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Collect 1 Farm Bricks Pack with Every $30 Spend @ Countdown


Countdown Bricks Farm is Countdown’s new collectible programme running from Friday 28th October 2022 - Sunday 25th December 2022. For every $30 spent in-store or online (excluding ineligible purchases), customers can collect a Bricks Farm Pack which includes Bricks, an instruction leaflet, and stickers where applicable, while stocks last.

There are 40 unique Bricks Farm Packs to collect, plus additional Countdown Bricks Farm extras to buy if customers want to expand their collection.

Collect all 40 Bricks Farm Packs to build your very own farm and bring it to life with animals, fruit trees, veggies and more!

Rare Golden Sheep hidden in 100 packs

Purchasable Merch:


Qualifying Spend entry

  1. Spend $30 or more in a single transaction (excluding any money spent on Excluded Purchases) at any Countdown Supermarket, Countdown Metro or Countdown Online (www.countdown.co.nz) during the Promotional Period (“Qualifying Spend”) to receive one (1) Countdown Bricks Farm Pack (“Bricks Pack”), while stocks last. For example, if an Eligible Entrant spends $90 in a single transaction during the Promotional Period, that entrant will receive three (3) Bricks Packs. If an Eligible Entrant spends $70 in a single transaction during the Promotional Period, that entrant will receive two (2) Bricks Packs.

Excluded Purchases means:

Smoking/tobacco products and accessories, cashouts, lottery products, gift cards (including iTunes); donations and any delivery or pick up fees. For online orders, the minimum purchase amount for each Pick up order is $50.00 and for each Delivery order is $50.00 excluding the Delivery Fee. Qualifying Spend is calculated after all discounts and exclusions have been applied to the order; and
purchases at other Woolworths Group outlets (including but not limited to Fresh Choice and Super Value, whether attached to or separate from a Countdown supermarket) are not eligible for the promotion; and
purchases through Vineonline and Scan&Go.

Bonus Bricks Pack Farm entry

  1. Certain products from week to week during the Promotional Period will be marked as “Participating Products”. Purchase any Participating Product at any Countdown Supermarket, Countdown Metro or Countdown Online Shopping during the Promotional Period and spend the Qualifying Spend to receive one (1) Bricks Pack (Bonus Bricks Pack), while stocks last.

  2. A limit of 50 Bonus Bricks Packs applies to each transaction.For example, if an Eligible Entrant purchases fifty-four (54) Participating Products and spends $30 in a single transaction during the Promotional Period, that entrant will receive fifty (50) Bonus Bricks Packs, and one (1) Bricks Pack for Qualifying Spend, totalling fifty-one (51) Countdown Bricks Farm Packs.

  3. Subject to the 50 Bonus Bricks Pack limit set out above, an Eligible Entrant’s entitlement to receive a Bonus Bricks Pack is in addition to any entitlement to receive a Bricks Pack as a result of a Qualifying Spend. For example, if an Eligible Entrant spends $60 in a single transaction (which includes five (5) Participating Products) during the Promotional Period, that entrant will receive 7 Countdown Bricks Farm Packs in total.

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  • +2

    That’s one expensive kinder surprise.

    Also, much like the NW glasses, it’s not a freebie because you have spend $30 to get it.

    • +1

      I would think people aren't idiots and spend unnecessarily out of their normal shopping to get these things
      but then I've seen people buy the spoons on trademe 🤦‍♂️

      • +2

        It's crack up because Wiltshire is a low end brand. That promotion really highlighted how easy it is for supermarkets to make people desire cheap shit

  • These bricks are great. I pretty much end up getting free food.

    Next week there's $1.20 cans of tomatoes as bonus products and 2 for $5.50 of chips.

    The bricks can be sold for $2-$5 on trademe early on.

    I sold 10 packs for $30 just today.

    When they had the promo earlier in the year they had just juice for half price as a bonus product and also multi buy small cans of tuna. I had juice and tuna for ages.

    • I see they've bumped the qualifying purchase total from $20 to $30 this time around

      • I think when they did the bricks last time it was also $30 for a brick.

        • Nah I remember you could collect the bonus packs with $20 purchases

      • Inflation LOL.

    • Suspect there's money to be made in buying the accessory items (tractor, quad bike etc) and selling them on TradeMe when they inevitably run out in stores.

  • +2

    I think in this current economic climate and food price inflation and the very high prices of food in NZ, people would prefer that the money went into reducing food prices. This sort of promotion benefits people that spend a lot, but people who don't spend much miss out.

  • +1

    Not a deal, and shame on countdown and new world for encouraging people to spend more at this difficult time.

  • For this weekend:

    It’s double the Bricks Packs, double the fun!

    Build your farm even faster with double Bricks Packs, this weekend only! Shop in store or online and get two free* Bricks Farm Packs with every $30 spent.

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