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Gimmie 5 Combo $10.99 (Available Every Wednesday) @ KFC App


KFC gimmie 5 is available on the app every Wednesday until the end of October

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  • What is App only mean? You have to place order inside the App for pickup or delivery?

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      yeah seems like you order online for pickup

  • waiting for texas chicken counteroffer…

    • same.

      and after a couple of experiences with being served old, dry, chicken and fries from kfc we've quit it completely.

      texas is #1. with bakery fried chicken at 2nd.

      • Bakery fried chicken?

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          yeah the fried chicken you can buy at bakeries and lunch bars. we have a couple of good ones around our place at Henderson Auckland

  • Anyone know if we can still do the survey code thing with this PLU12 app order?

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      • 2/2- showed cashier the PLU12 code on my app before mentioning I have a survey code. Pretty chill

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      Don't think so because survey has to be entered into POS system. Since app coupon still show the PLU12 code, I will try ordering thru counter or kiosk next Wednesday (instead of app only).

      • Kiosk doesn't let you use survey anyway AFAIK, but if it works on the kiosk it'll probably work at the counter

  • Is there still hot and spicy? :o

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      Only if it's a store near Texas Chicken.

  • Wish they had this during hot and spicy…

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    Thursday is the best day to post about a Wednesday only deal :D

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    How does the app work? Can you just order in the app and pickup in the drive through?

    • No, pickup in store only I think. I mean you can try but they'll probably get very confused so better to pick up in store. And order time limits are also set to store closing time not drive thru closing time

  • Confirmed it seems to be working today with the app. Interesting it looks like you might be able to order for future days (up to 6 days in the future) with the app + coupon, although I haven't actually placed an order to see if it rejects it or raises the price when you place order

    • Ordered it yesterday and just picked up today, definitely works so you can get gimmie 5 whichever day of the week

      • Good to have confirmation. Also I just realised I was confused, you can order more than 6 days in advance. In fact it's up to 2 weeks, you can scroll down the list of dates, I missed this yesterday. Means even with no extension with advanced planning you can get Gimme5 up to 9 November I guess

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    Order placed for tonight. PLU12 the best!

  • Worked for me in Nelson. Cheers.

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    Went into store and the store did not have the ability to enter voucher codes on the self serve kiosks, but was able to order at the counter with the app open to the voucher code :)

    • For clarity, this was yesterday right?

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        Yes this was on Wednesday

    • Yes self service kiosk are stupid they only do numerical codes

      • Think newer ones like Sylvia Park let you use the PLUxx codes

        • Yeah definitely got to use PLU12 on self service kiosks before (never tried this time). You just have to enter the number. I actually thought all their kiosks were like that since when they first appeared in Lincoln Road they let you put codes in theory put they were never accepted, not even more generic codes.

      • At my local, 2 out of 3 kiosk are always malfunctioning

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    You can order All starsnack for one :) 2pce chicken+chips $4.99 Those that cant wait til Wed:)

    • that ain't bad since gimme5 used to be $9.99

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