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Bissell Emergency SpotClean Carpet and Upholstery Shampooer $159 Pickup @ Harvey Norman


This is possibly at the all time low price, good to have if you have pets and kids. Good reviews on ozbargain and internet.

$159 pickup or extra to ship.

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  • such a good deal!

  • Great deal thanks txf and free shipping to my rural address.

    • How'd you get free shipping? Coming up as $10.95 for me.

      • Yes did the same for me, just cancel and re-did it again came up free shipping.

        • Didn't work for me, nor did the gift card trick mentioned below. Ended up going with click and collect

          • @morepork: And just got a call that they can't get one in and cancelled my order /sigh

            edit: and another call that they did in fact manage to find one in a branch about an hour away, but sounds like stock are running out

            • @morepork: Got mine delivered yesterday. Tried it again for free shipping but it didn't work, must've been a glitch.

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    Nice! I've been wanting something like this to clean up after the kids bloody cat and this is a sharp deal.

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    This model belongs to the 4720 family. Here's the matrix for all the family members.…

    • Am i right in understanding the biggest difference is this is a regular head but the SpotClean Auto thats often featured here has the 3 in 1 rotatable head? And 2yr warranty instead of 1

      • Yes, ultimately the same machine

    • Bissell have got to be the most proficient at repackaging the same product like, 10 tens, with very little difference

  • Thanks OP - bought one!

  • What is the difference between then Orange and this one?

    • Please check the matrix above. The orange one has 3 years warranty and a longer hose.

    • In addition to what xsolider said, the orange one has 2 more head units (6" tool and stain trapper tool)

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      I physically saw them. Power cable half a metre shorter on the red one and just one attachment instead of 3. (one of them is the pet grabber thing, which says it keeps the fur off of the water compartment) and a wider brush to the one that comes with it.

      12m warranty instead of the average 2-3 years on other models. HN extends it to 3 for an extra $29 if you're wanting more.

      Apparently no formulas included but the lady says it comes with one (instead of the typical 2-3 different ones?)

      • Extra $29 to extend to a 3-year warranty? That seems to be a better option than buying two year product care.

        • Yep, no mention of it online and I don't know how to. But I wanted to have a look instore. Got there and saw side by side and decided to take it and I was then offered the warranty which takes me to the end of 2025.

          I bought another bissell cleaner at JB Hi-fi 26 days ago and haven't even opened it, it was a F&F night and I paid $213. Took it back just now, they accepted it without a fuss and when they asked why so when I mentioned this deal they were pretty much "that's cool, don't blame you!" 😂

          • @toomanywises: Thanks for the info. I'll talk to them upon collection to change the productcare to extended warranty.

            • @xsolider: I just had a look at the receipt it's called "Product Care Replace - 24 Months" and it gives me the exact start on 23 Nov 2023, and definitely $29 for it.

              Went to Mt Roskill store and they had 2 on the floor, now 1.

              • @toomanywises: That's weird. I thought the manufacturer warranty and Product Care are parallel and they both start on the day of purchase. And I paid $49 for the two year Product Care online. My guess is that you actually got the additional warranty although the system calls it Product Care.

                • @xsolider: When I added it online, I gave up because it almost brings it to RRP price of other models, so I decided to get without it.

                  So when I was offered by the girl on the floor and I asked twice the amount to check because my memory of the online maths wasn't adding up. But hey.

                  And yeah, the receipt says the 2 years start when the manufacturer warranty ends.

                  • @toomanywises: I went to the store today. They said the manufacturer's warranty cannot be extended and the product care charge is fixed. They asked me to provide a photo of the receipt as proof. Do you mind sending me a photo via private message? If it's too much hassle, then don't worry about it.

        • If you are buying the 3-year warranty, wouldn't it be better to buy the orange one that has 3 year warranty included?

          • @NicolasK: If the extra warranty costs $29 only, the total amount will be $188. How much is the orange one?

  • This is an awesome price. Must have if you have pets. The shampoo container is quite small so it is good for spot cleaning only. You'll spend a lot of time re-filling.

    I ended up buying its bigger brother…. Used it to clean dining chairs and rugs.

  • Anyone can recommend using this after kids? I have some milk stains on the carpet for a few weeks now that will need removing

    • It's not a miracle worker. Its big advantage is that it cleans up spills immediately as in cat and dog pee as well as the runny stuff. Great for cups of milk etc when you need to wash the substance out of the carpet immediately before it stains.

    • Oh yes cleans vomit and poop up nicely lol

    • Cleaned a vomit stain from a mattress that was easily 8y old and it looks like it was never there. Had I known that, I wouldn't have gotten rid of my cat peed mattress and bought a new one!

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    I have had the orange one for about 2 years, its only had normal use. The hose is not flexible in that it does not rotate, of course it is bendy but I think the strain that gets put on the hose by twisting it (I don't mean a lot, just so the attachment can sit flat on the carpet) is its weak point, on mine the hose has split, it still works okay but has to have the duct tape redone after about 5 cleans. I have read reviews that say similar also. That aside the system is good, I would recommend it.

    Those of you who do get it may find this useful, the original cleaning fluid is very expensive, I buy the large rug doctor one from the supermarket and make it weaker than the markings on the measure at the side of the tank. Also and this goes for both the Bissell cleaning fluid or rug doctor, when you have done an area, go back over it with 50% white vinegar and 50% water. If you dont the area remains soapy and then sticky and in no time at all dirty.

    • When you say make the rug doctor solution weaker, do you dilute the solution before putting into the tank or just put less solution into the tank? Cheers

      • +1

        It has markers on the side of the tank for water top up and solution, so you put water to one mark first and then the solution, I just put half the amount of solution in, I originally done it to the mark as in the suggested amount but then after when it dried it left a sticky residue. Also after I have got as much moisture out of the carpet as possible i put a tea towel over the area and stand on it to get the very little moisture left out of the carpet,

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    Does anyone know if there's detergent that works in these and is cheaper than the first party stuff? I imagine its some sort of multi purpose stain remover, perhaps with low foam properties?

    • Bissell Big Green Shampoo Comp 3.8L $55 the warehouse quite expensive I got a box of four for $65 5 years ago. Godfreys also sell different brands of carpet cleaner.

      • Googling im seeing this as a potential option, id be curious if anyone had experience or comments on using such third party options. It seems like it just has to be able to get out the spray nozzle and not harm your upholstery.

        Pride low foam carpet shampoo concentrate is recommended for use in hot water extraction equipment. It is specifically designed for all wool and wool rich carpets, but will also give good re- sults on all other carpet types.

        Pride is also useful for all upholstery cleaning as it will give excellent results with all fabrics and is easily rinsed to eliminate the possibility of an irritating residue.

        Pride may also be used as a wool wash detergent for laundry applications.

        5 litres used at 1% dilution for normal cleaning is 500 litres of cleaner. Or 50 litres if used for heavy stains at 10% dilution.

        Alternatively, theres a 200 Litre barrel for $1337 (heh), i wonder if anyone on cheapies needs 2,000 to 20,000 litres of cleaning solution?

    • rugdoctor has detergent at countdowns.

    • I had a chat with a guy from Godfreys who said that they all work, and bissell just says no for sales. They say you can't use the big green shampoo but apparently you can. I have used rug doctor (don't remember the measurements now, I'm sorry) and it works just fine. As long as you clean it thoroughly and dry all the parts after use, it should work.

      I mean, if it doesn't in my case, then it's my fault 😅

  • I have no pets nor kids. Is there any value in having one of these?

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      Buy now, regret later. Cheapies way!

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      They are great for cleaning car upholstery. You can get seats and car carpet looking great, especially good if selling a vehicle on TM etc.

  • Does this work on hard floor? Thanks?

    • It's not designed for that.

    • Yes, it will suck up a cup of milk or wine for instance rather like a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

      • ahh sorry I thought he meant is this good for cleaning hard floors.

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          It is not useful for cleaning hardwood floors, no. You would want a steam mop maybe.

      • I would rather use Karcher window cleaner then this. Easy to use & clean as well.

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    dont forget to add a $10 giftcard to enable free shipping.

    • You ripper, nice

    • this guy knows how to get deals^

    • how to you add that……? thanks

  • Alternative option:…

    Approximately $105 NZD delivered, local price is $160 @ M10.

    • Not an alternative. A wet and dry vacuum is totally different to a carpet cleaner

    • Yeah not an Alternative but that'd almost deserve its own thread, so good find

    • Does this use vacuum bags? Or storage to be emptied?

      • It has two Systems; one system is a normal vacuum cleaner requiring a paper bag filter and the other system is wet vacuum which uses a different top mounted filter and the contents are left in the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

  • These are so amazing! Best present for any new parents haha

  • SCA is selling this version for $249.00…
    Have no idea what the difference is, even looking at xsolider's chat lol

    • I think it looks to be colour of the unit and the headunits they give, this looks to include a shampoo-ing type headunit

    • Pretty much all the same. Color looks like is linked to who sells them. JB, maybe Heathcotes and other online stores sells the purple ones, Supercheap sells the black one etc. I've tried different models from borrowing from others before and it's the exact same thing. Used the purple one and the orange one.

      Warranty times vary too. Examples - orange model 36mths, this one 12. Hence the discussion on extended warranty for $29, taking it to 3 years.

      I have the big carpet cleaner. Awesome cleaner, does a lot but I find it bulky for car cleaning. Got this red one. Only difference is it comes with one shampoo (instead of 2) and one brush (instead of 2 or even 3).

      Im going to check if the attachments on my big one fit the spot cleaner. Even if not, it's just as good.

      I've had to save the sheet and blow it up a bit to read it but they're all great.

  • also this product has a small shampoo solution bottle inside. the staff at harvey may also try to sell you a bottle for like $20+

    • Yep. Just missing the oxi booster but you can shop around for them as needed. Might get a discount somewhere this weekend!

  • +1

    I just bought one. I was so close to buying the one from Supercheap on the weekend. So glad I waited.

    Time to deep clean my car!

    • I used it in my car. Cream seats, pretty okay to me. That's when I found out that the previous owner had definitely spilled coffee on the driver's seat. It took so many tries for the water to finally come clear. I would have never found out if I didn't clean it up. The surface had no visible marks.

      The grossest (and most satisfying) find ever. I can not have a car now without this beauty.

      • Yeah not looking forward to seeing what comes out of my car seats. I'm just waiting for a sunny period of weather so I can air dry them afterwards.

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