This was posted 4 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Active Rapid Dishwashing Tablets Lemon 120 Pack $19.98 (Normally $39.98) @ Mitre10


Active Rapid Dishwashing Tablets Lemon 120 Pack $20 (Normally$40) at Mitre10.

Actually somewhat of a good deal worth posting from Mitre10.

The next closest is:
Active Rapid Dishwasher Tablets Lemon
60pack at Countdown $20.00 (correct me if I'm wrong).

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Mitre 10
Mitre 10

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  • Is it equivalent to Finish Ultimate?

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        Finish Quantum Ultimate Lemon Sparkle
        Cleaning performance: 74

        Egg yolk Rice starch Baked-on cheese Red wine Coffee Minced meat
        91✔️ 74 88 45 58✔️ 91✔️

        Active Rapid Lemon
        Cleaning performance: 77

        Egg yolk Rice starch Baked-on cheese Red wine Coffee Minced meat
        89 75✔️ 91✔️ 66✔️ 56 86
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    Next cheapest is PNS (Botany) at $14.99 for a 60pk. New World has it for $17.99.

    Or $22 for Lime With Baking Soda 100pk (PNS Taupo).

    Prices found on

  • Thanks @Wakrak, I never had heard of!

    • It's a great site. It's very useful to have the app on your phone if you have supermarkets close to each other: as you can just have your local stores selected you can easily see which has an item cheaper. We've got a New World right next to a Countdown, so I'll often use the barcode scanner in the app to quickly check if it is worth picking up a non-special item from the other place instead.
      I've also found it quite useful to quickly see whether items are actually in stock at my local supermarket or whether I need to go to a different branch.

  • These leave a smell on your plates and cutlery, can't stand it!

    • Interesting you say that, because that's exactly what the one review says. A lemony smell.

    • Would you recommend the Finish Classic Tablet over this?

      • Personally I didn't find the classic tabs much more different than just powder.

        If I'm using Finish I personally find it's Quantum or nothing, especially as my F&P dishwasher doesn't actually do a prewash cycle so a good tablet is king for me.

  • Thanks was down to the last 5 or so tablets from the three boxes brought during the last big deal on these.

  • Damn, still got heaps of finish ones to get through

    • I’m the same - I think I have about a years worth of the Finish Quantum Ultimate.

      • They start going goopy after a while, do you find the same?

        • Mine seem to be ok.
          I keep the other packs in a cupboard that’s relatively cool and dry and only have the pack I’m using under the sink.

        • Yup, either they were old stock already or because I kept them on top of my heat pump dryer and it heated them up into more gooieness.

  • Thankyou. These savings really help!

  • I've been very happy with Finish up until now, using them in a Bosch dishwasher on Super Wash setting. I've bought two boxes of 120 so hoping these are good as I'll be using them for a while!

  • New house I live in have one of those F&P top + lower dishwasher as separate draws.
    Do I still use one tablet per wash even though they are separated?

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      One tablet or gel pouch per drawer. Each drawer can run independently of the other drawer.

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