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$40 off $40 Spend (Must Include a Mānuka Honey Product) + Free Shipping (with $40 Spend) @ Me Today


$40 off over $40 Spend (Which Must Include Manuka Honey Product) @ Metoday

All products: low to high

Open the website in a private browser, add $40 worth of items to your cart (including a mānuka honey product), and then go to checkout. A new discount code will appear at checkout.

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  • +2

    Great deal OP.
    I just tried the deal on a series of non Manuka honey products and the discount applied.
    Also worth noting $6.00 shipping however at checkout shipping becomes free.

    • Free with $40 spend at the moment.

    • I learned of it via a marketing email from them - it said had to include a Manuka Honey product

  • Hey Mike, are you associated with Metoday by any chance? You've made two posts ever and both posts happen to be Metoday discounts or are you a regular user lol

    • +3

      No just thought an amazing deal

  • Thanks OP. Got me a jar of honey and a lip-balm for $6 delivered.

    I've left the 'must include mānuka' in the title just incase they decide to cancel orders that do not comply.

  • Any sort of limit? Like one order only or anything?

  • +1

    Limited to 1 use of the code per email address too btw.
    Did the same as Wakrak (Honey and Balm) and then placed another order for a Christmas present. Nice find. Thanks OP!

    • I must be blind. Where is this lip balm you guys are referring to?

      • Must be OOS.

      • Yeah must be OOS now; although in saying that I did have to hunt to try and find it… haha….but doing the same again has found nothing :( Sorry

  • FYI there is a range of Manuka products in the skincare range too (not just honey). They're $19.99 so can add on something else for the discount.

    • The discount appears to work for everything; no need to include Manuka products at all

  • is $14.99 the cheapest item?

    • It is now.

    • Doesn't work on that microfiber cloth, get the hand sanitizer or the $19.99 products

  • Protect - Mist Hand Sanitiser
    MANUKA40 (-$13.92) 1 x $15.99

    Mānuka Honey UMF 5+ | MGO 83+ 250g
    MANUKA40 (-$26.08) 1 x $29.99

    Cost summary
    Subtotal $5.98

    Shipping Free
    Total Including $0.78 in taxes

    NZD $5.98

  • Nice one OP!!

  • My order is on its way.

    • That was quick, I placed my order at 3pm yesterday - still waiting for it to be shipped

  • +2

    Good response to your deal OP. You're now in 1st place for the best deal of the month. In with a chance to win a prize (top 5 most upvoted deals).


  • Thanks OP, Honey and Lotion for under $10

  • Says free shipping over $60 now, did it say $40 before for you guys?

    • +1

      It does say that, which confused me too. However, I put my order in, after discount, came to $9.98 with free shipping.

      • +1

        Yep! really odd, but im not gonna complain haha. Got the free shipping with this order:

        Protect - Hand Cream
        MANUKA40 (-$16.00) 1 x $19.99

        Mānuka Honey UMF 5+ | MGO 83+ 250g
        MANUKA40 (-$24.00) 1 x $29.99

        Subtotal $9.98
        Shipping Free

        • +1

          Let me know how that goes I've just copyed you

        • Yup I was late to the party with the lip balm etc so I've tried this combo, great deal.

  • Bought Hand cream and honey for $9.98 Thanks OP.

  • Nice OP! Got a cleanser and moisturizer for $5. Will give it a try.

  • Saying Add 1x Immune supplement to your cart before using code ‘IMMUNE’ to redeem free product: when using manuka code

    • +1

      You didn't have $40 worth of products in your cart. Or you had the microfibre cloth in your cart which doesn't count.

      • Ah, the cloth was the issue. Missed that comment.

  • this is crazy good - thanks

  • +2

    Thought id cheekily take one for the team and order a non-manuka product still using the code, will keep yas updated if its completed or not

    • You're probably one of many lol

  • Awesome deal, cheers

  • Thanks OP,

    My daughter is into all the skin care products at the moment and I really had no clue what to buy without buying rubbish chemical filled stuff. This stuff looks great and has amazing reviews so managed to grab her a mist toner, cleanser and moisturiser all for $25. I'm happy.

  • Great post OP

  • Code no longer seems to work :( Had honey, hand cream and cleanser in my cart and it said code was invalid.

    • Try RD_FMNS43XJ0W3UFE

      It was already applied at checkout for me.

      • Still no luck here unfortunately, says it has reached its limit. Definitely have the honey in my cart too so product type not an issue.

      • This one worked yesterday but not today - says it's reached it's usage limit! Even in new incognito window/different computer/new email. :-(

        • Does this work?


  • They seem to be based in the UK??

    • Their New Zealand address:

      Me Today NZ Ltd.
      Level 1, 25 Broadway,
      Newmarket, Auckland 1023,
      New Zealand

      Don't know where their shipping from though.

      • "Pickup (11:04AM 13/10/2022)
        Picked up in area Eden Tce/Newton/Akl Hospital by Courier 126. Couriers home branch is City Branch"

        Didn't get any notification, just clicked the tracking link on the order page.

  • Manuka40 say invalid code now. Other code working 40$ discount

  • “This discount has reached its usage limit“ when trying to purchase the $44.95 woman’s moisturiser. But worked when I tried with different products. So looks like some products are excluded

  • Thank you. Lotion+Honey.

  • +1

    Deal still works. Use RD_1DJF6FX2K2K4L1 and got free shipping over $40 adding Manuka honey and microfibre cloth.

    • This one seemed to have been made invalid too… Anybody who can share another one 🙏

  • Still working, just not on any product. Add one of the three manuka products (honey products, not manuka skincare or other), and it works. If you get the cheapest one, add another product to get the bill above $40.

    • Thank you! I notice it still gives the discounted grand total at the checkout, despite saying the discount code has reached its limit. Good stuff!

  • Thanks OP - ordered 8.30am yesterday and order was delivered this morning! No order updates or tracking were emailed, so was surprised to see it on the doorstep. Great deal!

    • Mine was in the spam box. NZ Couriers via gosweetspot

  • Mine was cancelled

    • What did you order? I did an order Wednesday and is showing its confirmed but thats it, im assuming itll be cancelled at some point

  • +1

    Anyone else get their order twice? :D

  • Ordered on Wednesday night 10pm, received this morning at 10.30am. Based in Auckland.

  • The $40 off promotion appears to have expired now. Was buying a Manuka honey and Health item (total $69.98) but it only offers free shipping. Checked at the checkout page : This discount has reached its usage limit

  • Got my order today :)

  • Got my order today, the honey is beautiful and I also ordered a Purifying Cleanser… Thanks OP

  • Made an order on Wednesday and have just received this email:
    "Order was canceled because of there is no Me Today Manuka honey products contained in this order and your payment has been refunded."

    • +1

      Same here. Had a mānuka product in my order but it wasn't honey.

      On that note, this deal is still going.

      Open the website in incognito mode and add $40 worth of honey and other products to your cart. A unique discount code will appear at checkout.

      • Is the deal finished? no discount codes appearing

      • Thank you. Cream+Honey.

    • WTF me too - how is "Mānuka Honey UMF 5+ | MGO 83+" with a Me Today logo on it not a qualifying product??

  • My Order of manuka active moisturiser and toner got cancelled here.

  • Received my order today.

  • I received my order today. A jar of honey and hand lotion. Thanks OP.

  • Has anyone got their orders that didn't include honey?

    • Ours has been picked up today by courier and is in transit, it was for a serum not anything related to honey.

      But our house placed two orders, the first was the serum (was $45, only paid $5) on the Wednesday night but no update on order until I checked yesterday. I also placed an order for Honey and microfibre cloth on Thursday night and that got shipped the next day and arrived Saturday. So I assumed the serum order was going to be cancelled like others mentioned here, but it is now in transit, so we were lucky I guess.

    • Placed an order for just a serum on the Wednesday night and it arrived this morning. Also placed an order on Wednesday night for just an eye cream but no updates on that order yet.

    • Yeah I had a second order that didn't have any honey products; it says it has been picked up by the courier, but that was a couple of days ago :\ No email or credits on the CC so maybe we were lucky and it will turn up at some point

    • Cool, i did two orders, one with honey that has turned up and another without honey that hasn't been shipped.

  • I ordered hand cream and cleanser, no honey, and my order arrived yesterday.

  • I'm still getting an email with this code, but its not worked for me, nor has Wakraks method.

    Anyone receive their free skincare sample with their order?

    • I received a sample of Vitamin Glow C Serum 2mL.

  • Yeah that long code says it's reached its limit now? Any other code working for anyone else?

  • Ive got some tracking numbers on my orders but says tracking not available so no ideas.

  • This code worked for me - RD_CX9L8IC7QH4D77

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