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Play 6 & Shout Game for a Chance to Win Free Food @ KFC App


Score some free KFC (avoid the snack burger, it's not great).

How to play

  • Participate in the Six & Shout digital experience via the KFC app and select one of six zones they think a six will be hit into in the next Eligible T20 Match. A KFC product item will be assigned to each zone.
  • If a six is hit into the Entrant’s selected zone during the match, they will be notified via text message witha unique 5-digit Claim Code the day after the Eligible T20 Match finishes, by midday.
  • The unique 5-digit Claim Code will be redeemable for the product item that corresponds with the zone
    the Entrant selected. The code will be valid for redemption for 24 hours after match day.


Bangladesh v Pakistan – Fri 7 Oct 22, 3:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Pakistan – Sat 8 Oct 22, 7:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Bangladesh – Sun 9 Oct 22, 7:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Pakistan – Tues 11 Oct 22, 3:00pm
BLACKCAPS vs Bangladesh – Wed 12 Oct 22, 3:00pm
Bangladesh v Pakistan – Thu 13 Oct 22, 3:00pm
T20 TRI-SERIES FINAL, Fri 14 Oct 22, 3:00pm
BLACKCAPS v India - Fri 18th Nov, 7.30pm
BLACKCAPS v India – Sun 20th Nov, 7.30pm
BLACKCAPS v India – Tues 22nd Nov, 7.30pm
WHITE FERNS v Bangladesh – Fri 2nd Dec, 7:00pm
WHITE FERNS v Bangladesh – Sun 4th Dec, 2:00pm
WHITE FERNS v Bangladesh – Wed 7th Dec, 2:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Sri Lanka – Sun 2nd April, 1:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Sri Lanka – Wed 5th April,1:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Sri Lanka – Sat 8th April, 1:00pm


There are six KFC products that can be won after each Eligible T20 Match throughout the promotion

  • KFC Zinger Burger
  • KFC Regular Chips
  • KFC 3pk Wicked Wings
  • KFC Snack Burger
  • KFC Regular Potato & Gravy
  • KFC Secret Recipe Piece

Terms & conditions
KFC Six & Shout - FAQs
Live scores: Cricinfo.com

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closed Comments

    • Wicked Wings code


      Both stores in Wellington CBD closed 😢

  • Thirteen 6s

    • Any Zingers?

      • +1

        6s commentary

        • Just over long on! In the slot, just outside off. Shakib clears the front leg and clubs it with all his power to beat the tall Guptill on the boundary line
        • Over the top and over the boundary. Short one from Southee after sending the square leg back, Litton gets inside the line and hooks it away over short fine-leg and it has the legs to clear the boundary
        • Up and over cover! Full, a bit wide outside off. Philips opens his stance towards cover and then lifts it beautifully with a flourish of the wrists.
        • Full ball, outside off but not wide enough. Phillips keeps his eyes on the ball, commits for the shot late, and then mows it across the line over deep midwicket. Knuckleball
        • Full ball just outside leg stump. Clears the front leg and uses his bottom hand to smack it over wide long on!
        • No crowd catch this time, but six once more. Another full ball on off and Philips got low rather swiftly to play the same slog sweep. Flatter this time
        • Full on middle and leg. Gets low to play the slog sweep, and even though it is not timed well, it has enough legs to clear cow corner! Crowd catch too!
        • Oh, flies over wide long on! In the slot, on off, and Conway just hammers it easily for six
        • Good length, just outside leg. Guptill just whips it off his waist, and Afif at deep square leg jumps to take a one-hander, but the fielder (and the ball) goes over. Vailant.
        • Full, just outside leg. Conway brings the bat down swiftly, and flicks it across his pads to deposit a six over the leg side
        • Hammered on to the grass banks! Dragged down on middle, he rocks back and pulls it hard and flat over deep midwicket
        • Dealing in sixes! Another short one, this time Allen saw it early, got into position and deposited it on to the grass bank over deep square leg
        • In the air and just over the fielder! Fingertips! He danced down the wicket, Ebadot saw that and dropped it short. He was late on the pull and couldn't control it as it went in the air towards deep square leg but just managed to clear the fielder
  • Zinger hit

    • Winner winner zinger dinner

    • According to my mate, KFC's view is that all zones were hit except piece of chicken

  • -2

    Anyone able to share their zinger code?

  • Just a note, the FAQ claims if you remove the code it becomes valid again. So if you need to change store etc, just remember to do that


  • did the wicked wings zone hit?

    • Yes, according to my mate, KFC seems to think all 6 of the sixes hit a different zone

    • yes i got wicked wings and zinger on the last round!

  • Get your zones locked in now for this afternoons Tri-series T20 final starting at 3pm (NZ v Pakistan).

    Last chance for free KFC for a month.
    Next game is not until the 18th Nov.

    • amazing! thanks for the reminder. I am about to be all KFC out.

  • +1

    Post updated.

    You can set yourself a reminder by using the reminder function at the bottom of the post (above the comments section).

  • I put in my number but didn't get a text for the zinger burger?

    • What provider? Arrived fine for me and yes it did hit. According to my mate also chips, potato+gravy, snack burger; however despite more sixes was a less productive day for us (also not a good day for the Black Caps) and neither wicked wings nor piece of chicken made it.

  • Just realised I have a zinger code if anyone wants it? Reply here and I'll pm it through

    • Hey, I'm keen on it.

      • Sent it to you.

  • +1

    Hey everyone. I have had too many zinger burgers lately and have a code that'll expire tomorrow morning if anyone wants it. NDZTGX. Enjoy.

  • +1

    I'm all zing'ed out. Kinda glad the next game is in a months time.

  • +1

    1 week to go

  • Tomorrow…

    • My six had been smashed and locked in

  • Match Abandoned

  • +1

    You can't select Zinger as a prize anymore. They have two mystery zones and a Zinger is a part of a random set of items. Boo!

    • double boo! So they have made the zinger and chicken piece as random items, but at least the wicked wings is still selectable. I have never won wicked wings, do they give out 3 pieces or one?

      • 3 pieces. Going by the size of the zone, always assumed it's the considered the second best deal

  • +1


  • Hate to be a naysayer but wonder if it's going to be another rain out and if not it might be affected enough to have few sixes (although 5 over matches can be crazy but seems more likely to be a start and stop affair than a straight 5 over).

  • Are any cheapies going for the mystery zones?

  • Does anyone know which way the pitch is? Deep square leg was the first 6, which zone was that?

    • The one that used to be the zinger burger 😢

      • Gutted!!!

        • It still could be - just ‘random’ now.
          What’s the bet it’s turned into a potato & gravy?

          • @bigcheese: My thoughts exactly, that’s why I went with the wicked wings, well, hopfully anyway!

          • @bigcheese: Is it actually random? Think it's just one of those and not stated it will be chosen. My guess is totally up to KFC in which case could be one of the zones will be given Zinger since its first time in a while for the competition

            • +1

              @Nil Einne: Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

              From the T’s & C’s:

              If an entrant selects a KFC mystery zone, a prize will be randomly assigned if a six is hit in this zone. Prizes in the KFC Mystery Zones may vary between matches and not all entrants who select the mystery zone will win the same prize. Available prizes to be won in the KFC Mystery Zones include; Zinger Burger, KFC Reg. Chips, 3pk Wicked Wings, KFC Snack Burger and KFC Secret Recipe Piece. Prizes will be revealed if and only a six is hit in this zone

              • @bigcheese: Also just checked and potato and gravy weirdly isn't one of the prizes for either zone. That's only with its specific zone. Chips is though and I suspect more cost effective for KFC

                • @Nil Einne: Funnily enough it also didn't hit on Sunday so none given away at all

              • @bigcheese: So if you have won zingers in the past, chances are you won't win zingers again if your mystery zone was hit lol boo. Can't really blame them for changing the game format because last month the stores were hammered with multiple free zinger orders.

  • Did the wicked wing zone hit?

    • Apparently not

  • For the mystery zones I got a Zinger and a Wicked Wings for my partner and I. Not bad!

    • How do you find out? All I got is a message saying I won a mystery prize…

      • When you order online and put in the code it will show the prize. I got a piece of chicken.

        • +1

          If you put the code in and dont complete the order, can you still use in store?

          • @rkl: Should be, just remember to remove it from cart so you don't cause problems

        • thanks, got a snack burger, yay

  • +1

    Has anyone tried to redeem their mystery code in store?
    I checked the code online and it was for a Zinger burger so I went in store, gave them my code and they gave me small chips and a drink.
    I told them the code is for a Zinger burger but they said it shows up as Small chips and a drink on their system.
    Just tried the same code online again and it's still showing Zinger Burger.

    • +1

      They might be scamming you. The codes for me are always the same online and instore

      • +1

        Yeah franchise not too happy giving away so many zingers RRP $9.99 because they won't be fully reimbursed if you factor in grilling and time to prep burger.

    • +1

      That happened to me once when trying to redeem a wicked wings code.
      I think they might have been entering the code in the wrong place and its going through as a chips and drink survey code

  • Anyone able to share their code?

    • H7CNDD - Snack Burger
      ZZ6MY2 - Regular Chips

      • snack burger code is not valid

    • 7HY4DD Regular chips

  • Thanks for the heads up- ordering via app instead of presenting to cashier

  • If I order now for pickup tomorrow would they prepare my order before I pick it up or would they just do it tonight and leave it somewhere safe?

    • "For food safety reasons all orders must be picked up within 1 hour of the arranged pick up time. If your order is not picked up within this 1 hour time frame your food will be discarded and you will not receive a refund"

  • I chose mystery zone and the website says mine is a free piece of chicken if anyone wants it, won’t get a chance to go get it.


  • Tried to order online and got a "coupon not currently valid" after changing my store to a closer one - guessing its now marked as used although I didn't get to complete my order.

    Anyway around this?

    • +1

      I had the same thing happen to me, although didn't bother using it in the end.
      Guess you always just go into your local and show them the code and try it?

      Next game tonight so another shot at it.

      • I did a scroll back and saw its happened to a few people. Thanks entered again!

    • Only valid for 1 day

      • Should have clarified. It was within the time period. Showed me my Zinger, but when I realized the store was wrong and went to change location, I got the "coupon not currently valid"

        • Have you tried again? Although it says one day it seems to work for me and started working next day after accidentally killing it by switching store.

  • Anyone got spare codes? Would be much appreciated!

  • Anyone able to share their chips code please? Would be much appreciated

    • +2

      Are you actually locking in any zones yourself?
      It seems that every game you comment asking for codes yet I never see you offering any up in return?

  • lol the mystery zone ain't offering any zingers this time round, but at least the wicked wings zone was hit

    • I got a zinger from it

      • I must have hit the max limit 😁

      • Yeah it definitely offered Zingers. Unfortunately only one of the mystery zones was hit although all the other ones were. Unlike last time where both the mystery zones were hit but only chips and snack burger of the other zones. Also their new style of actually telling you what you won is a clear positive IMO.

        Personally I'm not convinced they actually bother to prioritise based on what you won before. I suspect it's just random. I don't even think it's higher chance for the lower valued items, I think it might simply be 1 in 5. I'm sure if you calculate the probabilities, you'll find under such conditions even if you have 20 mystery zone hits, it's not that rare to still miss out on a Zinger.

  • Got a code for reg chips but dont want it to go to some random that hasn't at least upvoted this deal, so will give it to the first one to say in 15 words or less what it means to have KFC chips at this time of night. Entries close 9pm tonight.
    Eeek. I didn't upvote this. Bad.

  • CC9ADE
    Free chips. Go nuts.

  • ~5h30 minutes reminder!

    • Many thanks!

      • I left it very late now the site seems to be down!

  • :(

    Girls need to bulk up or the grounds got to be smaller. Getting free KFC withdrawal here.

    • +1

      Will be after todays game!

      • One mystery zone was hit because I've won a chicken piece yum

        • Yep, I got some wicked wings

  • I chose the snack burger zone and won! Yay

  • +1

    Get your picks in for the Black Clash this Friday.

    • Anyone know what the results are? I want to get kfc tonight, but if I've won something i feel like i should wait 😅

      • +1

        There were a total of eighteen 6’s hit in the game. So there’s a very good chance most of the areas would have been hit, surely!

    • +1

      Snack burger for me from the mystery zone #1

      • +1

        Piece of chicken for me from mystery zone #1

  • -1

    If anyone has a spare code, I will happily appreciate it! Thank you!

    • +2


      • -1

        Thanks! Sadly already redeemed by someone 😭

  • I got a free snack burger but then forgot to use it 😔 I assume the 24 hours meant Saturday to use it?

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