This was posted 1 year 2 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Olympus Deals: 10kg Cement Standard Weight Plates $10.04 (Was $64.99) + More @ Torpedo7 (Requires Hospitality NZ Code)


Seen Wakarak's post. I had noticed Olympus gear is very heavily discounted with the Hospitality code. Had ordered lots of gear over the last fortnight and was awaiting all of my click + collect confirmations before posting and got my last one last night. A few examples below

Olympus 10KG Cement standard weight plates - $10.04 (was $64.99)
(Other weight ranges - 5KG, 2.5KG etc are also very heavily discounted)

All have free click+collect or delivery varies for each individual product. In my experience, click + collect generally takes 4-5 days if your local store doesn't have stock

Hospitality NZ code:

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    Just to clarify, all prices are with the hospitality code, correct?

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      Yes, correct

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      Thank you for adding that link/adjusting the post

  • Is someone able to share the hospitality code with me please?

  • Keen to grab the hospitality code. I saw the initial post a few weeks ago, but didn't really understand it.

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      If you have the previous code: HNZ********* + 288 = new code.

      If you don't have the code: upvote some deals and try to be a contributing member. Send the OP of that deal a message.

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        Now I'm getting messages hahaha!

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          😄 could be cheeky and turn off private messaging.

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          Welcome to my world.
          Wonder if there is an inbox message limit? - I must be getting close!

  • is the code used in the coupon area?

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      Yes, you add it when you review your cart

      • hmm I follow the instructions…..says That coupon does not exist

        • Works for me fine

          Please ensure you've got the up to date Hospitality Code. Check with BigCheese if you like (poor BigCheese's inbox)

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          Here's where you should be entering the code I gave you.
          I have checked the message I sent you and it is definitely correct.
          When you have entered it click on the red '+' button and you will see the blue box confirming the code is accepted.

          • @bigcheese: ohh you have already done the +288, cheers :D

  • Nice

  • just placed order, gave a little donation as well ;)

    thanks for the heads up

  • Thanks. Bought $120 RRP for $29 with free delivery. :D

    • What how free delivery!

      • *FREE Home Delivery on Orders Over $99 for Club Members (Small sized items).

        • the weights prooobably don't count as small items. :D

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            @Japo32: as a general guide, under 20kg items tend to qualify for free shipping including weights

  • legend

  • Bought a couple Olympus Adjustable Heavy Hand Grip for free shipping. Gotta strengthen my forearm now!

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      Will help you click those deals quicker!

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    So I guess the overall muscle mass of the cheapies community will increase in the months to follow. :D hahaha

  • how to quickly compare discount across different codes?

    • Probably take you less than a minute to test them all on the same product.

      • Remove product , add product ,add code,remove product,add product,add code?

        • Yes that sounds about right.

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          Much quicker do go

          Add product 1
          Add code
          Add product 2
          Remove product 1

          Then you don’t need to continue adding the code every time the cart is empty as it removes the code when there’s nothing in your cart

    • Have different browsers open. Firefox, chrome, edge, private browsing mode, incognito mode. Then you can just keep one code per window

  • Hi, can someone help me please to get the code?

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      Click the link at the bottom of the post.

  • Thanks OP just brought a bar and weights now have to find time to use it 🤣

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    Hi. I am trying to get my hands on the hospo code please.Tried sending a PM but it's still blocked from sending (I did enable messaging but I am still a new member)(yes was lurking around for a few months before finally getting registerd :)
    Thanks in advance

    • You need to follow the instructions on the link at the bottom of my post.

      The hospo code is reserved for active, contributing members for this reason

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        Thank you for the reply. I will have a look

        • I was a lurker too and made the move to be an active contributor. If you manage to get the code, can you please share? Thanks!

  • Crazy good deals, thanks OP.

  • Is anyone with the code able to check the price of this please:…

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      • Thank you!

  • Why is everyone choosing the standard style plates over the grip plates? I understand the retail is more, but typically it should be reversed. Especially as the standard ones are the cheapest type you can go.

  • Is this code still working? Thank you

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      • Thank you have got it.

  • I thought I had missed out on deals during the friends and family sale but sounds like this is a steal and I may still have a chance to get a good bargain. Thanks for sharing! Hoping the code still works if I can find it

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    I got this message when I applied the code for the 5kg weight plate:

    Oops… sorry this coupon isn't available on the products in your basket. Please check the terms and conditions of your coupon or contact our Customer Service team for more information.

    • I just tried it on both the cement and rubber versions of the 5kg plate. No issues.

    • I am getting the same message. It looks like it happens when you have more than 2 items of the same weight plate in the cart. Not sure if this is a recent thing

      • Right. If I add 1, it seems to be fine. If I add more than 1 then I get the above message

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    Is someone able to share the hospitality code with me please? still can't figure out the code.

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