Has Any Had Their Disney+ Flybuys Points Paid out Yet?

Has any had their Disney+ flybuys points paid out yet?

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  • Quite a few people have:

    Still waiting for mine to come through though.

  • Still waiting for mine as well.

  • No, and had to chase up last time. Took a screenshot in preparation.

  • Still waiting

  • +1

    waiting… so annoying

  • Got mine Thursday I believe. Might be in waves?

  • Waiting

  • Signed up on the last day, received points on friday morning.

    • Wow looks like they are working through the new sing ups first

      • not really. I signed up within 5 mins of the deal and got my points last week.

  • Yes I got it last week as well.

  • Still waiting

  • Got it a few days ago. Have since cancelled Disney subscription.

  • Aigned up 8th sep at 8pm, still haven't got my points

  • Have mine now and had signed up to the offer less than 2 weeks ago

  • +2

    The deadline is 15th of October. Then you can ask for reparations :)

  • Signed up on the 12th Sept, still nothing here.

  • Mine cleared on the 17th according to the flybuys app, was an extremely cheap tank of fuel yesterday!

  • Signed up 19th, nothing yet.

  • Only got half my points - my accounts points came through but still waiting on my wifes to come through (we have our fly buys linked and both singed up with different emails, but used the same credit card - it worked last time, so fingers crossed it works again)

    • Same situation here

  • +1

    Not yet, will cancel the subscription before this weekend.

  • Still waiting

  • Haven't got mine yet. I hope I don't have to email them again like last time.

    • what is the correct email to contact them?

      • I think I contacted them through support on their website last time.

        You just send them a message and they will get back to you through email.

  • I emailed them last week about not receiving mine and still no reply or points.

    • what is the correct email to contact them?

      • Just use the form on their help page to contact them

  • +3

    Got mine - $117 discount at caltex yesterday 😝

  • Still had now reply sent a few weeks ago and no points. I would have though a simple reply wasn't too hard for them.

  • My account came through but my bro and mum's acct's didn't yet :(
    Bro emailed them last week and still no reply

    • In similar situation. Signed up with 2 accounts. Both linked, got points for 1. Emailed them for other account and they came back saying I already have got points in my account. I have to reply back on that., But hope they don't say it is only for 1 account if they are linked.

      • In the same boat. I got my points but my wife didn't. Was thinking of unlinking her from my account and then logging an inquiry. But it seems that I can't do this from my end. Have to call them to manage the family group.

        • I just emailed them, fingers crossed. Let's see what happens. I won't unlink wife's account just for the sake of it.

          Edit: Actually, my wife got the points, but not me. And I created the ticket with my flybuys so definitely something is up.

          • @ace310: You can always link her back after the points come through if that's what's stopping the points.

  • I emailed, this was my response

    Thanks for your email.

    If eligible, bonus Flybuys will be credited to your account within 25 business days after the offer ends 20/09/2022 - Please let us know if these bonus Flybuys are not credited by the 25/10/2022.

    Bonus points can sometimes be a few weeks after a particular promotion ends, this is just to do with how often the points get sent to us from where you collected them.

  • Anyone got screenshot of the offer with terms.

    This was the response from flybuys

    Thanks for your response.

    I can see you had previously signed up to Disney in November 2021 - existing customers are not eligible for the bonus points.

    If you registered a new account this time round, we require a copy of your confirmation email you received from Disney upon sign up - please attach it to your response to this email in preferably PDF format.

    Once we hear back, we'll advise further.

  • Update from flybuys after couple of email exchanges. So got points on 2 accounts, wife's & mine.

    Thanks for your patience.
    Our Admin Team have gone ahead and issued the bonus points to your account.
    This brings your balance now to 1,083 points which you can view online.
    We apologise for the delay and any inconvenience caused.

    • +2

      Good to hear. I'm going to wait until the 17th.

    • Curious.. the deal was for 300 points.
      300 x 2 = 600
      Bonus points 483?

    • That's good news! I presume there's no need to unlink the accounts? I submitted an inquiry from their web portal on Monday without any response. Was it how you contacted them as well?

      • Unlink not required. Yes I contacted them last week via the inquiry form on portal. Got reply back in 48 hours or so. Didn't respond back for 2-3 days. but they were pretty fast once the ticket was picked up. usually within 24hours between each response.

        • Thanks! That sounds promising!

        • My wife just received the standard reply.

          Thanks for your email.

          If eligible, bonus Flybuys will be credited to your account within 25 business days after the offer ends 20/09/2022 - Please let us know if these bonus Flybuys are not credited by the 25/10/2022.

          Bonus points can sometimes be a few weeks after a particular promotion ends, this is just to do with how often the points get sent to us from where you collected them.

          Some important things to note:

          1) To be eligible for the offer, you must apply via the Flybuys NZ promotion page or the promotion email, where you will be prompted to enter your Flybuys number online.

          2) This offer is limited to a one-off redemption when you sign up to a new monthly Disney Plus subscription during the promotional period in New Zealand only. Existing subscribers to Disney+ will not be eligible for the offer.

          If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us again.



  • This is what I have received this afternoon. I have provided all information they requested, will wait and see.


    Thanks for your email.

    To be eligible for the offer, you needed to apply via the Flybuys NZ promotion page or the promotion email, where you will be prompted to enter your Flybuys number online. From there you're taken to the Disney+ page where you sign up for a new monthly Disney+ subscription.
    If this wasn't the journey you followed as outlined in the terms and conditions then I'm afraid you signed up incorrectly and won't be eligible for the bonus Flybuys.

    If you did follow the correct sign up journey, please provide us with the information below and our team will look into this.
    Flybuys card number used to sign up with:
    Email address registered with Disney+:
    Date of sign up:
    Subscription type (monthly or annual):
    Channel used to sign up from (Flybuys email, Flybuys social media or Flybuys website/App):
    Please send your Disney+ sign up confirmation email to us at [email protected], add your Flybuys number in the subject line.

    Kind regards,


    • +1

      Just received my 300 flybuys points (turned into 225 cents of fuel). That was super quick!

  • +2

    I'm actually hoping I won't get the points before the 25th Oct, so that I can be credited with even more points for the…. inconvenience 😁 https://www.cheapies.nz/comment/110788/redir

    • how many points = inconvenience?

      • The comment The Hound linked to says 20.

        • Another post says extra 50 lol

      • Last time I had to chase them up. No extra points

        • Same. I didn’t get extra points

        • Same

  • +1

    Last time they ran this promotion, I never got my points so I hit them up about it and they said they would credit my points within 24 hours. I then was told I would get an extra 100 points. Still didn’t get my 300 from the promo, gave them 2 weeks. They finally ended up giving me my 300 points plus a bonus 260 points.

    • +3

      Sometimes patience is all you need.

    • That’s pretty good end up with 260 bonus!

  • Could someone send me a screenshot of their welcome email? They're asking for mine but I can't seem to find the email.

  • 15th has come and gone, no points. Will see what they say.
    I got an extra 30 points last time in reparations :)

    • I emailed last friday, havent heard anything yet.
      Edit, just checked and it's been added. $2.31 off per L

    • credited 300pts today, no extras this time or last promo for either late credit. Forwarded disney email Oct 12th.

      • Good to know how long it takes. I just forwarded the Disney+ confirmation email to Flybuys today.

    • +1

      Wellydeal & xsolider both noted above that Flybuys said that it would be credited within 25 business days from the 20th September and so to allow until the 25th Oct

      If eligible, bonus Flybuys will be credited to your account within 25 business days after the offer ends 20/09/2022 - Please let us know if these bonus Flybuys are not credited by the 25/10/2022.

      I've just emailed Flybuys myself tonight as my points are missing, but seems they still have a week or so left to sort it (I signed up on the 19th from memory)

  • Haven’t got my points yet but how are people getting $110 worth of fuel for 300 points? Is this the best use of points vs getting something from the fly buys store?

    • If your flybuys rewards are set to fuel discounts it's 4 flybuys points for 3c off per litre up to 50 litres. 300 points is 300/4x3c=$2.25. So if you fill up 50 litres it's 50x$2.25=$112.50 discount.

      If you buy petrol then it's a much better deal than new world dollars or getting something from the flybuys store.

    • Changing your points rewards to fuel is definitely the way to go. Best value by far.

  • Still haven't got my points and when I went to look for the confirmation email I didn't get one from Disney+ (or perhaps accidently deleted it) although I definately did sign up via Flybuys. Am I out of luck?

    • I'm kinda in the same boat, I deleted the confirmation email and can't get it back.

      I emailed support and have proof of payment etc. so just waiting to hear back.

      • Yeah I've got the proof of payment too. Was thinking of using this if all else fails:

        • Couldn't find mine either when I searched my primary inbox, funnily enough when i searched all mail, it was right there sitting in my gmail account.

    • Same, I couldnt find mine but had a welcome back email that I sent thru but they wanted the sign up confirmation email which I couldnt find. I paid thru google play so sent thru copy of the details with date, amount etc… will see what happens.

      • Points were added this afternoon

  • I still haven't had any reply to them nor points. They were supposed to be paid out after 25 days after the 20th of september with has passed. . I am emailing them again. Doesn't seem to have a phone number.

  • +1

    October 17: Sent an email to [email protected] inquiring about the missing points + sent the information mentioned here
    October 18: response from Flybuys / I replied by sending them the Disney+ confirmation email
    October 19: 600 points added to account (partner & I)

    Happy chappy.

    • Exactly the same experience - albeit a longer timeframe (approx. 7 days) but no complaints for some free (well $1.99) points ;)

      CS had no issues, simply wanted to sight confirmation email from Disney+ and confirmation of flybuys account ownership.

  • +1

    Is there any hurry to claim these points vis customer service? Would it be still possible to claim them on 1 November to have longer Z petrol time validity?

    • Don't see why not. Could argue that you thought the 25 days wait was business days only.

  • +1

    I sent an enquiry through on the 15th, got a reply on the 17th with the standard response that others on here have received. Sent through a screenshot of the Disney+ confirmation email and other details they asked for, still no points. Just flicked them another email today.

    • Same. We shouldn’t even have to email them to ask them to give us our points. Thought they might have fixed it this time round but this is the second time I have to email them.

      • I sent an email 7 days ago and had no reply. Seeing your comment reminded me to follow up, and they replied 5 minutes later having immediately applied the points and apologising for the delay. Could be just a coincidence in timing or could be worth sending a follow up email.

  • +1

    I’ve sent 2 emails, one yesterday and one today and still haven’t gotten a response or my points 🥲

  • +1

    Yep same, I’ve sent 4 emails all up - two each for my partner and I and have not had any response since sending them the email confirmation.

    • They are doing everything they can to not honour the deal. As I said getting these points should be an automatic process. Why do I have to email them to ask them to give me the 300 Flybuy points.

      • Finally got my points today!

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