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Brother JA1450NT Home Sewing Machine $102.68 @ Noel Leeming (On Special Order, Requires CSC Membership)


Seems decent for the price. Looks to be a sewing machine for beginners.

How to get CSC membership

Price comes down to $100.67 if you pay with Zip. Could create a new account and sign up to promotional emails to get an extra $10 off ($100 spend).

CSC + $10 off + Zip = $90.67.


The JA1450NT easy to use sewing machine has the features to help you easily tackle your first sewing project. The JA1450NT is simply compact and lightweight. Start creating beautiful garments with 14 built-in sewing stitches, including 1 style of 4 step auto size button hole

Price elsewhere

Acquire $211.76
Paradigm PC $212.07
Mighty Ape $214
PB Tech $227.83
Heathcotes $228

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  • +2

    Bundle of an echo dot for $29 too, if that's a good deal?

    I have this sewing machine, but in pink so assume I'm to consider I have the girl version?

    • Rocking the pink sewing machine is big **** energy. Ain't nothing wrong with it.

    • What’s ur thought on the sewing machine? I am planning to get one, total beginner. But don’t want to cheapie out and regret instantly. Thanks.

      • +2

        So I got mine to avoid any costs to have pants taken up really. Wife was often in that situation and as my gut has grown I’ve had to buy larger pants, but my leg length has stayed the same.

        Sewing machine is great for beginners (well my one at least - I’ll go double check the model numbers tomorrow) as it has a really nice easy thread tool.

        Get some extra brother bobbins and you’re away.

        Has since made masks with space for inserts from NZ fabric, and even fixed bags where the straps were coming out by sewing a few extra passes across the top. Definitely helped fix daughters clothes for school etc and eked more life out of them till the end of the year, or fixed up uniforms purchased second hand - or rearranged buckles on school kilts etc so they fit the child better.

        Has more than paid for itself in ways I wouldn’t have expected or even undertaken without one.

        • +1

          Thank you. It looks good for my purpose too. Not a sewer, just wanting a machine for exactly that! But yeah had to get it refunded this morning as even though when I purchased last night it was on special (on the screen) the invoice showed a different price. Sigh…. perhaps I missed the cutting time but it was frustrating cause the screen showed otherwise.
          Nevermind… next time. Thank you for taking the time to review the machine :D

  • Thanks @Wakrak - time to sew those curtains!

  • +2

    Looks like they've changed this?
    Coming up as $242.26 for me.

  • How do you get $102 to appear? Ive added CSC to account but getting original price

    What does paying by ZIP do in terms of the price?

    • Zip: extra 2% off. Only works on certain products.

  • Damn missed out on this one! Great deal!

  • I bought the machine last night and my invoice showed a different price. Anyone experience the same? I am very sure at the time that I click buy now and pay it was on special price as I was only buying if it was on sale. But when I checked the invoice this morning, it was full price. And I contacted the saleperson it said it never on that price. And I had to cancel the purchase. Gutted as I really wanted the machine now :(

    This is my first time buying things on NL with the CSC card. Will the others work? I am worried now to use the special next time….

    • +1

      That's a bummer. Only heard of this happening once before (similar situation where NL weren't too happy with the amount of people buying it at a particular price). This doesn't happen often. People use CSC all the time to buy Eneloop batteries (cheapest in NZ; better than Amazon AU pricing). I used it the first week of September with no issues.

      • Thanks Wakrak. Keen to hear from others too if they got it at the special price or I was just too late.

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