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Samsung S95B 55" OLED 4K Smart TV $2467 + Delivery @ Magness Benrow


Best price I have seen for this TV, better than the previous 2999 + 500 voucher deal ofc.

LG C2 is also @ lowest price but not as good as the Samsung (more expensive and panel is arguably not as good).

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  • Can also get $10 off first order if you signup

  • $2,497 at harvey norman
    $2,499 at Noel leeming with bonus 100 flybuys
    $2,249 at market

    $2,518 for the lg c2 55 inch.. what's better?

    • 2518 is probably the CS? not c2? In that case The Samsung is much better.

      • LG 55 inch C2 evo 4K OLED 2022

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          $2,298.00 with gold card discount for the CS. NL

          • @Zyo: But as you mentioned, the CS just isnt as good

            • @Foodie: it's 20% less bright, so not ideal for a brightly lid room, but the price is good and still a good OLED TV

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      AFAIK there's no way to avoid the $89 Bulky surcharge at TheMarket. MarketClub+ price is $2,338.10 with shipping and coupon.

      Bulky surcharge is fixed at $89 per order. For example buying the 55" and 65" is $5,487.20 = 90% × ($2,499 + $3,499) + $89.

    • Where is the cheapest price for the LG C2 55 inch? Sorry being a bit lazy.

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        MarketClub+ price is $2,607.20 with shipping and coupon.

        Samsung's QD-OLED TV is priced very aggressively. Especially for newer and better technology. It's less than half of RRP at $2,550 = 50% × $5,100.

        Hopefully there's a competitive response from LG and pricing will go lower.

  • I’m not sure better than C2 panel, have you seen the black level on the S95? It’s grey with any ambient light in the room - remember no HomeKit or Dolby Vision either. I understand CS is C1 with the latest WebOS so still excellent for gaming etc.

    • S95b is on par with c2 but much better than c1/CS due to brighter screen and wider color gamut.

      Not sure about grey color it's probably a characteristic of the qdoled panel I haven't really noticed any in the showroom.

      LACK OF DV is a disappointment for sure.

  • Now $2,467.00

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