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All Movie Rentals under TRY₺4.99 (~NZ$0.45) Each, Buy Movies under TRY₺19.99 (~NZ$1.80) Each @ Apple TV Türkiye


Rent movies from Apple TV Turkey for as little as 45 cents, or buy them for as little as $1.80. A few hoops to jump through:

How to get access:

Follow the onscreen steps. In the mobile number section use your Australian New Zealand mobile number (Very important to use a valid number or risk losing your ID). Choose country as Turkey. Then follow through the rest to create your ID. Login into Apple ID on a browser. Go to this(appleid.apple.com) link to enter a Turkish address to your Turkish Apple ID and save.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone/iPad > Your Name > Media and Purchases > Log out from your current ID and login with your Turkish Apple ID

  • Buy TL iTunes gift cards (Make sure you only buy Turkish ones, only comes in 25 TRY and 50 TRY denominations) from TurGame > Choose currency as TL/TRY and pay with international transaction fee free card.

  • Redeem iTunes gift cards by going to App Store > Account (located at right top corner) > Redeem gift cards or code.

  • Use Apple TV app to purchase or rent movies.

Same method also works for iCloud+ family sharing and Disney+ sign up.

Original post / Credit to Pricebeat at OzBargain

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  • +2

    I just saw Turkey and had to upvote…
    Now to read the post.

    • these turkey workarounds are just so good

  • +1

    Buy ALL movies for $1.80 seems pretty cheap. Now how big are they all?

    • I've got the storage for sure, but what do they mean by own? Download and keep locally in a good format?

    • Store them on Google using the Turkish VPN thing!

      Except, you'd better obfuscate them so that Google doesn't remove access :-)

  • +2

    Cheapies + Turkey = 🤝

    • +1

      New logo 💰🦃

    • Türkiye 😉

  • I want turkey xbox gift card…

    • you quite litterally can? are you wanting xbox gamepass ultimate or plain xbox live gold?

      Ultimate should cost you 140-160nzd for 3 year subscription

      Redeem 3 years of xbox live gold, then subscribe to xbox gamepass ultimate and it'll upgrade all your xbox live gold to ultimate

      Xbox live gold should cost you 135-140nzd for 3 years

      You can buy in smaller quantities, 3 years is just the most cost effective for xbox gamepass ultimate

      Just use a Turkish VPN and redeem.microsoft.com

  • +3

    We should have all Turkey deals in common location or a tag for Turkey deals.

  • +1

    Turkey does not exist anymore… its Türkiye

  • Any known/foreseeable issues with using my primary NZ phone number if it’s already associated with my existing/legitimate Apple ID? I don’t own a burner sim, but I could use my wife’s digits if it were likely to be/become a problem…

    • +1

      Nothing I know of but plenty of foreseeable issues.
      It’s not worth chancing your existing accounts for so little cost.
      I would just buy a sim - it will cost you just $1 and you can use it for plenty of other things as well (Waitomo fuel spins, Mobil coffee / car wash etc).

  • Just bought the Harry Potter 8 film collection for about $9… 😳

    I’m going to hell, aren’t I?

    OP - you’re coming with me…

    • +1

      Get Hell Boy (1, 2, 3, …..) before you leave!

      • Think I’ll stay a while… Extended Cuts Versions of LOTR and The Hobbit for NZD$3.60 per trilogy… 👹

        • +1

          I have those too :-)

  • +1

    But to access them you need to be logged in with your ‘Turkey’ Apple ID? Seems like a bit of a hassle switching out an account on Apple TV IMO, especially if you’re building your digital library on iTunes, having them on separate Apple IDs kind of defeats the purpose. Or am I missing something here?

    • I’m still playing around with it, but no, I’m signed in using my original NZ ID, and I seem to be very easily able to switch between my NZ and TR ATV/Music accounts within their respective apps with no apparent playback/region issues as yet. Loaded two of the HP movies in this way, and also Beetlejuice which I’ve been looking to get a copy of and bought for less than a dollar using this TR approach. Will see what comes out in the wash I suppose!

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