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Oral B Pro 2 2000 Electric Toothbrush $98 @ Heathcotes ($88.20 via Pricematch at Briscoes)


Oral B Pro 2 2000 Electric Toothbrush

Not the cheapest deal ever (pricing error on Amazon), but still a good price and our old electric toothbrush just died and the 2000 model seems to be the recommended model if you want to go a step above the basic model.

$98 @ Heathcotes
Blue -…
Pink -…

$143.99 @ Briscoes
Blue -…

Price promise T&C…

Final price is $88.20 ($99 less 10% price promise)

If you want some replacement heads on price promise at the same time, then you can get a 3 pack for $18.62 ($20.69 less 10%).……

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    OP - the deal should be posted with the cheapest place to buy in the title - Heathcotes.
    A price match is not considered a deal on its own.
    Then reference the pricematch available at Briscoes.

    • Yea recently titles are getting too wordy with all the price-matches. Should just put go in the comments otherwise they'll be coupon stacking in the titles next.

      • It’s not so much the titles are getting wordy, it’s that there are deal posting guidelines/conventions to follow.
        It makes things more consistent.
        Guidelines here on price matching descriptions.

        I get my posts amended from time to time by the moderators or Wakrak too but it does make it clearer if everyone tries to follow the guidelines.

  • Briscoes only has the blue version if you're looking to pricematch.

  • PB Tech have the Oral-B Smart S5500 for $118.99 which I highly recommend. That thing feels like a rocket engine is powering it compared to my old 800 model. It has bluetooth to connect to an app which I've never used because it seems pointless, but I do like how the handle lights up to warn you if you're using too much downward pressure while brushing.…

    Don't forget to use Springship or Freeship to get free shipping.

  • Grab some replacement heads Oral-B cheap 44% off Amazon AU…

    • $34.50 nzd delivered for 8 heads … They are not the 3d ones posted above (although it probably doesn't make much difference).

    • Aliexpress is the place to get Oral B heads. Though once I got a packet and they didn't fit so not super consistent….but cheap enough anyway.

      • I heard they are 3rd party and not as good, is that true?

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          Yes to 3rd party. In terms of not as good, I'm not really able to answer that. The quality-control is definitely worse, but I don't feel like they clean my teeth worse.

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    I have this toothbrush and I am frustrated with the battery life. It's a couple of years old but after 4 brushes (a day for a couple) it gets pretty weak then dies after about 6-8 brushes. We might get two days in total, so it basically has to live on the charger. Such a hassle when travelling.

    Does anyone know if a toothbrush with either a much better battery life, or perhaps a lightweight usb-c charger? Seems odd that they all require this weird proprietary charging dock.

    • That's pretty bad. I have the same toothbrush, has been in my possession for at least two years, and still lasts two weeks.

      Aliexpress probably has a few USB-C type toothbrushes (yet to look myself).

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      Yeah mine is the same, and it's the second one I've owned which had the same issue. I think it's a downside of the battery being NiMH.
      And even with it living on the charger, it's power varies a lot.

      • Yeah agreed, lithium ion would make a lot of sense.

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      You might have the older model Pro 2000 which has NiMH battery, this deal and the one I've got is the Pro 2 2000 which has Lithium Ion Battery.

      • Oh interesting, looks like you are right. I am pretty confident mine isn't lithium ion!

    • My Pro 2000 is even worse. It only lasts barely 2 brushes before it's out of juice. So just put it back on charge everytime I've finished a brush now. I guess it's near the end of its life.

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      4 brushes (a day for a couple)

      You could double the capacity if you didn't share the toothbrush 😁

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        Just bought 2 of these (NZD79.80) - what a truly fantastic idea !!!

        And got 10 new heads from PB for $55

        Tired of the batteries dying !

        PITA to replace too :(

  • Has been cheaper a few times in the past (referring to your pricing error comment in the description. Partner paid A$65 in 2021).

    Think I paid $80 for mine off ShaverShop (both toothbrushes are the 2 2000 model).

  • $86.82 delivered at Amazon AU (black version with case)

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    Was going to post this as a deal (hence the structure), but then got cold feet.

    Oral-B Pro 2 2000 Electric Toothbrush (Black, Blue, Pink) A72.14 Delivered (~NZ$81.72 Approx.) @ Amazon AU

    Black comes with the travel container, whereas the other two do not.

    Has been much cheaper in the past, but this is still a decent price.

    About this item

    • Product Type: Toothbrush
    • Package Quantity: 1
    • Country of Origin: Germany
    • Know you brush the right amount of time with the 2min professional timer…

    • Hmmmm might get one for myself (I bought the blue one for the wife). Or maybe I should just swap the tips.. hmm.

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