Cheapest way to purchase Fuel

Would love some ideas on the best and cheapest way to purchase fuel.

Spending at least $300 a week travelling from Hamilton to Tauranga.

Running on 95 and hoping there is a better way for the commute.


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    Z share tank is pretty good for banking fuel at a decent price. If your within 30k's of south Auckland you buy it at around 20 - 30 cents cheaper than anywhere else

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    Transition to EV?

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      Or even just a cheaper running petrol car. A small Toyota with a modern petrol engine is nearly as efficient as larger, heavier hybrids for long journeys.

      • Probably a good option would be a cheaper run around car in reality

        Thank you however defs not looking into the hybrids will tough it out in a petrol

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    If you have a cheap Caltex near you, get the app with Pumped:

    Find your cheapest Caltex, add Airpoints for an extra 6c off, fill up on a Wednesday (10cpl), fill up in strict 40L increments, and stack your discount until either you get free fuel (up to 50L), or your stacked discount expires.

    Stacking does allow you to squeeze a lot more discount out, so long as you only fill up with $40 each time, then hang up the pump and do it again until your tank is nearly full. I think stacked discounts last 45 days iirc. Example:

    • If you use your 10cpl discount each time and buy 400L of fuel (at say $2.50/L = $1000) over ~45 days, you get $40 off the posted price. Total spend for this discount: $960.

    • If you buy 20 lots of $40 and stack, that gives you $2/L off up to 50L = $100 off your next fill. Total spend for this discount: $800

    Works for me because a nearby Caltex is already 15-20c cheaper than anything else around me, but if you can travel and find a Z station even cheaper, Share Tank is the way to go.

    • Thank you @CheapAzChips only just really started stacking at Z as its my local.

      Will download Gaspy and check out Caltex. Its one of the stations I barely go to tbh but if its a better option thats where ill go.

      Maybe i need to take some gas cans and gather the $300 all up on Weds instead of 3 lots on weds which is what Ive been doing.

      Partner does night shifts so im doing the gas runs and not liking how much is turning into fumes.

      Any idea on how many litres can I purchase at a minimum with Sharetank?

      Does Airpoints only work at Caltex and not Z?

      Really apreciate your breakdown x

      • Sorry yeah Airpoints works with Z as well, I just find that around here Z is SO much more expensive. Like 20-30c easy.

        Sharetank minimum purchase is 2L, maximum you can purchase or hold at any time is 1000L.

        And yeah, gas cans are definitely the way to go. The more $40 topups you can do on Wednesdays, the better the overall discount.

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      Sorry, I said "strict 40L increments", I meant $40 increments. That's the minimum you can buy to stack a discount.

      • Algoods @CheapAzChips I figured you meant $40 😊

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    And don't forget the Gaspy app to find cheap petrol

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    Probably not the cheapest option but an option, nonetheless.

    The Mobil in Te Rapa likes to match the price of the Gull down the road. Gull special day + Mobil pricematch + $0.16 off with my SuperCard.

    • Wish this was a option with the vehicles we have here 3 in total but our cars dont run well with Mobil and Gull. Dont believe they sell 95 but 98 only. Correct me if im wrong @Wakrak.

      Is a Supercard a Goldcard? Sorry if im way off x

        • How does the Supercard work - is the discount auto applied at pump when you swipe or do you need to go inside?

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            @pmaori99: It's a credit card so you can pay at the pump.

            • @xsolider: Thanks, so does that mean the price on the pump will be more than is actually charged to the card, or does the pump price update once the card is used?

        • I got the farmsource card after a previous cheapies comment. Application process takes awhile but well worth it!

          Yolu can also use it but pay with your regular credit card when shopping at Bunnings just need to tell them its a Fonterra Farmsource Cash account usually get a reasonable discount off RRP.

          • @razza: Haven't tried that. Are you able to know the price before going to the counter?

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              @xsolider: Unfortunately not. But I've had more than one staff member comment the discount from it is really good compared to other cards.

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        Some Mobil do 95. I'm in the same boat. Gaspy + Wednesday discounts + stacking + price matching something nearby best I've got.

        • Thanks @2cheap im in Hamilton I will go check out Te Rapa Mobil to check if they have 95.

          If so will give it a go on Wed. Can you have a personal acc with Farmsource @xsolider ?

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            @Ebzmyst: Yes, it's open to the public.

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            @Ebzmyst: Not sure about The Rapa 95, can't see it on Gaspy. Hillcrest does, but not price matching

            • @2cheap: I didnt even think to check Gaspy 🤔🤣Thanks @2cheap

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    I think RD1 members get 16cents off at mobil.

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    Fonterra Farm Source rewards card:
    16c off at Mobil
    12c off at BP, Z, Caltex or Challenge
    6c off at Waitomo

    It's essentially a credit card as they send you a bill for all purchases at the end of the month. You dont need to be a farmer, or a business, to apply

    Cant stack with other discounts (Pumped days etc) but coupled with Gaspy to find the cheapest place I've found it to be a good option.

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      The Farm Source card also gets you trade prices at Resene. Very handy.

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        An employee at Bunnings told me they get better discounts than the Asset Lab too.

        • Yeah the Bunnings discounts are legit. My brother is a builder and has a really good trade discount at his local Mitre 10 - my Supercard gets the same discount. Spouting is ~50% off sometimes, timber is variable but often 10-15% off. Power tools nothing but nobody gets discounts on tools.

          • @digitalbugsy: Is there a way to see the supercard discount price before going to the counter?

      • How's the discounts compared to Farmlands card, do you know? @flembots @digitalbugsy

        • I don't have Farmlands so couldn't say. Asset Lab isn't bad. I have a trade account at Mitre10 and it's about the same as Bunnings. CSC has sent me an email about linking my CSC account to Bunnings but it hasn't worked yet and don't know how that works.

          • @flembots: Great thanks, Farmlands is not bad certain places but depends on the store. I have Assetlab as well but tend to just price beat Bunnings at Mitre10 because I don't have any cards for M10..

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    Ive found lately there is no one guaranteed method for cheapest petrol. It really depends on how much competition there is locally etc.

    For me living in South Auckland using Sharetank with Z lately has been the best option, with the Z on Roscommon competing with the NPD and Gull in Wiri.

    The 16c discount at Mobil with Farm Source car is also a great option. The Mobil on Cavendish Drive is currently 2.43 for 91, so if you apply a 16c discount it's got to be one of the cheapest around

    Gasby is a great way to monitor prices locally and figure out what is the cheapest option for you. I try to avoid driving out of my way for petrol, its false economy and a waste of my time.

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      Before I used Gaspy + Supercard, occasionally on top with Gull monthly special rate (nearby Mobil would lower their price but recently Gull's prices are about the same)

      Last week noticed Z low petrol price in south Auckland + Sharetank (lowest price within 30km), this beats the combination above. Plus, I can stock up the tank even though my car tank is almost full. Thanks for people sharing this here.

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    10% off as long as you collect your vouchers at Gull maned stations on their discount days.

    South Auckland, Roscommon Road nearly next door to Z (more expensive)

    If you do not get or have run out of vouchers they also have pay at pump at very good prices (see Price Spy)
    but the line ups (Qs) are long, that way you know they are cheapest.

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    I use Flybuys and Bp to stack the discount

    For Flybuys, you can sign up to do the surveys and you can get flybuys points once you complete the surveys.

    For Bp, i only fuel up 40 dollars and stack the points

    Both of the points expire in months. so it's how i use it. I use up all the Bp points this month, and Flybuys points for next month.
    Keep doing surveys and fuel up in Bp to accumulate the points

    • Thanks I do get the Kantar surveys and this is smart to rotate between the 2. Appreciate it!

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      Both of the points expire in "2" months

  • Kora fuel card, fill up at waitomo which is the cheapest station by far and save 13 cents a litre.

  • Can you use a GPS changer to change your location and fill up at Z at the cheapest place in Nz using sharetank?

    • I'm sure you can do something like that, but I'm also sure that Z will have all sorts of checking going on in anticipation of exactly that.

      You might get away with it once or twice, but if you are continually popping up in, say, South Auckland to purchase credits, and then filling up somewhere else that is nowhere near, I suspect they will jump on you.

      Maybe best to read the terms and conditions to see what you have agreed with them when you (metaphorically) shook hands on the deal, and what you have agreed they can do if you go back on your word, so you are prepared for any consequences.

    • I haven't tried but I imagine it would be difficult, based only on the fact that you can't even top up your Sharetank while your phone is charging due to "spoofing activity". I'd say they have a few checks in place.

    • The Z app will detect if you are using an app to spoof your GPS. But there other ways to spoof your location that work, but theyre likely still detectable so arent risk free.

  • Apart from the usual advice to wait until discount-days and stack 6c discounts…

    Live near South Auckland or in the Waikato haha. It’s rare and a hassle to find consistently good fuel prices in central Auckland or the North Shore.

    • I'm currently in Auckland on a work trip. Man, the prices in Whangārei and parts of Auckland are ruthless.

      • Yes I'm surprised that the 91 in Hamilton stays on $2.31 for such a long time

      • Whangarei is interesting, but Auckland makes sense - land prices higher, so you need to make more dollars to get the same return as you would elsewhere.

  • There are some discussions a while ago about this here

  • Caltex Naenae, Wellington $2.127

  • The GASPY app is great, it shows the prices for all the petrol stations near you.

  • Should have mentioned, I have apps for all of the local petrol stations. I don't use a lot of fuel and am limited to 95 but, as I don't go to stations very often I regularly get bonus 10c off promotions.

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