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25% off A Series, 20% off S22 Series + More: Samsung A53 5G $561.75, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 1TB $2479.21 @ Samsung


Samsung is running a live black friday deal and releasing codes and deals for phones, tablets etc
So far the deals announced for the code are
25% off A series
20% off S22 series
20% all monitors
and more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 1TB $2479.21 vs Pbtech $2533 for 512gb model

Tab s8 silver 256gb wifi $999.2 vs Pbtech $1037


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • Presenters a bit cringe

    • A bit? A lot

    • Oh yeah… But he is pretty photogenic in those camera photos which is why he must of got the job.

  • Code doesn't seem tp work on any of the monitors… I am missing something?

    • i'm trying the code on multiple monitors and it seems to work for most of them, might be samsung store not set properly their end, here are the monitors i've check the code with
      32" Odyssey G7
      24" Curved Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate
      24" Flat Monitor With Built-in Webcam
      27" Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitor
      32” M8 Smart Monitor with wireless camera

      • What is the price with the code on the 32" Odyssey G7? Because that discount on it has been applied all week without the code.

        I have been checking all week and it had a price of :

        Save $259.80 (Was $1,299.00)

        when i try to apply the code to that :
        The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions.

        But all these prices have been on the products from the begining of the week.

        And just a warning most of these are cheaper at other stores :


        • might be the same case as the ECOOFFER22, where they stuffed up the code setting not too sure

          • @F armer: Thought it was strange they had launched their BF deals really early and seems like they have spent less time on the actual deals like previous years.

            Funny that they supplied a code that doesn't need to be applied to anything.

  • +2

    The strange thing is all these prices were here already all week on the site and the code doesn't seem to do anything because the discounts were already applied on the store front at the start of the week.

  • +1

    The A53 is cheaper at the market via noel leeming. $569 less 10%.

    • +1

      Same for the S22. $970 at The Market, $1039 at Samsung. The S22+ is not available at TM right now, but Samsung's price is also lukewarm at best. Considering these phones are approaching the end of their release cycle and are going to be superseded by the S23 in just about another month or two - could be hotter.

      • a few of the monitors are also the same price as the discounted website with an extra 10% off.

        Last year they were practically giving away the S21FE but they seem to be not doing that this year. Possibly because of trade in ?

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