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Mates Rates Offer: Cost + GST on a Variety of Products (Exclusions Apply) @ JB Hi-Fi, Sylvia Park (Auckland)


Here we go again, a repeat of the Lynnmall event, but now at Sylvia Park.

I couldn't get a price beforehand but ended up going and getting a Bissell Spot Cleaner $70ish cheaper than their current RRP, might pay to try. Not mind-blowing, but hey.

Available on in-stock items only. Trade not supplied. Limit rights apply, no rainchecks or laybys.
Excludes all iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple Airpods, gift cards, all pre-paid Cards, mobile phone top-ups, warranties, Virtual Currency and Subscriptions, delivery & installation.
Can’t be used in conjunction with other promotions.
*COST: Cost reflects the average invoiced purchase price of the product but does not include any volume-related adjustments which may apply.
Some products may already be below cost at the time of sale.

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    Anyone knows mates rates competitive?

  • On a side now. LG CS is up on Noel leemining website. Apparently this is going to be LGs black Friday event model. Watch this space.…

    • It's just a shame that my LG OLED from 2016 is still being awesome. Amazing TV.

    • What’s the difference between this and the C2? I had a quick skim and saw no reference of the evo panel so I guess that’s the main one?

      • It's Basically a c1 with new processor

        Small difference in panel brightness due to not having the Evo tech. it's a good value especially if 55inch goes under or close to 2k and 65 under 3k on black Friday

        • Isn't the panel more important than the processor? Thought the EVO was like 20-30% brightness increment and less burn in risk.
          Couldn't find the 55 inch on the site, the 55A2 which is on clearance is $2.4k.

          It seems like this is a rebranded B2 with the C1 design - maybe they produced too many C1 frames and needed to get rid of them lol

          • @Vish: I couldn't find 55inches either but they most likely will have that in store (LG website has 55inch)

            If you watch in a very brightly lid room then you should probably go with c2. Otherwise I'd suggest saving some money and buy the CS

            Don't get A2 it's significantly inferior (no 120hz)

            • @Zyo: Actually upgraded my C1 to the A95k a few months ago - but was looking for a TV for the office which won't be used for gaming. I was initially looking at a the x90k but then I saw the 55A2 was so cheap that it just made sense to get an OLED at that price.

              And yeah, I have a 77 C1 in the living room and boy does it suck during the day time lol - luckily we only really watch in the evenings.

              • @Vish: A95k would definitely beat all of these easily.

                • @Zyo: The brightness is definitely way more than my C1, but honestly half the time the highlights are too bright I can't even watch the TV properly from poor eyesight lol - I did get this occasionally on my C1 too. An example is with House of Dragons, some of the darker scenes where they have a torch or candle going, the flame is so bright that I start seeing spots lol. Third world problems…..

                  But to be fair, I would have got the S95B if I didn't get a steal on my A95k - they're basically the same (think a firmware update reduced the brightness on the S95B which is a good thing, as it would have burned in real quick). I think that's going to be the TV to get during black Friday. $4k at Harvey Norman, get $500 back in gift cards and stack with Gem Visa for another $400, that's a bloody steal at $3.1k. Would imagine BF would take that thing down a bit further too. Probably better value than the LG CS if you're not fussy over having dolby vision or not, which to be fair, isn't that much of a deal breaker unless you're into your 4k Blu Ray discs.

                  • @Vish: How much did you pay for a95k? I assume it's the 65inch ver

                    • @Zyo: $3.8k lol - from facebook market place - I didn't ask many questions and no receipt, but the math does itself…..

                      • @Vish: Sounds like a "steal" lol

  • S95b was 2800somrthing with ;500 dollar gift card. But sold out so moot point

    World on the street is LG CS will be under 2k for 55 and 3200 with a UE boom at NL and 300 dollar Gift card at NL

    • I got the 65" s95b for $3725 plus the $500 voucher. Not too bad for the QD LED
      They did say if the priced dropped further between now and black friday they would honor that.

    • Whoa what size? 65"? I got given commercial pricing of 3k for the 65" just not sure on what the deal is with warranty so haven't gone for it yet.

      • Yeah 65! 3k for that tv is great! Hah does CGA kick in even if it for commercial?

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