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$20 off $30 Spend (First Order Only, Excludes Service Fees) @ Menulog


This voucher can be redeemed by applying your unique code at the checkout on Menulog.com or in the mobile app, and is valid for your first order on one of these platforms. The voucher code is valid for a single use only and orders placed with a credit card. Minimum order amount is $30 and excludes any service fees. Maximum discount value of $20. Voucher code and expiration date will be sent via SMS to the phone number submitted into the form above. Vouchers may not be sold and cannot be refunded, converted into money or combined with any other vouchers. Menulog retains the right to cancel any usage of the voucher in case of suspicions of fraud or misuse.


Works for Pick and Delivery

Has to be a number that hasn't made a Menulog order before, else its says not eligible

New sim cards:
$5 with $5 credit: https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/warehouse-mobile-multi-sim/…
$2 https://www.newworld.co.nz/shop/Search?q=sim%20cards

Texts can take a few mins to arrive
Can use Gmail's Plus & dot Tricks to use same email for new accounts

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  • Thanks for posting this :)

  • +1

    I might be missing something obvious, but 50% off a minimum of $30, capped at $15 means….

    Exactly $15 off of $30 or more?

    Maybe I am reading it wrong?

    • +1

      if you spend more than $30 then you get a max of $15 off

      so like if you spent $45 you won't get $22.50 you'll only get $15 off

      • Yep - so exactly $15 off (never more, and never less) any spend of $30 or more?

  • What a weird and rather misleading way to put it (Menulog, not Hunta). Wouldn't '$15 off order ($30 minimum spend)' be better and true? They probably word it like that to catch people out.

    Maximum discount value is $15, but that is the ONLY amount you can get discounted…

    • Yes - that is why I queried it.

      The 50% thing gives me the impression that they are being intentionally misleading.

  • Damn. used up all mobile numbers :S

    • You could wait until a mobile provider does another deal on credit that requires you purchasing SIMs.

      I have about thirty sitting here across Spark, Vodafone, 2Degrees, Skinny, …. probably others!

      • Does Menulog care if you use the same CC though? I know UberEats are pretty strict.

        • Menulog don't seem to care about the same card being used at all..

        • +1

          Get yourself a Wise card and you will never have to worry about using the same credit card number again.
          One off cost of $14 for the physical card that you need to order first but that's it.
          After that you can use the virtual digital card and generate a new card number every time if you like.
          It's brilliant.

      • haha.. how you manage 30 cards.. knowing what's registered, what not.. how about gmail.

        • I don't - the thirty cards are all in their original packaging (plus one currently in my old / spare phone).

          If I need a new number to register for something, I use the current (spare) card, or if I need a new number, I ditch the current (spare) one, and open a new pack. Often, that is the only time you need the number, but if I ever needed it again, and the card was gone, I'd either try to change the phone number to a new one, or if it didn't like that, create a new account.

          I don't do it on an account I might care about - only 'throwaway' accounts where it wouldn't worry me if I never dealt with the other party again (like MenuLog for example).

    • Warehouse $1 sims ;)

  • what is the gmail + trick>

    • By simply adding a + to the end of your username (but before the "@") you can create infinite variations of your Gmail address. For example, [email protected] will direct email to your main address without giving it away to spammers.

      Or you can add dots to your email address if for some reason you wanted multiple site accounts and it all goes to the same account inbox


      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

  • +1

    I thought I'd comment on this, I noticed that on July 7th, if you created an account (no phone number required) and haven't made an order, they would've sent you a $15 off $30 min spend code in your 'For You' section.

    I had two other accounts under different emails, and I could use both vouchers on my main account. So, if you don't have many spare sim cards but you created spare accounts under new emails previously, check for an email around July 7th :).

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Same card, different phone number. No issues.

    One downfall of living rural with Menulog = limited restaurant pool. KFC or KFC

    • I have four options in Nelson. Two Indian restaurants and two Night n Day Outlets. Looks like I'll be thrashing the Indian.

    • Your KFC allows pickup on Menulog?? No Auckland stores allow that.

      • Definitely wasn't pickup (as in me personally picking it up). My lazy ass is glued to my Buro Roma chair

    • hmm if i were u i would go with kfc

  • do you need to use an app to take advantage of this deal

    • nope, browser works fine

      • ok i have been txted a voucher code but going to order something online on my browser i dont see anywhere to put the code

        • happens at checkout just at the last screen under the payment "i have a voucher"

  • there must be like 25 to 30 restaurants in upper hutt,but only 8 to choose from on menu log, no pickups available at mcdon and burger king

  • They just also added this:

    …because we’re celebrating Christmas (in July) this weekend with
    a takeaway treat!
    You've got a present hidden in your 'For You' section, so Christmas dinner can come to you this year.

    Unwrap your gift by applying your code at checkout to see if you get
    Free delivery, $5 off or $10 off*
    when you spend $20 or more.

    Decorations optional.

    • hi wats that huntakillaz whats the site?,maybe u should opened a seperate thread for that

      • It's a new offer on Menulog. Log in and click on the For You button.


      • menulog still,
        but not worth opening a separate one since its targeted and not as good a deal unless you get the $10

        it only lets you reuse it account you've made and got the offer.
        whereas $15 off $30 can be done with new accounts just need to grab new sims

    • I don't have this offer.

  • same here i clicked on for you and theres nothing there

  • When does this expire?

    • I think it's based on when you enter your cell no. or when they take down the site

      • I'm think about buying some cheap sims from the warehouse for this but unsure if worth or how many.

        • Can buy a few and then get more later when you need more.

  • KFC again on a Friday

  • Best way to utilise those $1 harvey norman sims now that waitomo has finished for now, and had enough car washes, been treating out to menulog lunch and dinner everywhere i go for the past 2 weeks now, anyone know when this will continue. I set up more and the expiry dates were extended luckily

    • I believe its long term, ongoing till they find out ;)

  • Just worked for me

    • Yeah I must be doing something wrong. Perhaps a simcard I've used before.

      • sorted

        • Tag this as long term deal

          • @Huntakillaz: Looks like it already is?

            • +1

              @Wakrak: oh haha was looking at the bottom, cheapies needs more colour coding tags

  • It still works, moderator update its not expired

  • Jeepers 4700+ clicks on the link

    • Dont jinx it! I need this to help with inflation.

      • haha so you must be 200 of those clicks :P

        • Its definitely coal for me this xmas

    • 5125

      • Still a few more to catch @wowbigdeal
        There might be one with more but that’s the highest I could find.

        • Hmmm, I don't remember… But it might have been exactly 41709 click throughs 😊👌 (first Waitomo spin n win)

          • @wowbigdeal: This was just before my time on Cheapies.
            I didn’t even know about it then ☹️
            Back to the days when you could keep on spinning until you got a number you liked.

            • @bigcheese: @bigcheese just unbelievable that you could keep spinning. Didn't take long for them to learn from the mistake haha. I don't remember how I stumbled upon cheapies, but it's one of my favourite sites. Cheers cheapies.

        • lol

          That's near impossible to catch unless this runs like 5yrs+
          since free money > paying $15

          plus ppl be using and not voting so make its less visible than if it had 100+ votes

          I'm just tracking to seem how much monthly clicks it goes though :)

    • 5680

  • The Warehouse sim card price has gone up. It’s now showing as $5 :(

  • Switching to $2 Skinny sim for easy pickup at Countdown/New World :)

  • I tried today, but it didn't work. "Oops! Looks like this promotion was too popular & we've run out vouchers! Check the 'For You' section of your app for tasty deals & discounts in your local area."

    • Still working here

      • Are you in Auckland?

    • Not working for me either in Auckland, such a big loss :(

  • Anyone had the issue where you use your code to place and order, but the restaurant doesn't 'confirm' you order so your order get cancelled (either they don't take Menulog orders anymore, or are too busy). And then your $15 off code doesn't work anymore because you get the error message saying that the code can only be used on your first order.

    Has happened to be a few times, making me waste a few sims :(

    • +2

      Yep has happened a few times before, i generally try not to order from restaurants i haven't used before with the new sim offer, and try not to order during busy periods (so order early before 6:30pm or after 8:30pm).
      But if it happened i usually just message the help agents and they've given another code to use instead.

      • Ah yes true, will give them a message next time!

    • you win some, you lose some, that's how it works

    • +1

      just create another account and use the same code, the code is not locked to the account, but the account needs to have the total of 0 orders for this specific code

      some tips: I usually order for pickup because the delivery service from Menulog is the worse and pickup does not charge 10% fee + delivery and dont order from restaurant without reviews, most of the time they are not in the app anymore, and when ordering from a new restaurant I usually call them first to check if they are accepting menulog orders

      • Oh I didn't know you could just create a new account and use the same code, thanks for that! Will try that the next time it happens.

        Yeah I've always picked up too, not worth it for me to get it delivered.

        I call them beforehand to make sure they're taking menulog orders now too haha

        • I always do a quick check of the reviews within app or website. If there are zero reviews and restaurant has been on menulog for while, it's a big warning sign to avoid. There is one Auckland restaurant that has been closed for 10 months yet you can still place a menulog order lol.

          • @The Hound: Most of the restaurants @ Auckland CBD listed on menulog don't exist anymore or no longer use menulog

          • @The Hound: If you find such places, then make sure to let the menulog team know, my brother did so they gave him his money back + a credit to the equivalent to the one he used

            • @Huntakillaz: Closed restaurant never accepted my order so credit card was never charged.

              • @The Hound: Ahh, my brother had a dodgy one that was accepting orders, but the place didn't exist at the pickup location

                • @Huntakillaz: lol sounds more like a scam

                  • @The Hound: It did exist at one point 6 months earlier but yeah they been scamming people from menulog and other delivery apps since. Drivers were turning up to pickup orders. Makes you wonder why they don't do monthly or quarterly checkup on the restaurants.

                    • @Huntakillaz: soon they will simply disappear from the country without paying any of the partners restaurants

  • Anyone else having issues receiving these voucher codes? I've tried a couple of new sim cards (2 Degrees), enter the number, receive the confirmation screen on, but the voucher never comes through…

    • no problem on warehouse mobile last week

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