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Goldair Platinum 2000W Electronic Panel Heater with Wi-Fi $279 @ Noel Leeming ($237.15 via Pricematch at Mitre10)



Noel Leeming link ends 19/07/2022.

Miter10 link

I picked one up today .. managed to connect it with WIFI no issues. Goldair app is just similar to Tuya smart or Smarter home app not the best but does the job.
also connected to google home (can only turn on and off from google home).

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  • Thank you! Would you happen to know if M10 price price match for online purchases, out of town at the moment and keen to buy.

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  • Would flashing with Tasmota / EspHome work on these models, anyone tried ?

    • probably, Im using it with homebridge on my raspberrypi and works fine on homekit

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      I have two of these 1000W + 2000W.

      Flashing not needed, but would probably work.

      You can actually use tuya to connect to the heater as well.

      There is home assistant support for goldair heater via the hacs integration.

      The heater has a serious issue with the design, you can't turn the heater off manually without completely cutting the power, which means you won't be able to turn it back on remotely or with a schedule etc. It lacks a soft turn off button. As such I don't recommend this heater.

      Why would you design a smart heater that you can't turn back on after turning it off (at the heater) is beyond me.

      The wheel bracket is supplied with one way screws, so recommend buying some screws to screw in the wheel bracket if you want the ability to take off the wheels and wall mount it in the future.

      They also sell a very very similar model at Briscoes, you might actually be able to get a price beat with Briscoes as well m10 if the sales person thinks they are identical. (I believe they are essentially identical but they make a tiny variation for the Briscoes model presumably to prevent price matching).

      Downvoted because of the serious design flaw

      • Cheers for this … Where and when did you buy your heater ? As I don't have those issues with mine.

        I can turn the heater off and on from the app or Google.. when off it goes on standby mode just like a tv would.

        For the wheel bracket I received normal screwes with a plastic bit on them so you can just hand tight them without needing a tool. I had it on wheels yesterday to test for a night and just installed it to the wall today.

        Seems like they have improved the design aspect perhaps ?

        • No, I mean there is no soft button to turn the heater off and into stand by mode, it's a physical hard switch and if you click the switch then the heater is off permanently until you flick the switch again.

          Purchased one from m10 and one from Briscoes.

          I can turn the heater off and then on again using Google or home assistant or the app.

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            @kiwijunglist: Does your one has the same module as this one ? And is that's the button you talking about ? That you don't have ? Link

  • I got this heater today. Google Home works fine as mentioned, it turns on/off. Now what is bugging me is how the temperature works. I hope getting some light from here.

    I've been trying the whole day to keep my room in 20c but the heater always goes to 23c for a long period before turning down. Turning on again when the temperature is 20.

    Would it be a normal behavior? It's my first time with a heater like that, before I was using a crap and oil heater from The Warehouse.

    • Question where you reading the temperature from ? From the heater itself or from a separate temperature sensor ? Also what mode are you using on the heater comfort or eco ?

      • I'm reading it from the heater itself. After you ask it makes me think that it might be a kinda overheating since the sensor is built-in to the heater.

        I leave it on Eco + Auto

    • I noticed that with this heater, if you have a small room but a powerful heater it will tend to overheat/overshoot using the thermostat. You can try change the power level from auto to level 2 and see if that makes a difference (it did for me). This was using the 2000W heater in a small double bedroom.

      • Yeah it's in a small bedroom that is currently my home office

        • Try setting power level to 2 instead of auto/5 and it might not yoyo the temperature as much.

  • currently $225 at noelleeming (Offer ends 16/08/2022)
    $205 with price beat @ mitre10

    cc @Wakrak

    • The Mitre10 price guarantee is 15%

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