Don't worry, I'm going to block you so I never have to see or reply to another one of your posts, so feel free to post as much misinformation as you like from now on sweetie.

      Also, you did your homework and still spent $2k on a tv with no local dimming? That's hilarious! The salesperson must've loved you!

  • Definitely touched a nerve lol, didn't mean to and said sorry. Just sharing information like a good choice cheapie. Have a great evening

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      I think you are providing bad information tbh

  • Thanks for the chuckle. Wanted to add the x90 this post is enquiring about is only 1 model up from the x85 they couldn't be closer unless they were the same. So claiming I'm comparing low end to high end is being misleading. And great your not replying to any of my posts thank you

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      x90 vs the x85 is quite a big jump (edge lit vs local dimming being the biggest reason), so it is reasonable to say the x85 is a midrange TV.

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    Hi Forged,
    Don't worry about all nonsense about local dimming the x90 your inquiring about has it. Have it on my phone but prefer manual as it never gets the brightness just right

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      Are you confusing local dimming with something else? As it is different tech vs edge lit TVs

      • May have thanks for enlightening me. But as the TV this post is enquiring about has it anyway it's irrelevant. Thanks though

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    Thank you for all of your inputs, pulled the trigger with the CS OLED, I briefly considered the S95 but felt that I was already extending my budget with the CS and I don't want to extend any more!

    • Yeah the S95 with that extra brightness (and built in gamepass) would be nice, but then again curtains exist for when the sun is shining on the screen don't they? Enjoy, watch the new doco Our Universe on Netflix, it looks pretty impressive on the oled.

    • You can't go wrong with either. Enjoy!

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