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Eufy Security Spotlight Cam 2K Solar $280 Delivered @ The Market (Requires MarketClub, Exclusions Apply)


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Had been waiting for Eufy solocam 2K solar to go on sale for quite a sometime now. This is the cheapest I have seen so far.

SoloCam S40, Wire-Free Spotlight Cam 2K Solar, Wireless, Outdoor Security Camera, Wifi, Spotlight Camera, Solar Panel, Solar-Powered, 2K Resolution, IP67 Weatherproof, No Monthly Fee.
What’s Included: SoloCam Spotlight Cam 2K Solar, USB-C Charging Cable, Screw Mount, Screw Pack, Quick Start Guide

Other Eufy Security Cams like 2C Pro & Solar Panels are one of the cheapest yet.

Eufy Cam 2C Pro 2K Security Kit 3 Pack - $575.96
Eufy Cam 2C Pro 2K Security Kit 3 Pack - $719.96
Eufy Video 2k Doorbell Battery + Homebase 2 - $280.79

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  • I've also been looking at this one for a while. Cheapest I've seen is $269 or $279 delivered from Amazon AU and was hoping it would go lower at some point.

    • Is that price NZ or AU? Was that the final checkout price? Otherwise you need to add gst as well. In that case current deal is better as you get local warranty as well.

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        I cant recall tbh, it was back over the Xmas / NY sale period. I know delivery was included, i cant recall if the price was on the product page or checkout.

  • https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/CCTEFY210904/Eufy-eufyCam-O...

    I have 2 of this if anyone interested i can give it for $150 each not needed anymore.

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    I was really keen on getting this, just because I wanted to give this brand a try. However, after many hours of research, I'm not sure getting this would be a good idea.

    On Eufy's FAQ page, it says that the battery is not replaceable:

    I asked a support agent why that's the case. Surely anyone can open up the camera and just swap out the rechargeable batteries with a new one. He didn't really give me any actual useful answer and just kept telling me it's not possible, so who knows.

    More importantly, the battery is a 13400mah battery and has a charge cycle of around 300. This is equivalent to about 2 years. This means that after you buy this camera and use it for 2 years, the battery will start to degrade and lose the ability to hold charge. It's just like when your iPhone's battery health status (not charge status) shows below 100%, it means it'll hold less charge. Spending $280 on this to use it for 2 years and then potentially needing to replace it with a new camera after another 2 years, seems like a waste.

    Of course, the 2 years estimate is just based on normal charging usage. If you set up the camera in a spot where there's a lot of constant recordings due to a lot of motion detections, then it means the battery will drain even quicker and you'll need to charge it more often. More charging cycle means faster battery degradation. So who knows, maybe it'll degrade after about 1 year or so. This is why I hate battery-powered cams, having to charge it constantly and then potentially worry about replacing the battery on it.

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      Thanks for these details review it's very helpful as I'm very new to security cam!

      • Have a look at Wyze cams as well. I'm thinking of getting another Wyze Lamp Socket + Wyze Cam v3, which rivals the Eufy 2k camera apparently (but obviously at a much cheaper cost). The v3 has the same chip as the Eufy 2k apparently. Good discussion and lots of techy details here:

        You'd need to use a redirection service like Youshop to get it shipped to NZ. I've done that a few times already, have a lot of outdoor cameras and indoor cameras. Was hoping to give Eufy a try as well, but looks like not ideal at this stage. Last time, I bought a couple of Wyze Cam v2s with a few colleagues and shared the Youshop shipping cost, which was around $48 if I recall. If you buy just one or two, the shipping cost will be much cheaper.

        You can easily get the v3 for less than $100 NZD and probably get a couple of them at a little bit over $100 (including shipping + Youshop) total.

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          As per reddit link you posted majority of the comments are recommending eufy compared to wyze.

          Secondly you need to have monthly subscription for human detection which will cost you about the same as eufy 2k solar over 2 year period as per your calculations. Also, I have read few comments about delayed notifications which will happen as AI detection is done in cloud so won't be instantaneous like eufy. Third, almost no warranty as this will be a import.

          Also, Eufy has better ecosystem than wyze I feel. Overall I think Eufy comes out on top in all respects except price. I will take better results and user experience against price anytime.

          Just my 2 cents.

          • @ace310: Wyze human detection comes with Wyze Cam Lite subscription, which you can get for free (name your own price).

            Even if you choose to pay for subscription, you're getting other features as well and you can cancel the subscription at anytime. You're not locked into an upfront $280 purchase. I mean, you could probably get a v4 or v5 camera when they come out during that time and I bet it'll still be cheaper.

            Wyze also provides free cloud storage, which you do not get with Eufy. If your Eufy gets stolen, well there goes your valuable recordings. The point of a security camera is the footage. Losing your footage due to a hardware issue or stolen camera or whatever is the biggest weakest link in a security camera. With Wyze, I can easily open the app and playback my recordings. Anyone that I share the camera with can access the camera (live feed), or view the recorded videos.

            The notifications are also pretty much on-par with Eufy, as per one of the comments in that same Reddit thread and also from my personal usage experience. In fact, you can check this video here, this guy does a lot of review on cameras, especially Eufy:

            The potential notification "delay" that you get with Wyze is that it uploads the recorded video to the cloud and then sends you a notification. Eufy doesn't even offer cloud storage, so of course it should be fast to get the notification. You can actually set up a Pushover IFTTT integration with Wyze and you'll get a notification pretty much instantly as well. Having said that, I never had any delay issues with the native notification itself. YMMV.

            Warranty is a joke these days. I never buy warranty and don't care about warranty. A lot of my tech gadgets (phones, network equipments, servers, laptops etc) are purchased 2nd hand from Trademe and they are still going strong. I know how to fix my own phones (software and hardware) anyway, among other things. Just DIY and fix it yourself if things break (which happens very rarely for me, if ever). I also have a lot of devices (tablets, phones, etc) purchased brand new from Aliexpress and Ebay and I could care less about warranty at that point. I've probably spent over $10K on tech stuff in the past year alone and haven't had any issues with any of them. Good brands are usually reliable and don't require additional warranty.

            I personally own multiple various Wyze products and their ecosystem is really good. They actually have more categories of products compared to Eufy. Obviously, I'm interested in getting an Eufy as well (see my previous comments) and I'm looking to try some of their cameras (although I probably have more than I need at this point). I just want to compare them with the cameras that I currently use. However, the fact that you can't replace the battery on the S40 (unless you're this guy - https://youtu.be/1m8jmwH-5-w?t=171) and the fact that the battery will pretty much degrade or die after 300 cycles, really turns me off.

            As for price, if you take $29.99 USD and convert that to NZD, it's around $46. Add the Youshop shipping of around $40 (not conservative estimate btw), you're looking at $86. Let's call it $90 then. You could buy 3 of these at $270 and it'll still be $10 cheaper than the Eufy S40. Not to mention the $280 price is discounted.

            Lastly, Wyzecams are better at night or in low-light conditions, which is quite important if you want to get a good recording of the burglaries that usually happen at night.

    • I've had these cameras for three years and charge them depending on which one (I have seven) 2 to 2 1/2 times are year and so by the time the batteries fail there will be new and better technology. I also have three Eufy security lights which are mains powered which are better suited too high traffic areas like forward facing on a road etc where they may pick up car's pedestrians and car lights. You can eliminate a lot of false Motion detection by using zones.

      • Yeah, I'm aware of motion detection zones and sensitivity settings etc. I've used various different brands and models before and I probably have over 30 cameras in total (spread across my various properties), so I'm pretty familiar with these features. I've also set up my own scripts for automating a lot of stuff and this is mainly for cameras that don't support IFTTT or Alexa/Google Assistant or Dropbox, etc.

        Sure, new tech comes and you might be inclined to upgrade after 2~3 years. But to me, that's a waste of money. I'd rather invest in a good camera that will last me for years. I already have 4K cameras and they are good enough for my usage. I don't see a reason to spend another $$$ to upgrade to 8K cameras or whatever new technology comes out at the time. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

        Problem with the battery cameras is that you are expecting to upgrade after 2~3 years, because of the battery failure/degradation after 300 charge cycles. You're essentially leasing the camera for 2~3 years at a rather expensive price per camera (let's say $280 each) You multiply this by say 5~10 cameras and you'll be paying around $2800 every 2~3 years and then you continue this cycle. Kinda a waste of money in my opinion.

        I would have gone for the S40 if it can at least last 500 charge cycles or have a replaceable battery that they sell, or some sort of service that they offer to replace the battery. Problem is, I can't find any replaceable batteries to buy, nor any service they provide to swap out the batteries.

        • It has 300 charge cycles and at most I do three charge cycles per year so that equals 100 years but the reality is Chemical degradation is around five years for lithium batteries as battery capacity starts dropping dramatically once you start any sort of charge cycle, charge cycles have no real meaning for the sort of application unlike mobile phones for instance which have a charge cycle every 24 hours which gives you a practical Life of around 2 1/2 to 3 years before you have to replace the battery.

          • @pdevonporf: How many alerts do you get per day on average? Charging 3 times a year is pretty good, but I guess it depends on how active/busy your camera is, what sensitivity settings you've set to, etc.

            • +1

              @Chaoscreater: In the spring it's usually birds, at night usually cats and on a few occasions a peeping Tom and a Prowler, the meter reader, people collecting for charity, occasionally car lights, dogs, neighbour mowing his lawn, the council contractor mowing the park, a large rat in the garage until it's timely demise, large insects, like crickets and moths etc. About 4.5 Gb of footage in about a year. Birds are the worst, can be around 20 a day on one particular camera so I just cut the sensitivity. My cameras are set on 120 seconds with no delay to the next 120 seconds.one week I might get 2 notifications in another week I might get 15.

              • @pdevonporf: Thanks and last question, does your camera get direct sunlight? I have a lot of overhangs around the house and so any cameras I mount will not really be getting any sun and that kinda makes getting a solar powered one pointless. However, if they last long on battery and only need to be charged 3~4 times a year (obviously depends on usage), I'm happy with that.

                • @Chaoscreater: You can also go with 2c pro(link in post) and get a solar panels for each. They come out to be bit cheaper including solar panels.

                  Can put those solar panels in the sun.

                • @Chaoscreater: I don't have Solar, expensive. They have their place if you didn't have access to charging Power or used it for an Airbnb for instance across the other side of the country. I got the four-camera system for $500 at supercheap and three cameras for 340 at Amazon AU and three mains security lights for $200 each. also have an indoor mains powered eufy 2K security camera with pan and tilt. I also have a UPS on my router and homebase. https://tinyurl.com/24kqhpp9 $300 12 month battery model with 2K video. The Solar camera it's probably the best buy if you haven't got a home base as it is a wi-Fi camera.

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