Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $52.99 Delivered @ PB Tech


Fire TV Stick 4K Max | Wi-Fi 6 Compatible | Alexa Voice Remote with TV controls
Make your Smart TV, smarter with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Enjoy our most powerful streaming stick with a quad-core processor that delivers a faster app experience and fluid navigation. Experience cinematic entertainment with vibrant 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Atmos audio and next-gen Wi-Fi 6 for smoother 4K streaming across multiple Wi-Fi 6 devices.

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    Hows this compare with to the google tv?

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      If you want something straight out of the box that works with NZ media content then Google TV is better.

      • can you explain?

      • Not true. I've had a fire stick for years and since last month there are native apps for tvnz, three now, spark sport and sky sports

        • will you be able to install any of them? I saw them in the appstore on my firestick 4k but all seems unavailable and unable to install. My fire stick was bought from amazon us not sure that caused the problem.

          • @HelloWorld: Yes installed fine. You gotta change your media content settings to New Zealand In your account settings. There is the geek zone thread below which has instructions

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      CCwGTV is slower and feels laggy, but has cast function and the remote has Google Assistant support (think home automation). Also you can't install some APKs as Play Protect is forced on.

      4K Max is faster and can be jailbroken, has Alexa but it's a bit hit and miss, and the default UI is quite cluttered. Amazon app store only, no Play store which may be an issue for some (however there's the Aurora store). The big plus for me is that the 4K Max supports Dolby Vision HDR. Has Wifi 6 for high bitrate streams.

  • Great deal, thank you.

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    Fire TV Stick yarns if you need help with anything

  • Any other store will price beat this?

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      You could try your luck pricematching at The Warehouse ($5 off $50 with MarketClub)

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        Did this and got the 4k max down to $48 after the $5 off $50 discount.

    • $54.50 at Noel Lemming, so not quite as good, but not far off. No idea if they'd price.

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      The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery have updated pricing for Amazon and Google. $49.50 at The Warehouse with MarketClub Spend $50 get $5 off and Click & Collect. Cheaper again with Price Promise against competitors selling below $54.50.

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    Someone in the know please drop a link for comparison between streaming sticks! Thanks in advance. No stress can always find out!

  • We only have the 4K on and waiting on a max. We like the fire stick and I tend to use it more than the apps in the LG tv or Chromecast ultra. The big perk is I have a vpn on it that routes the UK streaming apps through it then the rest of the apps like Disney Netflix and NZ channels all bypass that, so it's all the tv watching I want on one device with almost no faffing with the VPN. To do multi regional apps you need to purchase the apps, change your Amazon account in the settings and purchase the next regions accounts.

    The only comparison I have with a dedicate stick is the old smart Vu ones that were awful and overheated, that thing never worked properly so I'm not going to say all Android tv devices are bad, but the Amazon stick is a significant improvement over that particular one.

    • I am getting it for the native vpn capability. Hopefully it runs surfshark or pia

    • Am also on the 4k stick - is it worthwhile upgrading to the Max? I too tried running the the VPN on it so it didn't touch the TVNZ on demand access on TV without VPN, but it got too hard and too slow so gave up.

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    Back from The Warehouse after executing a quadruple discount!

    50% off + Price Promise + MarketClub + Gift Card.

    ((($109 × 50%) − $1.51) − $5) × 89% = $42.71.

    • You win the grand prize of our enduring admiration Sir!

      • Thanks for that.

        Did you receive your Noel Leeming birthday voucher?

        • Nothing by email - not sure if they tell you or if it just shows up when you are purchasing something?

          • @Alan6984: I followed your suggestion and set birthday for December (it's March).

              • @Alan6984: I think it worked. Received email this morning.

                A gift card for you, with thanks 🎁

                Hi Peter,

                We want to say thanks for shopping with us, so here’s a $20 gift card to put towards something special for you, or for someone special.

                See us in store to use your card by 31 December 2022 - and if you need great gift ideas, we’ve got plenty of them here.

                Gift Card Number:


                Value: $20

                Simply present the email showing your gift card details at the time of purchase.

                Redeem instore

                Gift Card expires 31 December 2022. This Gift Card is redeemable for goods sold at any Noel Leeming store throughout New Zealand or online at This Gift Card is non-refundable, cannot be redeemed for cash. Lost or stolen Gift Cards are the responsibility of the holder. Remaining Gift Card balances can be checked online or in store.

                • @Peter Wyngarde: Have they gone back to a $20 gift card?

                  It used to be that, then they went to a $20 off $100 spend, so up to 20% discount (and having to actually hand over at least $80).

                  • @Alan6984: I don't know there's no mention of minimum spend.

                    Maybe someone else who's received the same email can answer.

                    • @Peter Wyngarde: Will be cool if they have gone back to a straight $20 voucher.

                    • +1

                      @Peter Wyngarde: I have received the same voucher. It is separate to the birthday voucher.

                      • @Bill: Thanks for confirming.

                        Must be targeted. No cancelled order?

                        • @Peter Wyngarde: Definitely targeted. My guess is it's just a one-off Christmas promotion. I did buy the huawei gt3 pro watch on the same account which got canceled but I doubt that would affect anything as there is no mention of a reason in the email and rewarding for that is the last thing I would expect.

  • $44.50 online in Warehouse now ( ends 29/11)

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      Just the standard version

  • Great - ordered one now, the code still works :)

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