This was posted 9 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Google Chromecast with Google TV $99 (Pickup / Delivered) @ Warehouse Stationery


NZ stock of the Google Chromecast with Google TV (RRP $110) officially released yesterday.
Cheapest i could find was from here using the code WELCOME10 to get 10% off.

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  • We got a couple of these imported - they are fantastic, super recommend

  • yep great devices. super fluid and contains many apps. Supports VPN apps aswell

  • can they live cast freeview?

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      Not directly, but you can use this guide…

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        Excuse my ignorance, but it's a google device with access to the play store, so why would there be a need to sideload the APKs?

        • Freeview live streaming is only available for one very specific set top box from memory. Big props to the guy who made it available with instructions for side loading on other devices. I've used it on a cheap panasonic tv that runs android and also my nvidia shield.

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          Downvoted for asking a legitimate question politely. Gotta love this site.

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      Not freeview specifically but you can download the TVNZ on demand & ThreeNow app and watch live tv that way.

      • Came to say this.

        Wouldn’t bother with freeview app anymore. Was a stupid concept to make something out of the whole transition to digital transmission but fluff on top of main channels now.

        TVNZ especially has real solid content via their app.

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          But it basically means one interface for all channels for live tv , with and EPG over the top. The apps don't have that functionality and you have to flip better apps to change channels. The freeview app basically works like a standalone freeview set top box. I wouldn't expect the apps to be free forever and overseas they charge for some things on the free app. I wouldn't be surprise to see charging for adfree content too. But you can get around ads now with a Vodafone TV or a Tivo. But the VTV will be dead by the end of the year.

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            @nzmax: Yep, that's exactly why I bought this. I want a TV like experience using the Freeview app as my Dad is using a Vodafone TV at the moment.

    • Yes you can through a Kodi addon, you get all freeview and even the old edge and breeze tv streams too

  • So by sideloading those APKs, you have the live TV functionality right? I'm looking to get this for my Dad as his UHF reception is shoddy.

  • Would you upgrade to this from a 4k chromecast ultra?

    • Depends if you want the convenience of not having to cast from your phone/device

      • That would be the most appealing part for me.
        Casting from another device is a pain.

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      That remote and all the apps you can download on chromecast rather than your device is worth doing it for you. I personally switched from 4k ultra specifically for the remote and don't regret it at all. one of the best device out there at this price point. I got it for around $85 from themarket awhile back.

      I mainly use it for youtube, plex & netflix in kids room. I have freeview directly to TV so haven't bothered with it.

      • Also the TV remote will work Chromecast TV as well.

    • I've noticed that in shared spaces the 4K is better, as it doesn't require you to sign in to subscriptions (like netflix).

      With the "Google Chromecast with Google TV" you have to sign in and you can only cast from a device signed in with the same account for certain services (like netflix) - I have the same issue with "NVIDIA shield tv pro".

    • I did so i can run my own apps without a phone. Kodi mostly.

  • Good deal thanks. Does anyone know if you can watch Neon through this without casting from a device?

  • Can also buy through the Market with $10 off coupon APPEXCLUSIVE as detailed here

  • Bought one. Thanks for posting OP.

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    Do a referral on theMarket, get a $20 coupon and buy from warehouse stationery with the coupon for $90.

  • What is the difference between this, and the one that 1 Day / The market have been selling in NZ for over a year? They look identical.

    • Supposedly the 1-day one is a parallel imported one from the US.
      I’m not sure what that means in terms of functionality in NZ versus the NZ region/stock one

    • Nothing

    • Nothing except the box had a us adapter. Seller included a nz adapter as well.

      Edit : I think us adapter was removed from the box. Can't recall.

      • I've brought three of these devices, the two that came from 1-day, judging by the holes left were American type plugs and they were removed and the one I got from dick Smith was the AU model and it had a kiwi Australian plug still inside. Apart from that they're all exactly the same.

      • Yeah it wouldn't have had a US plug. Not unless they want to get a slap. It's illegal to sell items in NZ with foreign wall plugs. You can get away with things that have multiple plugs, as long as a certified AU/NZ is there. But not with solely a US plug. Even a US plug and an aftermarket dodgy adapter is illegal.

  • I bought this about 1 year ago and use it as a poor-man's version of an NVIDIA Shield to play PC games on the lounge TV:

    1x USB-C Hub with RJ45 and PD
    1x 20W USB-C charger…
    1x PS4 clone blutooth controller

    Gameplay can be streamed with Moonlight from your NVIDIA GPU…

    In my case I only had to purchase the hub, so a no-brainer. Latency is low, unnoticeable in some games. Shields were still over $300 so this solution worked out well!

  • Does anyone here use this to stream movies from their PC on to the tv?

    I have tons of movies on my PC but always have to copy to a zip drive, plug it into the tv to watch it.

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      Can’t you just use an HDMI cable and go straight from the PC to the TV?

      • Too far. Different rooms.

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      yes, you can use plex,jellyfin or kodi if you share the folder in your home network.

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      Plex is of the best free option.

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      Yes, through Plex. It's dead easy. You link both devices, set a media folder, then so long as your PC is on, the TV can access the drive that you selected.

      • But isn't Plex paid service?

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          The paid tiers add additional features, but basic local media streaming is free

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          All major things required for streaming is free. You can even access your library outside network (via internet).

    • connect one external hard drive to your router…

  • Good replacement for vodafone TV

    where do I dump VF box ?

  • Save your money and buy a shield.

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      It all depends on the use case. Not everyone would need a sheild like in parents room or kids room this is more than enough. Can't spend $300+ on device for each room when same functionality can be achieved at 1/3rd price.

      • Exactly this. I have a Shield in the lounge, I bought one of these for the bedroom where it's perfectly fine for just just Plex and Youtube.

  • One of the other useful things Google TV has is Bluetooth so you can use your earbuds or earphones. My Samsung buds switch over automatically when I open the case.

    • I always had sync issues when I tried this

      • Can get that with all Bluetooth especially older versions ,G TV has 4.2 .It's more a useful feature that a lot of televisions don't have. I have the Sennheiser RS-175 Wireless Over Ear Headphones if you're serious about watching movies. But for convenience I use the earbuds and put up with a slight delay.

  • There's currently a $5 off every $50 deal which you can stack with this discount.
    Add a $1 pack of cellotapes and you'll get this for $90.

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      great deal. Just a catch that new accounts actually give 10% discount on your first BizRewards order. Meaning a $1 pack of tape only costs $0.90 so it brings your order just short.
      Either add 2x packs of $1 tape (total cost $90.80)
      Or add something worth over $1.20

      • they have some chocolate bars and random snacks on clearance for $1 - $2 that you could use instead

        • great idea, but the kids will get more entertainment out of the tape for craft supplies than I would out of a sugar buzz for 5 minutes haha

      • You're right, of course. I'd added invisible tape, which is 1.79.

    • How do you get them to stack? I added two 97cent chocolates to cart also and it is totalling $95.74

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        Sometimes (but not always) clearance items don't work.
        Try this Wrigley's Chewing Gum instead which works.

        This is what my cart looks like at $90.16

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          snap!! you're too fast haha

        • That did it. Thank you :)

      • +2
        1. Apply the WELCOME10 discount code (new account may be needed for this to work)
        2. First ensure that the "subtotal" comes to more than $100 which is where adding some of the chocolates comes into play.
        3. If your subtotal is over $100 then you should see an additional "order discount" of $10 apply bringing the total down to approx $90~

        Should look something like this

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