Has Any Had Their Disney+ Flybuys Points Paid out Yet?

Has any had their Disney+ flybuys points paid out yet?

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        • Did you get a response back from them after you sent those 4 emails or did points just suddenly appear without a response back from them?

          • @Lucifer: I got a generic response from them apologising for the delay and to confirm that they had loaded the points.

      • I am still having problems with them honouring it. Sent all the details they required, and they said they had sent it to the team dealing with it. Still no points or reply. Have chased them up again. They don't seemto have a phone number to contact them on. I don't think they are meeting their own terms, by not issuing the points by the time they had set out in the terms. Probably not worth the time it has taken.

  • Hi
    If helps here is e-mail i had and replied to as below and points came through
    hanks for your email.

    To be eligible for the offer, you needed to apply via the Flybuys NZ promotion page or the promotion email, where you will be prompted to enter your Flybuys number online. From there you're taken to the Disney+ page where you sign up for a new monthly Disney+ subscription.

    If this wasn't the journey you followed as outlined in the terms and conditions then I'm afraid you signed up incorrectly and won't be eligible for the bonus Flybuys.

    If you did follow the correct sign up journey, please provide us with the information below and our team will look into this.

    Flybuys card number used to sign up with:
    Email address registered with Disney+:
    Date of sign up:
    Subscription type (monthly or annual):
    Channel used to sign up from (Flybuys email, Flybuys social media or Flybuys website/App):
    Please send your Disney+ sign up confirmation email to us at [email protected], add your Flybuys number in the subject line.

    • I got the same, and did as requested. Finally got the points about 3-4 days later.

  • +1

    Just a reminder for those that did receive their points last month and elected to convert them to Z fuel discount.
    The fuel discount expires on Monday 31st October.
    Don't let it disappear if you haven't used it yet!

    • Thanks for the heads up, on the app it says i having 0c expiring by 31st oct but better not risk losing it so will use it tomorrow

      • You mentioned earlier that you only received your points recently in October.
        In that case you should be good until the end of Nov, particularly as your app shows nothing expiring this month.
        My comment was more for those who had them credited in September.
        My app shows it will expire this month.

        • Ok thanks, good to know.

  • Ugh, I can’t find my confirmation email😞

    • If you're like me and another person here I'm pretty sure I didn't get a confirmation email.

      User nix above seemed to have success with sending through proof of payment and other things.

      • Yes they applied points after sent details of payment thru

    • No problem, just ask Disney to send you a copy of it to your account.

  • Does New World dollar balance converted from Flybuy PTS have an expiry date?

    • +1

      New World Dollars expire 2 years after the most recent New World Dollars were added to the New World Clubcard.

  • Anyone have problem login to Caltex? I tried to login by enter my email and didn't receive an email to verify….keep trying the resend but no luck..

  • I had no trouble the first time last year getting the points but this time I had to email. Rather than wait for the please send confirmation email I sent all the info including confirmation screenshot in one email and 4 days later got a response that the points were added and apologizing etc. Saved any extra back and forth with them.

  • Got my points today after emailing then sending the Disney email a few days ago.

  • Which email address address did you guys use? [email protected] or [email protected]?

    • +2

      First email went to custhelp, and second one to the servicecentre (after they asked for more info). No harm in spamming both I gues

    • I did with first email, custhelp for both my accounts.

  • Received mine a few days ago after following up twice.

  • +2

    I have $2.31 discount if anyone wants to use it.

    I’m flying off this arvo for 6 months and won’t have any use for it

    Flybuys 6014355763945288


    • Send me a snip of your barcode and I'll go use it right now! not sure if they'll accept the card #

      • You should be able to key the card number into the app as a reward card.
        That will then generate the barcode.

        • Damn, you snooze you lose, someone beat me to it lol - only showing 6cp in the app

          • +1

            @Vish: And no thank you from the person that used it.

    • Aah saw your comment after posting the deal.

      • All good. I had no intention of posting it.

        • Not the best deal, but might be helpful to some.

          • +1

            @ace310: $25 New World dollars for $12.99 + 1 month of Disney. Still decent.

  • I just got my 150 points paid out from that 2nd Disney+ promotion they did that everyone thought was only open to new subscribers https://www.cheapies.nz/node/37554 I was a returning customer, my sub had lapsed about a week before resubbing through Flybuys. Promotion only ended on the 11th Dec and I didn't even need to chase them up for the points, though they did arrive at the same time as some bonus points from Caltex that I did have to chase up, maybe that was a coincidence or maybe it was me being a squeaky wheel, either way it was pleasant surprise.

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