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Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Air Fryer 5.7L $135 + Shipping @ Smith City ($121.50 via Pricematch at Briscoes)


Seems to be a good deal for a decent sized and well reviewed Air Fryer.

$135 @ Smith City https://www.smithscity.co.nz/russell-hobbs-brooklyn-air-frye...

$179.99 @ Briscoes https://www.briscoes.co.nz/product/1098180/russell-hobbs-bro...

Price promise T&C

Final price of $121.50 at Briscoes with their Pricematch policy ($135 less 10% price promise)

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  • How does this one compare to the Philips ?

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    If you have 50 bucks extra go for the philips one. Philips makes some of the best air fryers in the world. They are the first company who made air fryers and still owns a few patents related to air fryer design ( so no one can copy that tech for a few more years )

    Capacity wise Philips XL is 6.2L while RH one is 5.7L, not a big diff but still.

    Also if you see the reviews of the above one in NL, there are some people pointing out that it creates smoke when cooking high fat foods. May be a reason to worry.


    Also to point out is this one is always available for 150ish from NL and you can get that for 130 using market with referral trick ( while the philips XL one, i had never seen it gone down below 340ish )

    At the end of day, if you use airfryer for less number of times, RH will be value for money while if you use airfryer for more cooking Philips will be a better buy.

    • Well said ;)

    • IIRC It was Tefal who 'invented' the air fryer (well air fryers are just another style of convection oven) with the Actifry and the self-stirring paddle. However Philips do make good ones, but they're not cheap.

      Personally I would go for the $90 6.7L Gourmia GAF798 from Costco.

      • I always thought Philips was the one who introduced the air fryer at around 2010.

        Maxson Whirlwind Oven. —> An unsatisfied scientist (Fred van der Weij ) —> The unsatisfied scientist partnership with Philips —> Consumer level Airfryer (2010) in Germany

        I may be wrong :)

        Also Philips own some patents for airfryer which are due to expire in 2029. Patent No : US8299404B2

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