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Xbox Wireless Controller (Carbon Black or Robot White) $85 @ Heathcotes ($80 via Price Match & MarketClub at The Warehouse)


Couple of steps to this:

Heathcotes is selling the Black and the White wireless controllers.

Crucial here is you have to go to The Warehouse and do a price promise to match the price to $85.


How to pricematch

Then The Warehouse Group has a promo right now to give you $5 off purchases over $50 which brings it to $80, I believe it's automatically applied in cart.

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    i personally would get the one with the usb dongle, it is alot better than bluetooth.

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    Add another $20 worth of stuff to your cart and it procs the $10 off $100 coupon as well making the total $90. I grabbed 5 packs of Indomie noodles to reach $100, with the discount they worked out to be $2 per pack of 5.

  • I am looking for a controller for gaming PC would anyone recommend this?

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      Yep it’s good, but I would agree with @coffeee above, get the one with the dongle.

      For some reason when I connect my controller to my PC with Bluetooth I get frame drops in some games, but with the adapter it works perfect.

      • Thank you

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      If you prefer ps4/ps5 layout those also work via bluetooth.

      If you get drops on bluetooth, i recommend getting a Bluetooth dongle and sticking it onto a long usb cord so that it sits closer you so you have less interference

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        Will have to try them out. Never had an xbox. Had PS1 and PS2 a long time ago. Kids want a playstation but I have a PC with rtx 3080 so think i just grab a controller for that.

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          I've used the PlayStation controllers fine for years only issue is some games have the Xbox icons and you have to remap but that all easy to do via steam, just add any exe as non steam game and you can use steam's controller settings to adjust it

          BT5.0+ has about ~40m indoor range vs previous (https://www.headphonesty.com/2021/01/bluetooth-versions/)

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      It's the standard for PC controllers I reckon, I wouldn't consider anything else for an all-rounder

  • What is Xbox Wireless? The wireless technology explained.


    Grab the popcorn for discussion below.

    Is there an advantage in using a wireless controller over a wired one?


    • Both beat Bluetooth tho (you can try all 3 from 1 controller and easily tell the difference) seems odd that Microsoft put both wireless and Bluetooth in the controller but i dnt mind as i use Bluetooth for my tablet. I love it how the headphones have wireless and Bluetooth at the same time tho, listen to a podcast from ph on Bluetooth and also listen to game sound and chat on xbox all at the same time

      • Yeah that headset is soooooo handy haha love listening to my phone audio and game audio at the same time!

      • Easier to add Bluetooth to Xbox Wireless Controller than Xbox Wireless to other manufacturer's devices (e.g., Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop/Laptop, Smart TV, etc.).

        Smart Devices with Screen plus Bluetooth plus Xbox Wireless Controller equals lots of potential customers for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

  • Speaking of Xbox, if you purchase two new Twitch subs of any tier—for yourself or as gift subs, you get three months of Xbox Game Pass on PC for free.


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