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Extra 40% off Outlet Items + $11 Shipping ($0 adiClub Members or with $150 Spend) @ adidas NZ


Also posted on OzB so don't expect a lot of items to be in-stock.

  • 40% off outlet articles only. Discount on Outlet articles will be applied at checkout, off the already reduced price.
  • Please use code "SHOPBACK40" at checkout. Orders will be confirmed upon completion of payment..

Free shipping on any item if you're an adiClub member (free to join).

Credit: bargainsgrabber

Some of these items were better priced last week (soccer balls) but still some good deals to be had.

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  • I think last week deal was better with 40% off + additional 20% online orders.

    Edit: it was not posted here, wish I would have. Here is the Oz Bargain link

    • Was a good deal alright. Got a few shoes with that offer. Hopefully they turn up.

      • Eventually… Probably…. Maybe…..

        Of the four times I've ordered here I've managed to actually get the shoes once. That was after a month, refund, and reorder to wait another month (for totally different shoes cause they were now out of stock). Seems to be 100% related to the shipping company.

        They'd have to be incredibly cheap for me to bother with them again.


    • I can add the coupon code, but when I go to pay it always says "Payment Failed". Tried both CC and PP, no dice.

      • You sure your card hasn't expired and been updated recently?
        If your card has expired your new card will keep the same card number but be issued a new expiry and CVV number.
        An out of date CVV or expiry will give this message.
        The same thing will happen if PP is linked to the same card.

        • Both CC and PP both up to date and working, managed to pay via ApplePay through the Adidas app.

          According to the Aussie forum they have had trouble with the buggy Adidas site as well and someone managed to pay via ApplePay through the app and it worked for me!

          • +1

            @dandanboy: Good to hear at least you got it working in the end.

  • Thanks OP, got a pair of shoes for the boy.

    Adidas shoes run too narrow for my fat feet otherwise I would have ordered the crap out of this deal!!

  • Having issues with payment tried two different cards

    • I had the same issue with CC and Paypal. Their website/payment processer wasn't playing the game.

      Downloading the Adidas app and purchasing via the app and using ApplePay to checkout was the only thing that worked for me.

      • Tried it with the app, the sizing selection was not loading up. Gave up on it

  • I used paypal and first try failed. 2nd try no problem.

  • I always find more often than not the physical outlet stores run 40% off deals. Of you can get to one it's a bit more reliable than the adidas website.

  • thanks wakrak, scored 2 pairs of shoes and 3 tshirts for 150.
    payment processed with no issues.

  • I tired all weekend but can't complete payment.

    There was a technical error which prevented the processing of your payment. Please try again.

    Tried multiple cards and doesn't work. Support has been useless, they said it was some security feature that locks your account and have to wait for someone to manually unlock it.

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