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$10 off $100 Spend @ Chemist Warehouse (Newsletter Signup)


Did not know this was an option until I made a purchase the other day and got a newsletter email a couple days later.

Don't see many (if any) other CW discount offers so thought I'd post.


  • Go to the bottom of page and sign up
  • Might have to disable adblockers.
  • Code typically arrives 48 hours later.
  • Codes are unique but can be used on any account (or guest checkout).

Newsletter email example

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  • Loading screen just spins for me too.
    How long did the email code take to come through?

    • At least a day. I made a purchase on July 24 and got a code July 26.

      Edit: I signed up again at 730pm tonight. Will update when I receive the code.

  • Dang, will be useful for the future but makes the 10% off code they gave me as an amelioration pretty much worthless. Was saving it for a big purchase as well.

  • Hey, I signed up 2 days ago but haven't received the coupon yet. Is it just me or others are also facing the same delay?

    • I haven’t got mine yet either,
      However, it’s only been a day and a half since the post and Wakrak did say his took a couple of days to come through.

    • +1

      I can give you one of my codes in the meantime if you want it (I doubt I'll use em all).

      If I don't receive a code today I'll expire the deal.

      • Thanks a lot, would love a code and I'm planning to buy few supplements by early next week. Hope the code is valid for next week.

  • Just received another $10 off email. Almost 48 hours later.

    May have been through the second method. Not sure.

    • I tried both methods and just received two coupons.
      Looks like either way works.

      Can't see an expiry date on it either?

      • Yeah neither. Be nice if it's active for at least 12 months.

  • Got the coupon now in my mailbox. Thanks 😊

    • What method did you use?

      • I tried both, not sure which one worked.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Tried the link at the bottom and got the code.

  • Hi my fantastic cheapie friends 😃, does anyone have one of these discount codes they are not going to use ?.

    I have join the mailing list already, about 24 hours ago, but as per the comments in this thread, it takes more time than that.

    I have had some stuff in my cart for awhile, thinking hmmm is it to expensive or not, also my wife is a bit sick at the moment, and was hoping to get her some medication, as well on Click and Collect 😃 (don't worry I'll still get the meds for my wife, if I don't get a code, it's not worth my life !!).

    If someone could help, could you please very kindly send me a code by private message.

    Thanks Cheapies

    • Happy to send you one but your messaging is turned off.
      Flick me a PM and I will send it to you.

  • +2

    Some people have had success using the same code twice, so I've added one of mine to the post. Feel free to use it, and let me know if it works / doesn't work.

  • Hi does anyone please 🙏 have another code ?. I could swap you one back when I get one. Thanks heaps all, love the community here.

    • Message sent.

  • -2

    Could I have a code thx

  • FYI chemistwarehouse.co.nz/email shouldn't exist - this is a legacy page brought over from AU and has been taken down.
    You can still sign up for emails using the bar in the footer.

    • Thanks. I've updated the link.

  • Does anyone know if they still do the $10 off coupon? I signed up and have received my first newsletter but nothing regarding any codes?

    • I just signed up again. See if I get the code in 2 days. I'll expire the deal for now.

      • Thanks for the reply. Confirming i’ve received the code now so it is still working!

        • Sweet. I'll remove the expiry.

  • Does the code expire?

    • It doesn't have an expiry date printed on the email.
      All it says is 'Here's a code for $10 off your next order over $100 online'.
      However, I just tested a code that I received a month ago and it is no longer working so it must expire - just don't know how long it lasts.

    • I used the code I received on 30 July today and it went through ok.

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