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AEG 18V 9-piece Brushless Combo Kit $1597 (+ Bonus $849 AEG 1800W Dual Mitre Saw & Stand Combo via Redemption) @ Bunnings


Probably the best bang for your buck tool set out there, especially when you consider it's dropped $500 in the past month comes with a bonus $650 mitre saw.

My guess is they're getting rid of this stock before bringing in a new version.


It includes a hammer drill, 6-mode impact driver, 6-mode impact wrench, rotary hammer drill, paddle switch 125mm angle grinder, and reciprocating saw – all of which feature our class-leading FUSION brushless technology for superior performance, extended runtime, and longer life. This AEG FUSION kit also comes with a brushless 184mm circular saw (deep cut), a brushless jigsaw, an LED torch, 2 high-capacity FORCE 6.0Ah batteries to enhance performance and increase runtime, an 18V smart charger, and 2 large bags for storing and transporting the entire kit

To redeem the Mitre Saw combo (RRP $849)

1) Create Account or Login to MY AEG
2) Register your purchased product
3) Submit redemption claim

Redemption T&Cs

  • The redemption offer only applies to new products outlined in the Promotion List, purchased from Bunnings New Zealand or via AEG Power Tools (New Zealand) online in New Zealand. The redemption offers are valid while the stocks last.
  • The redemption purchase period commences on 1st July 2022 and closes at 11:59pm NZST on 30th September 2022 .
  • Redemptions for all products must be submitted to and received by the Promoter, by 11:59pm NZST on 31st October 2022 to be eligible.
  • Claimants can only register and claim the redemption electronically through a dedicated online redemption page: www.aegpowertools.co.nz/register
  • Only one redemption registration is permitted per AEG product purchased. If a person makes multiple purchases, a personmay only register once for every product purchased.
  • To be able to register and claim the bonus offer, one of the following AEG products must be purchased from Bunnings New Zealand or via AEG Power Tools (New Zealand) online direct in New Zealand as set out in the

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  • Hey OP, where are you seeing the bonus mitre saw?

    • In store flier and on aeg website

  • $1597? Is the mitre saw included (didn't see it in the picture) what do you mean bonus? Cheers

    • Yes bonus via redemption

  • +1

    Bunnings were also doing a bonus Framing nailer via redemption with their 4 piece kits

  • Has a DIY warrior ever justified swapping over systems to a better/tradie spec stuff?
    I'm currently on Ryobi and is generally happy with the equipment and finding it hard to commit to a full system swap (albeit good pricing on this).

    • AEG is DIY grade along with Ryobi from the same company, Techtronic Industries Hong Kong. Milwaukee is their trade brand. Nothing wrong with AEG or Ryobi for any DIY and 1/3 of the price you'd pay for a Milwaukee system.

      • I wouldn't call AEG a DIY grade brand, it competes closely in price with Dewalt and Makita, and both are trade-quality brands. Milwaukee is a top-end brand which is popular in the US, but has limited visibility in NZ. If tool thefts isn't a concern, leasing tools from a god-tier brand like Hilti is also a good option for tradies.

        What I don't like about AEG is that they're a mid-tier Techtronic brand, squeezed in the middle with a proprietary battery system, but without the versatility of Ryobi (e.g. garden tools) or the high-end quality of Milwaukee (not that you'll care as a DIYer). I would buy the Makita if the price is similar.

        • Only in NZ AEG is perceived to be a quality brand because of its German origins, but since AEG went bankrupt and was purchased by a Chinese company who dropped the quality it’s way overpriced in NZ and that’s why these tools can be so heavily discounted.

        • AEG has garden tools..

        • Milwaukee are no more ‘high end’ than any other of the ‘bigger brands’. What makes you put Milwaukee into their own bracket?

      • I’m unsure on ownership but AEG tools in NZ seem to be the same as sold by Ridgid in the States. An AEG toolbox I bought a few years ago was even embossed with the Ridgid logo. They seem to have a good reputation over there too.

        • Techtronic Industries Co Ltd Hong Kong owns Milwaukee Tool, it also licenses the RIDGID, AEG and RYOBI brands to manufacture under their respective names.

    • +2

      Ryobi is great for diy, quality tools and good range.

      You won't get much benefit out of brushless tools (they're a little lighter, more energy efficient, less maintenance, longer life span) if you're not using them regularly.

      This is a great kit but will you use it all? Can probably sell the bits you don't want on trademe for $150-$200 a pop.

  • +1

    $1557.08 with powerpass

  • Worth noting the redemption and promotion period have changed (been brought forward 1 month) - probably running out of stock soon.

    Source: https://www.aegpowertools.co.nz/promotions

    PROMOTION PERIOD: 01/07/2022 - 31/08/2022
    REDEMPTION PERIOD: 01/07/2022 - 30/09/2022

  • I got this set (thanks OP) and a quick look at the redemption tonight looks like I have to register every single tool from the set as part of that process.
    Is that correct?

  • Not that anyone really is interested but I got this deal..when I went to redeem there were options of a 9volt battery a mitre saw or a framing nailer kit that comes with a charger and 2 4amp battery's 😁😁😁😁I went for the nailer 👍

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