Mid Range Phone Deal and Recommendation

My Oneplus6 is about to die very soon, having problem with power button, doesn't light up, couldn't wake up phone in the last 2 week.

Can anyone please recommend a mid-range phone, or if you also looking for phone and found any good deal recently please share with me here.

Not really into gaming and phone is for general use only so would prefer something good value$ with good specs. And with dual sims, good battery and good camera.

Budget would be up to $700 and can last me a good 4 years times, of course the cheaper the better lol something with the best value.


Edit: Anyone bought a phone from reebelo.co.nz before? Whenever I search a phone model on google it always have the lowest prices? Are they legit?


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    Samsung S20FE. $688 at noel leeming

  • S20fe/ A52

  • Samsung's have battery issues arising, don't know if that's the safest option

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    Have you looked into Xiaomi? You can get great bang for buck with their phones

  • Having just moved from a OnePlus phone to a galaxy a53 5G for work I've found the experience shocking. Which is odd for a 2022 release.

    Comparitively speaking my Samsung phone is unintuitive, not as snappy as my 2 year old Oneplus Nord, the touch screen isn't as sensitive, the fingerprint reader takes ages and struggles to recognize me and the phone is loaded with bloatware. Camera is better though.

    All I'd say is that if you liked your OnePlus maybe stick with the brand? Not sure what difference it will be now that they've merged the OS with Oppo.

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      Samsung phones in a nutshell more or less. Here in nz we dont get the same versions as overseas (for mainline phones) so reviews aren't 'misleading' but they're easy to be misled by.

      When I sold phones there was a lot of samsung A series (back on A50,70,80) vs oppo and I almost always recommended OPPO to people who valued performance over accessories / cameras

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  • I have had great service and deals from goodtech.co.nz on very good quality like new second hand phones

  • Xiaomi 11T. Yeah I just got one a few weeks ago, (the 8GB / 128GB model), it was ah $639 I think from Mighty Ape. Anyway good size phone, good size battery, quite a reasonable camera, nice display and stereo speakers which actually sound ok. Fast charging. Dual SIM. Good bright screen in the sun - I usually have my screen on full bright all the time but theres a little trick you can do in very bright sun and that's to enable auto brightness as it'll then get even brighter ! Cool. Not a bad phone at all.

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    If you are ok with 2nd hand phones. Try iphone 11/12. They will definitely last you much longer. Software support is great on ios. Only issue you might have after 2-3 years is battery if not cared for properly.

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      I have an iPhone 11 and after 2 years it still works great - apart from the battery which no longer lasts a full day.
      A genuine Apple replacement battery is $119 according to the Apple website so that could be an option if you got a 2nd hand one cheap enough.

    • I second this as well. iphones 11 and 12 etc are becoming very affordable, some are selling for half what they used to retail at.

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    Got to check out the Motorola Edge 20 fusion. $579 on the market will get it cheaper with a coupon. 5G of course make 100% sure you don't buy a 4G phone. Amazing camera big screen and battery 6gb ram. Much better value for money than Samsung. I'm getting one. There is an 8gb version for $700 but they made the battery smaller which I don't like

    • Edge Fusion 20 is $543.99 with CSCBG, and you could use the welcome code for an additional $10 off

    • Cheers for this recommendation. Sounds really good. Im in need a new phone.

    • Since theres not great 5G coverage in Nz then it's not really an issue. And TBH who really needs it ? Also if your phone is 5G capable it'll be looking for 5G signals all the time and this can use a lot of battery when theres no 5G within many Km's of your location. So turn off 5G unless you really use it.

      ETA: You may also find that if there are two versions of a model of phone the 5G one will be not as good as the 4G one in some ways because the companies try to mitigate the considerable cost of the 5G radio chip by saving in some way. The Samsung A32 5G was a very good example of that as there was a 5G model and a model which was 4G but not 5G. The 5G model had an inferior screen. I know this because I owned one.

      • Definitely agree. 4g is already fast enough to stream hd video, bandwidth wise, there aren't a lot of cases where the extra bandwidth is going to have any meaningful effect. Unless, of course, you are doing file transfers (uploads/downloads), on data, on a phone.

        Only places 5g would be noticeably better would be from its lower latency and during unbufferable live content. Video calls will be smoother, and gaming will be snappier.

  • I've heard good things about the S20FE. Personally I'm using a pixel 5a which I prefer for the clean OS. If I were to buy now it would absolutely be the 6a as this is the first budget phone with their own custom tensor SOC.

  • The market has a $30 off over $300 spend at the moment. Great for buying a phone from noel leeming or the warehouse. But the warehouse market club just emailed me a 15% off next purchase offer

  • Best phone at the warehouse is the Samsung a32 $499. Low end mid range but decent camera and battery, and it's 5G, 4gb ram is is little small. 15% off the $499 through marketclub next shop is a really decent deal though

    • See my comment above in regard to the Samsung A32 5G & 4G phones.

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    Im gonna disagree with the s20fe comments here because:

    Noel Leeming have sold both the exynos and snapdragon version of these phones. You should generally avoid the samsung exynos phones if you have the option as they're pretty poor on the battery, generate a lot of heat and typically run a bit more sluggish than the SD counterparts. Unfortunately we pretty much always get the exynos versions in NZ. If you get an SD s20fe then awesome :)

    My personal choice is a used iphone if you're not too into your phone and just want a good camera / fast phone with good (standby) battery. Obviously there's the risk/ lack of warranty but you do you.

    • Exynos variants seem to have better support for custom roms (which is odd as it's usually the other way around)

      I'd love to see pixel experience on my s21fe. I believe a lot of the sluggishness and battery drains are due to Samsung bloatware.

  • Got my spouse an A52s 5g ($597 at Harvey normal) as her work phone. Other than the lack of wireless charging & weaker camera's she prefers it to her main phone (S21 5G).

    Big screen, big battery (4500mah), 25W charging, Waterproof, 3.5mm headphones jack, supports 5G and Wifi 6. All at well under half the price of a flagship Samsung.

    • I quite like the look of that one - wireless charging is kind of meh to me, and the camera is more than good enough for most things (if I was wanting a decent camera, I'd use a proper camera, not a phone).

      Battery capacity is more important though, especially if you intend to keep it for, say, three years, in which case it is the third year battery capacity that matters - starting bigger means it is likely to still have decent capacity down the track, but no guarantees.

  • Thanks, didn't know about the inferior screen. Think I'd still prefer 5G for future proofing, but would definitely steer clear and be on the look out for inferior screens thanks for the warning

  • Got a tiny USB power supply with a gadget. Been using it to charge the phone, takes hours of course but the battery doesn't even get warm. Use the standard USB if in a hurry but the tiny USB and cold battery charging are excellent for battery longevity

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    I got a Samsung A73 recently and have been very happy with it.
    Have previously been using Miaomi Mi 9T with custom roms but I drowned it. Got feed up with the hasle when things went wrong.

  • Just looked at This phone today. You still liking it? I was going to get motorola fusion but it sold out.

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      Yes my plan was to get Motorola Edge Fusion 20, thinking maybe Black Friday or Boxing Day gonna have a better price but seem it's out of stock now. Anyone know where else I could buy this phone?

      • Yeah hoping they will be back in stock. They do have good specs

  • Thanks guys for all the inputs!!! I have decided to go with the Motorola because of the stock android, price seem reasonable with good specs.

  • I'd recommend buying a second hand flagship phone, or better yet one with a cracked back glass or cosmetic defects if you don't care as they usually go cheaper.

    • Can you recommend where should I look at please cheers

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        Meant to say older second hand flagship phone. Trademe is your best bet, I wait until they're around 200 for a few year old phone. Otherwise you can go through Samsung/Apple themselves for refurb models that are lower grade, or via 3rd party shops that will do the same refurb process.

  • Anyone know of anygood phone deal at Noel Leeming to get 11% off The Market? Please share cheers!

  • My Huawei P10 after 5 years good service is slowly giving up the ghost. Im thinking about getting a Samsung A73 to replace it. PB tech seem to have the best deal but then they want their credit card charge. They had offered to transfer everything over on my phone but now want $40 to do this. Is it easy to do this myself or is it even necessary? I am not tech savvy at all.

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      My P10 is giving up the ghost after 5 years as well. Did you get the A73? I was looking at getting it off pbtech as well but decided to wait.

      NL has it for $679 now and you can get an extra 10% off at the market so I'm pretty tempted again.

  • Yes, I got the A73, PB tech were great, even showed me how to transfer everything myself

  • Have anyone buy phone from Supero recently, I bought 1 from them years ago no problem, just want to know if they are still a reliable seller now?

    • I've bought from them ages ago, their warranty is just very average..

      My phone started getting issues within the warranty period but they kept pushing back claiming it's a software issue. After living with the phone with issues, eventually gave up.

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