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[Sharetank] 91 Unleaded Petrol $2.35/L @ Z, Manukau (Auckland)


Not that this should be newsworthy, but 91 petrol at Z in Manukau is $2.35\L, easily the cheapest I’ve seen in a long long time. You can use the Z app (sharetank) to prebuy petrol at this rate and use it when prices inevitably go up.

Not sure if pricing error or maybe the start of good things to come…

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    My local is $231.9 (Frankton, Hamilton). Not too familiar with Sharetank so don't know if that's good or not.

    • you should be able to see the price for topup on Z sharetank if you are within 30km of that cheapest station.

  • One can use certain methods to obtain this price, I tested being able to get the price but didn’t follow through with the purchase using the method in this OzBargain thread. YMMV.

  • is this a good price to buy into? i have this price on my app but never used sharetank.

  • I just came back from there. With the 10C discount on Z app it goes down to 2.25

    Regardless, I never heard of share tank. Thanks to your post I looked it up. Pre-bought 100L at 2.35 which is pretty good. Hard to find fuel at this price nearby.

    • so you can use that Wednesday 10c off ontop? that a good deal then.

      • No, sharetank doesn't allow for any 6/10c discounts on top. You can collect flybuys/rewards with it

    • Was there a long queue? I wanted to go today, but it's a lot cheaper than others on Gaspy, I don't want to get stuck in the long queue.

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    I can confirm in Auckland sharetank prices currently as follows 91: $2.359/L, 95: 2.519/L and D $2.529.. essentially you pre-purchase at this price and then fill up at any Z station that supports sharetank.

    • Do you know if there's an expiry on how long you can hold it?

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        No expiry formally. However if sharetank were to end they will have you some notice first. Also these are unsecured credit and if z were to go bust then potentially you will miss out getting your credit back like most store gift cards.

  • Can you use flybuys points on sharetank ?

    • You do collect Flybuys points with Sharetank when you use your Sharetank balance to buy fuel.

    • Can not use flybuys discount on sharetank but you can get flybuys points

  • just when i buy some i get an error "something went wrong, problem finding the best price.", bugger

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    It's been sitting around this price in Sharetank in South Auckland for the last couple of weeks. Topped up at 2.40 earlier this week and 2.34 and 2.39 over the last few weeks. Have seen it as low as 2.32 in Upper Hutt but that requires some dubious practices to get if you live in Auckland.

    I've found Sharetank a great way to get the best fuel prices lately. My local stations are all 2.60+.

    • 2.34 and 2.39 outside of Auckland I presume? Yes dubious!

      • No 2.34 and 2.39 at the Wiri Z station, as low as 2.32 at Z Trentham.

        • Oh 91? I was thinking 95.

          • @dealhunter: Yeah sorry should have been clear, definitely 91.

            • @PANiCnz: I think that was my bad. I just realised you can turn on alerts on the sharetank settings to alert when the price drops below your last fill.

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    Yes 91 in Auckland has been 2.3* on sharetank at least the last few weeks, only slightly lower prices in Hamilton other than the weekend where 91 was 2.1* and 95 was 2.3* (

    Although you can earn flybuys/airpoints, Sharetank usually not eligible for the flybuys/airpoints specials.

  • Does sharethank work at the pump or do I have to go instore and scan the app?

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      Works at pump, select Sharetank on the screen, scan your QR code on your phone and away you go.

    • Works at most, Buggy as at old sites like Lynfield (still gotta to go in, even though the app tries to let you pay by plate)

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    Govt fuel subsidy ends on 31 Jan so might be a good time to "stock up" on fuel before the price hikes

  • Awesome thanks - have signed up to sharetank now and topped up while I'm in the area. Nice to know I'll get this price when I go home out west where prices are 40c/L more!

  • I didn't know about ShareTank. Have downloaded the Z App and signed up. Will setup payment and stuff tonight to start using it. Hopefully there are stations around my area that support Sharetank. Greenbay (and Hillsborough) are near me. anyone know if they support this?

    • it will tell you in the app (more/find a z). But im sure you can pay at any place that lets you scan, pay via app or over the counter is required.

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    95 is the same price at the moment

  • Living in South Auckland beats North Auckland in this case then? It’s been 2.50 to 2.60 for several weeks now.

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    This place is 27km away from my place, according to Z app.
    Just joined Sharetank for first price. Even cheaper than Costco Westgate ($2.487 /L for 91)

  • $2.24 today? Before the $0.10 flybuys discount

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