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Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine (BES870) $584.10 + Shipping ($0 MarketClub+) @ Noel Leeming, The Market (MarketClub)


It's got to be cheapies most popular coffee machine and it's on sale with a double discount, $649 discounted at Noel Leeming, with the further 10% off at TheMarket with coupon code applied in cart BF10. Standard MarketClub free shipping offer applies, otherwise add $6.

Available in the standard Breville stainless, or Black Sesame.

Note that the link will take you through to the search page, which also has The Barista Express Impress. It's a new version that takes this original machine and upgrades it with a grinder that has more adjustment steps and an auto tamping system.

The reviews for The Barista Express Impress seem to rate it well, and note that the workflow is tidier due to the self contained grinder chute that you place the portafilter into, resulting in less grind spillage. This would be $799 after discount if such a feature is worth $215 more to you.

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  • This is also cheaper than Costco ($699.99)

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    A cheaper option that might be worth comparing:


    If anyone does get this remember to use the 1.5% cashback

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    we own one of these for few years, still great, still makes amazing coffee!

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    Got Briscoes to price beat on the Breville Barista Impress - $759.60.

  • pretty good machine. I have this. Only issue is the grinds spill from the portafilter all the time and makes a mess. and some static at times causes grinds to stick everywhere around the grinder outlet.
    But still love it. I use just the grinder in mornings to grind beans for pour over, and at lunch I grind and make coffee (add choc to make Mocha). Soemtimes I forget to change the dial and do wrong grind size, as I need to change it in morning to coarse and afternoon to fine.

    • A tip which will give you fresher beans and less static, is don't leave the hopper full of beans, leave them in a sealed up bag or container. Then when you make your coffee, just dose out what you need, ideally with scale, or maybe you know the scoop size required. Spray the beans with a bit of water, and then grind it. You dont want to make them damp, you just want a quick spritz and it'll reduce the static.

      Or if you want to see this demonstrated by a weird coffee person: https://youtu.be/D8zqp3CgcbA?t=168

      Another option with this particualr machine is to not dose a double, instead measure out the dose of two single shots and turn the dose control knob until it matches the weight (or volume if no scale) of a double shot. This means after half of it goes in, you can tap and shake the portafilter to make it settle before the next half goes on top. Less spillage overall.

  • How does this compare with the duo pro, which i just bought at 299?

    • The obvious one is the built in grinder, though if you get Smart Grinder Pro it's considered a slight upgrade to this built in one. Other than that from what i understand it's similar for it's espresso + steaming functionality at the core, the Duo Temp Pro just is more bare bones in it's interface compared to this one with extra features. There are more abilities with this one to use timed shots of single, double or override programming with a custom one. It also has a pressure gauge, which is only really useful relative to itself - ie you can compare to prior shots but higher or lower on the gauge doesn't necessarily mean better coffee.

      If you start with good coffee and the right grind size, the coffee will ultimately be much of a muchness.

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