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Oral-B Pro 2000 Dark Blue Electric Toothbrush AU$59 / NZ$63 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Great deal back in stock!

Oral-B Pro 2000 is probably the best one for it's price in the current market. Let me explain:
- It has 3D oscillations + STRONGER vibrations compared to the vitality model which only has 2D linear vibrations
- Essentially what this means is that it is ALOT better at removing plaque between the gum lines + interdental plaque and therefore it is SUPERIOR to it's previous models
- This potentially may save you a few dentist bills over a life time.
- Worth the upgrade if you have been using the very basic models or even as a first

Price is in AUD (~63$ NZD). Get in quick before its sold out again.

UPDATE: DARK BLUE MODEL IS SOLD OUT NOW only the BLACK MODEL which is AU69$ is still in stock

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Welcome to Cheapies!
    Note the $59 is in $AUD not $NZD.
    Also, good to indicate it is from Amazon AU in the title.

    This page gives some examples of how others have titled their posts:

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    Nice one OP. Price must've changed today. Rate this toothbrush highly.

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    Thank you , picked one up !

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    I have the black version (with the travel case) and it's great! I end up having to charge it less than weekly, and you can get cheaper replacement heads too.

    • cheaper replacement heads from?

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        amazon, look for the one with good * reviews [i have used it, can't really tell any difference in quality/durability from official].

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    Total 61.69.AUD to NZ.

    • Was this price for me too - is the difference just the GST calculation?

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    Worked got blue one, others $10 extra, thanks

  • Had switched back to manual after my last electric died, but the good reviews on this one sucked me into a purchase. Ty for the deal :)

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    Is this really much better than the basic model?

    Seems to me that the heads are compatible with the basic model so it can't be that much different mechanically.

    The main difference seems to be just the battery. This is Lithium whereas the basic model is Nicad.

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      Yes heaps better than basic model, a lot faster speed and 3D. You will not go back to basic model once you get one of these. Also long term battery life better than basic vitality model so cheaper in the long term and better for the environment.

    • The Lithium battery is a huge bonus at least for me. It lasts over a week and don't have to think about the battery at all. I have a habit of making sure I charge it once every weekend and that's it.

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      There are a few upgrades including the 3D pulsations and a greater RPM compared to vitality.
      It is the handle which controls the mechanics not so much the brush head.
      There is also the pressure alert light which can be useful if you have thin enamel / dont want wear and tear
      So considering that there is better brushing action + pressure alert + battery i think it justifies my point.

      However, there is not much point paying for a $400 bluetooth electric brush as they do not really add much benefits unlike the vitality —> Pro 2000 upgrade.

    • Good to ask questions, but you're answering pretty strongly.

      The basic models [2D is just oscillate and rotate] are cack in comparison, this one pulsates [3D]. The basics are just a better toothbrush, this is a gamechanger.

      Pretty much all the reviews and general public who have researched the topic have concluded to get the cheapest lithium 3D one that's good [and consider the price of replacement heads] , and that's typically the pro 2 2000 with good aftermarket heads.

  • Now back to AU$69

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      Because the dark blue is sold out now, therefore only the black model + case is available.

  • Picked one up cheers.

  • Mine arrived and wow. First time owning an electric toothbrush, I seriously feel the difference of the clean straight away.

    It vibrates ALOT though, I use it on the lowest setting but yes - impressed. Thanks OP

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