Any good car rental deal/cupons I can use for July?

I'm looking forward to booking a car for our South Island trip soon and was wondering if anyone knows of any good car deals/cupons or corporate account I can use. Thank you.


  • Are you an AA member? They have some small discounts on rental cars, campervans, and even the Interislander.

  • Unfortunately, I'm not an AA member. If anyone has access to any corporate codes, I would appreciate it.

  • Try they are part of

    Also instead of buying rental car company's insurance try something like 1cover as they are lots cheaper. There are some restrictions for NZ travel insurance, from memory you have to be 400km from your home or something like that.

    • Oh this is great. I didn't know about 1cover. Thank you.

  • I've heard a lot of people get 30-40% discount with company/platinum codes and this is why I was wondering if anyone is willing to help out :)

  • +2

    Budget Car Rental E1940010 (could be EI940010 advery font is ridic) in the BCD field of the website

    Avis V533899 in the AWD field of the website use apex discount code apx55500 at the date selection. Entitles to 10% off.

    No idea what the budget and avis discount gets you.

    • I'll check these out. Thanks a lot

    • Wow where did you find these code

      • Boost app

    • Thank you mate!

  • Have you got an Entertainment "Book"? They do car rental discounts, but it's usually much cheaper to book an offsite rental anyway, eg Apex, Juicy etc, if that is good for you (we don't bother now that we have a toddler, time/effort vs savings).

    • I have just got it, but it doesn't have discounts on there.

      • Hmm. In the new app I searched for car rental and Apex and Go come up. If I scroll the headings to the right I see Travel, I clicked that and see deads for Budget and others and a "book now" button to open their booking engine which includes some of their discounts.

        • Yea saw that, but the discounts are so minimal :(

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