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Everybody's Canola Oil 1.5L $3.69 @ PAK'n SAVE, Silverdale ($3.32 via Price Promise at The Warehouse)


Make sure to change the location of PAK'nSAVE to Silverdale to obtain the price beat. This works out to $4.42 for 2L! This is probably the cheapest in the country as supermarkets are selling canola oil upwards of $7.99 for 2L.

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    The guys who make that stuff are doing a real service, I've been buying this lately.

    Canola is canola, despite what brands like this will tell you with their $11/L Canola.


    • I fully agree!
      This is probably the one brand that is always in stock at my local New World and its price is reasonable ($5.99) considering the price hike for cooking oil.

  • +3

    but the SEED OILS! xD

  • +2

    At $2.21/L it is cheaper than diesel!

    • +1

      Hah! I didn't even think of that. Don't even need to process the old garbage stuff from fryers.

  • Yeah personally I avoid canola. Better to cook with extra virgin olive oil.

    • Why? Do you cook at low heat or have a taste for carcinogens?

      • +1

        Virgin olive oil may break down a bit more in higher heat, but whether it produces carcinogens is another matter. You wouldn't deep fry with it, yet on lower to medium heats it is suitable. The issue with Canola is that a high omega 6 seed oil which causes oxidative stress, inflaming every part of your body, and high heats multiple that effect.

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