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$15 off $100 Spend @ The Warehouse App (MarketClub)


A late addition. $10 off $100 was on the website yesterday but not on the app until today.

Combine with $5 off $50 spend to get $15 off $100. Excludes shipping.

To get this offer:

  • Download The Warehouse app and login/register.
  • You should now see a MarketClub banner on your home screen, follow the prompts to join.
  • Make sure you have latest version of the app.
  • Offers can be used in any The Warehouse store and online through the app.

Important: in-store purchases

You [cannot] use more than one basket level offer in the same transaction.

What is a basket level offer? It’s an offer that applies to the whole purchase, e.g. Spend $50 and get $5 off or get 10% off when you spend $100 or more.

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    Google Chromecast With Google TV $85 + Shipping / Pickup

    • Pricematch1 with einfo
    • Add $5.01 worth of items to cart
    • Checkout in the app

    Alternatively $90 delivered at Warehouse Stationery

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    That took them a while to sort.
    Thanks OP.

  • Excluded shipping means $10 off on 100 overall

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      or $15 off with click & collect.

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    I think the Warehouse should have free shipping for spending over a limit, similar to themarket.

    The good thing about the lack of free shipping (codes) is I buy less, so hopefully less of stuff I don't need.

    When the order is ready for collection they send me this message "We look forward to seeing you at The Warehouse at xxx today. Jump the Q on arrival http://socialq.net/zzz or reschedule/cancel". I click on the link to let them known "on my way", "I've arrived" but when I get there I still have to queue up like everyone else. Has that happened to anyone?

    Has it happened to ever

    • The last time I did a click & collect they told me that my order had already been collected the previous day.
      I had to assure them that I had not collected it (as I had been in Covid isolation and hadn't left the house!).
      In the end they just gave me the product anyway after calling over a supervisor - it was only worth a few dollars.
      Was definitely a bit weird!
      I suggested they might want to go back to their video surveilance if they had actually given the product to someone else as it wasn't me.

      • The same thing happened to me, twice over a few months, at the warehouse.
        One of which was quite expensive, appearantly they dont even check proof of purchase and IDs.

        • Did you know you can get free food if you walk into a restaurant and just say "ubereats"

          • @cheesefist: assume this a joke?

          • @cheesefist: "which order?" "the biggest bag one" lol. I would rather walk out of a supermarket with a trolley load of food, I've seen that once in Auckland! And the chubb security guy just stood there. So weird watching things unfold.

        • my one asks for id and email info, you will have to quote the order number too so someone would know what your ordered?

    • I have done that couple of times, and I don't see anyone really looking at that system. I always had to wait for them to go back and collect the items post-lockdown.

      I guess it was working when we were in lockdown and only collect the pickup from outside counter or something. I saw they had my package on the front rack behind counter. Not anymore.

    • I've mostly switched to ordering direct from TheMarket to get free shipping as it has all The Warehouse's SKU's onsite plus being able to order from multiple partner stores(96 of them) that qualify for free shipping >$45

  • Anybody got a free shipping code please?

    • They don't exist. Your best bet is C&C which is free.

      • Thanks, all done 😊

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