This was posted 11 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Get $100 Cashback when you Sign Up and Spend Over $500 on a Visa Light Credit Card @ ASB


Expect to see a few credit card offers popping up over the next 6 weeks.

Open a new ASB Visa Light credit card account by 31 November 2022 and get $100 cashback when you spend $500 on eligible purchases within 3 months of account opening date.

Definitely a good card to have if you don't care about premium offerings such as air points (or possibly even good to pair with an AMEX).

  • No fees
  • 13.50% interest rate
  • 0% interest for 6 months on purchases over $1000

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  • Thanks, applied

  • Thanks. Looks goos, is there a catch? How long does it take for them to credit in the cashback?

    • Says in the T&C, $100 cashback will be paid by 31 March 2023. So as early as late Jan 2023 (3 months from now)

    • Yeah with no account fee I'm also looking for the catch too…

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      The catch is that you have to open it by 31 November 2022 - a date that doesn't exist!

  • 100 bucks really isn't much considering how much info they want from you in exchange.

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      It’s a bank that’s giving you a credit card on which you have the ability to spend money they lend to you, they kinda need to have your information to make sure you’re not gonna be a liability to them…

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        Fair enough. Keep in mind last time there was a 300 dollar sign up bonus (reward point which can be used for gift cards at warehouse group) so this is already a weaker offer.

  • If you churn credit cards, Do you get a bad credit rating when you apply for mortgages?

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      Not bad credit rating (assuming you're paying your bills in full everytime) but it will affect the amount you can borrow as the bank from as the credit limit is what they expect you use so treated as expense, i.e. reduce the borrowing amount per xxx credit limit (e.g. reduce $30k borrowing amount per 1k credit limit)

    • Get app 'yonda' it explains it all.

      applying for things is a small negative on credit rating, easily improved by paying the card for a month or so.

      Don't fail any debt applications… That is was hurts you (along with the obvious not paying bills)

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    What is significant about the next 6 weeks that credit card offers will start coming up?

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      I could be wrong but my thoughts are based on these points:
      - The government legislation on bank interchange fees go into place on the 1st of November
      - Many of the changes to current credit cards go into place on the 1st of November = some people will be cancelling cards
      - Pre-Xmas / summer holiday season and a sluggish economy = high chance of compelling sign up offers to encourage more spending

      • What are the changes?

        • New caps come in on interchange fees, similar to what Australia has. These fees are what the seller is charged for processing your payment, and a portion of this is carved off to return to the buyer as rewards - essentially the retailer is paying for these, though some will choose to pass it on as a credit card surcharge. With the government forcing them to be reduced, banks don't want to cut into their profits so will be reducing the reward return rates accordingly.

          • @eXDee: Thanks pal for the knowledge and keeping us informed.
            Great more interference to the market economy.. More regulation and we might eventually end up with one singular product 😆

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              @kenshiro: Yeah it's unfortunate for rewards card holders. In this case I'm not opposed to interfering with what is a cosy duopoly of visa+mastercard (amex etc pretty insigificant) combined with the huge control the aussie banks have in dictating our market terms. But in return i expect to stop being charged credit card fees etc. Also i'd want to see us getting paywave / mobile payments everywhere like what happened in australia when the fees were lowered. I'll be frustrated if we dont see that as the outcome.

              • @eXDee: I'm with you. Anything in return as a trade off would be nice.. my fingers crossed!

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