12v 2a Adaptor for Liitokola Lii-500

Got my partner to order the charger on her account but she ordered the wrong one without an adaptor 😂

Can anyone recommend a 12v 2a Adaptor with NZ plug I can use with Liitokola Lii-500 please…

Do I have to order the original one with china plug?



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    I would strongly advise against buying one direct from China.

    If you purchase it in NZ (or Aus) the supplier / importer will have been legally obligated to confirm compliance with NZ / Aus standards and is required to supply you with a copy of the associated SDoc (Supplier Declaration of Conformance) if you request such.

    One direct out of China could be fine, but might also be extremely dangerous, and likely you would have no recourse if the latter.

    I am not an electrician, so you should check with a suitably qualified person, but I would have thought that any adapter that outputs DC or AC as you require, at 12V, 2A or more, has a plug that fits the device, and has the same centre-positive or centre-negative configuration, would be fine.

    • Thanks man, not usually buy electronic device direct from China, someone recommanded the charger from AliExpress/Banggood so think would be the same I order 1 direct from china and wife forgot the charger lol, I'm using the Skinny modem adaptor now with NZ plug CheapAzChips advice

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    Just get a travel plug adapter locally?

    • I don't have a charger yet, was looking for 1

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    If you have an old internet router in your drawer (who doesn't?) they are usually 12V. And unless you're charging 4 18650 lithium batteries at 1000mA each, you're most likely going to be fine if the adaptor is 1.5A or even 1A. If your electronics dumping drawer doesn't save the day, you can probably buy one cheap on trade me for a few bucks when someone else clears out their electronics dumping drawer.

    Other options: spend $40 at Jaycar, $20 at Dick Smith / Kogan, etc. But yeah, I wouldn't risk buying an AliExpress one.

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      Legend! I found a 12v 2A from the old skinny modem sitting at garage! Even better with NZ plug!

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        Haha! Like I said, who doesn't have an electronics dumping drawer/box/shelf/garage! Surprising what you find lying around. Glad you got it sorted.

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    My local charity shop has a box of these type of chargers.

    • Cheers mate good idea looking at op shop first

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    Littokala have an official Aliexpress store and the charger for this is $5 USD. Though you wont get an NZ plug and have to use an adaptor as you say.
    12V 2.5A are slightly more common than 2A units OTS, and youll want to be checking the connection size/wiring type to confirm its suitable;
    Heres a few I found;

    But as was said above, Trademe may be the cheapest option.

    • Cheers mate you bloody legend!

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