Car Rental Discounts in Queenstown

Hi there,

Looking to travel to Queenstown in a couple of months and need a rental car.
Any tips and tricks to get discounted rentals?
I’m an AA member and they offer discounted prices with some rental companies but it’s still quite steep.
Are there other loyalty clubs with car rental discounts?

Thanks in advance


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    Use Vroomvroomvroom to compare prices, I would suggest you not to book until 1-2 months before your trip, as prices could be quite high these days had you booked well in advance.

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    I was also looking for rental cars in Queenstown around end of August. What I found was the price fluctuates a lot. Sometimes you get a cheap one and after few weeks it was so much higher. I always booked the cheapest one with free cancellation. I use to cancel and rebook if I find cheaper than the one I booked. I also have AA membership but didn't help me much I would say.

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    I find Snap is the cheapest in Queenstown (flying there this weekend). Im paying $200 this time for three days hire for a Toyota corolla(last minute booking), but I usually pay insurance on top which sometimes double the price. Does everyone get the comprehensive insurance?

    They are OK just need to wait for long time to pick up the vehicle especially during holiday season

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      I book my own 3rd party travel insurance which covers rental excess etc and find it WAY cheaper than going through the rental place directly. I was in Queenstown recently and the cover through the rental place was going to be about $120 for my 4 day hire vs $35 for domestic travel insurance for my partner & I (which included rental care excess).

      • Thanks, I'll have a look now. Just any travel insurance company?

      • Can you use 3rd party for Transfer Car? What company had you used can you recommend please cheers

        • Yep I did Transfer Car last time and my own 3rd party domestic travel insurance from I think TINZ

  • Appreciate the responses, will check those sites out. I'm going in September so I do have some time. I thought it would be cheaper booking well in advance but guess not.
    Cheapest i could find was $292 for 3 days (excl insurance) so if i can get this closer to the $200ish mark, that would be ideal lol.

  • There was this post awhile ago, not sure if it'll still work

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    Never buy insurance through rental car companies, buy domestic travel insurance instead so you have everything covered including rental excess. I usually buy through Southern Cross.

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    I have an N3 card which I've found has given reasonable discounts in both NZ & Australia before.
    You can check out the prices on the website here by entering in your chosen pickup location, date & time. Then press 'Continue'.
    Don't worry about all the other fields on the first page as they are not needed (or already populated with the N3 discount codes).
    No N3 card details are needed to make a booking although I do note that on the app it asks the agent to enter your card number in at time of pickup.
    Guess you could always collect the vehicle after hours!

    From memory I don't actually recall being asked for my card when collecting a vehicle but can't be sure.

  • Ezicar rental is really good used them a few times in AKL/CHCH/ZQN
    GADSR10 code for 10% off

    • Thanks. Just had a look, its $454 before discount for my 3 days. So after 10% off thats still $400ish which is a bit more than im hoping to spend

      • Yeh rate can get as low as around 30-40 per day but usually it's off peak times. GL

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