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Sonos Sub (Gen 3, Black/White) $899.10 + Shipping ($0 with MarketClub+) @ Noel Leeming, The Market (Requires MarketClub)


On The Market - add the Sonos Sub Gen 3 (white or black) to cart. It's listed as $1299 in the search results, but is $999 in cart. Add coupon "BF10" for $99 off - $900. Works out to $905.10 with the $6 shipping.

Original Coupon Deal

EDIT - Looks like the Product Page (both colors) now shows $999, but the search results are still $1299. Looks like Pricespy also picked up the new price.

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    It appears all the sonos product prices havent updated on the product page but updates in the cart to match what’s advertised on the noel leeming site. E.g. the arc is $1399 and beam 2 is $699 when added to cart
    I wonder if there are other noel leeming products on the market with the same bug

  • Sonos appears to have 20% off all their products on their website. This deal is still cheaper than they have for the Sub Gen3, but if you are looking for any bundles or anything else, it's not a bad time.

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      Plus 3.5% cashback at Cashrewards. And if you are a first time user and use a referal code you get an extra $10 off.

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        Probably better value with the 10% off from The Market? The sale prices appear to be identical to prices listed on the Sonos website

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          Yes, it seems so for the Sub at least. I haven't compared the price of sets

          • @Stoffel: The sets don't seem to offer any extra value. For example the Sub + Arc bundle is $2398. Individually - the Sub is $999 and the Arc is $1399 - so $2398. Or the One SL is $279 and the 2-pack is $558 - so again, same thing.

      • I see Cashrewards have boosted their cashback to 10% now, but unsure when that expires.

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          They've bumped it to 12% now

    • Even cheaper than the 30% Sonos Upgrade Program discount I've got sitting on my account. I'll keep that for something else down the line!

  • thanks OP! pulled the trigger on this as Sonos rarely has deals and I've missed the last Sub sale that got out of stock too quickly.

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      You won't regret it, the Sub adds so much depth to the movies :)

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      Same. I believe the last time this deal was offered was for Queens Birthday weekend, but it was also only around for a few hours before they went out of stock. I had my Arc for about a year now. Actually a downgrade from a dedicated 5.1 system I had before, but had to downsize for space reasons. But I'm ready to add a sub back into the mix. Micheal Bay movies are just not the same without a sub.

      • I have the Arc and Sub. Massive improvement with the Sub turned on. The dreamer in me wants to buy another Sub and add it to my system but it will be overkill for my needs

  • Hey Mods - I am in no way associated with The Market / Noel Leeming / Warehouse Group. So yeah, can you remove that from my account?

    • I'm sure you can untick a check box for this when you edit your post.

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        If it were that easy. Gives me an error message that "you must tick this box to post" and then going to remove the association on my account says "contact the mods". Think some mod went like "hey, there new guy, a nice deal you got there, surely you work for this store". Damn it mods, just trying to post a deal here.

        • Ah stink. @Wakrak might be able to help.

        • Report your comment and ask the mods to remove your association. Happens a lot (typically by people accidentally hitting the associated tick box).

          • @Wakrak: In all fairness, that tick box is easily clicked. I've had to stop my rogue alien hand from clicking it a few times. Think it's out of habit from clicking "I'm not a robot".

  • So glad we went to the movies last night as this influenced our decision. Thanks for this OP! We now have a sub on its way to complete the set. This killed the “should we get a sub mini” debate real fast.

    • No brainer when there's $180 difference.

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        For those that can't quite stretch to the Sub, the Sub Mini is down to $679.15 ($120 off) at avworld.co.nz.

        Edit: Looks like only black in stock

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          OMG it is unbelievably good. The bass is so pure. Even set to 0 it hums away nicely.

  • Is an upgrade from the Playbar to the Arc worth it?

  • Thanks! Looking forward to adding the sub to the arc!

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