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Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Optical Gaming Keyboard (Clicky Purple Switch) $66 + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest price ever according pricespy. I wonder if it's a pricing error ;)

I have managed to price match at Noel Leeming for some additional flybuy points and closer to my home to pickup.

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  • Jane from online chat said no

    • Jane (6/23/2022, 10:22:10 AM): Hi, thank you for contacting Noel Leeming
      (6/23/2022, 10:22:28 AM): Hi Jane, just wondering if you're able to price match this from JB?
      (6/23/2022, 10:22:30 AM): https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/gaming-keyboard/razer-huntsman-mini...
      Jane (6/23/2022, 10:22:40 AM): Let me check this for you
      Jane (6/23/2022, 10:22:45 AM): Won't be long
      (6/23/2022, 10:23:39 AM): No problem, thanks
      Jane (6/23/2022, 10:25:11 AM): No sorry
      (6/23/2022, 10:25:19 AM): Oh, can i ask the reasoning as to why?
      Jane (6/23/2022, 10:29:09 AM): Limited stock, sorry
      Jane (6/23/2022, 10:30:59 AM): Is there anything else I can assist you with?
      (6/23/2022, 10:32:06 AM): That was all, thanks
      Jane (6/23/2022, 10:32:08 AM): Thanks for your time, feel free to come back on chat if you still need assistance

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        You can try another agent. Also you can argue the definition of limited stock. I have managed to price match another item from computer lounge the other day and only had 2 unit left (https://classic.pricespy.co.nz/product.php?pu=5773591). It was a pricing error of $495 now revert back to $598.

      • The old limited stock situation, utter bs.

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      Just buy it from JB if you want it

  • Imho there's no price point at which Razer keyboards would be worth buying, just grab a TES68 and some Ajazz switches or something.

    • I have many keyboards but have not bought a Razer Keyboard for many years. So I was waiting for a deal to grab one.

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      Where did you order your TES68 from? Looks really interesting

      • Don't have one, but I'm fairly in touch with the r/mk and custom keyboards community internationally and here in NZ, so I have a decent amount of knowledge about affordable options. The TES68 is currently recommended as the most budget of budget boards, but it's still much more consumer-friendly and moddable than the standard gamer-company offerings. If I wanted to get one, I'd go through AliExpress.

        (As for the boards I do have currently, I'm using a Freebird60 at work and a QK65 at home.)

        • are any of them wired?

  • Page at JB no longer available when clicking link to the deal post above. Searching JB site gives 4 results with cheapest $89. Guess JB realized they made a mistake

  • they will probably cancel

    • For future note, price match at other stores maybe the best option then.

    • I collected mine today from JB

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    Thanks OP.

    Bought one and it is shipped from Wellington just now.
    Not available whole SI so paid $5 for shipping.

  • I would recommend getting the Keychron K3 v2. It's a much better keyboard than Razer. You can get it for $155 including shipping from Paradigm PC (cheapest I found), which is only like $10 more than the Razer (assuming $144 RRP).

    While Keychron is 75% not 60%, it's only a tad larger and personally I think sacrificing the function keys at the top actually kills productivity. The K3 has low profile keys with hot-swappable switches and it's also wireless. I bought this purely for work use and it is so light to carry and it types well too (I have the blue switch, which isn't as loud as my Corsair blue switch, which is good if you don't want to annoy your colleagues). I also have some red switches that I can easily hot-swap at anytime. It's probably one of the best (and rarest) keyboards to get with this exact configuration. Not many wireless keyboards under $200, let alone low-profile with hot-swappable switches. The build is actually really nice too. I have a Corsair K95 Platinum and I honestly prefer the K3 over my more expensive Corsair.

    I also have a Steelseries Apex Pro and again, I still much prefer the K3. Don't get the K3 v1 though, it's got issues. Get the v2 and you should be fine.

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